Chapter 2476

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Seeing this, Caspian stood up and exited seclusion.

By the time he arrived at the location marked at the end of the message, the one sending the message had already been waiting there.

He was Julian who had explored Immortal Peach Valley with Caspian two years ago!

Although when they first met, Julian was arrogant, after getting along with each other, Caspian also knew that this senior brother was a good person and was willing to stand out at any dangerous moment.

After experiencing life and death together, they still had a friendship. When they said goodbye, they left each other a way to contact each other.

“Senior Everest…” Caspian greeted him.

“Junior Brother Montgomery, have a seat…” Julian, who had prepared the immortal brew and immortal treasures, gestured for Caspian to not be so reserved as to sit and chat.

Caspian sat down without hesitation.

When Caspian sat down, Julian poured him a glass of wine with a chuckle and said, “Junior Brother Montgomery, you seem to have become stronger after two years of separation. You deserve to be the genius of our Divine Martial Sect. No wonder you are not afraid of Marquis Cucakrawa…”

“Oh? Senior Brother, you also know about Marquis Cucakrawa?” Caspian asked in surprise.

“It seems that Junior Sister Milly told you how powerful Marquis Cucakrawa is, Junior Brother Montgomery, you still don’t know the seriousness of the matter.” Julian couldn’t help laughing. “But it’s okay; you do have the capital…”

“Speaking of which, Marquis Cucakrawa has something to do with the Mystic Sky Rankings competition that we are going to discuss,” Julian seemed to have thought of something and said.

“It’s Marquis Cucakrawa again?” Caspian felt that Marquis Cucakrawa was haunting.

Jagoan smiled and went straight to the point, “The Mystic Sky Rankings is a sect competition held every ten years by the Divine Martial Sect. Only disciples who have reached the Nirvana Realm can participate… Because the Jagoans at the seventh, eighth, and ninth stages of the Nirvana Realm are not considered disciples, they will not participate.”

Jagoan explained further, “Among the sect disciples participating in the Mystic Sky Rankings competition, the highest cultivation is only at the sixth stage of the Nirvana Realm. This is the limit…”

“Hey, Iunior Brother Montgomery, this is the final ranking of the previous Mystic Sky Rankings.”

As he spoke, Jagoan took out an item in advance. At the same time, some information was projected in the air.

Jagoan narrowed his eyes. “Uhm? This is…”

He fixed his eyes on the location where Marquis Cucakrawa had appeared three times.

This Marquis Cucakrawa actually took first place in the Mystic Sky Rankings three times in a row!

Jagoan glanced at him and said, “This is the reason why I just said that Marquis Cucakrawa had something to do with the Mystic Sky Rankings‘ competition. He once won the Mystic Sky Rankings’ first place three times in a row with an invincible attitude. Later, he felt that it was boring, so he didn ‘t continue to participate…”

“At that time, Marquis Cucakrawa was only at the third stage of the Nirvana Realm…” Jagoan said with a grave expression.

“Third stage of Nirvana Realm?” Jagoan was deep in thought.

It was extremely rare to rely on a third stage Nirvana Realm practitioner to win first place in the Mystic Sky Rankings competition. However, it was clearly a little exaggerated if one said it was impossible. After all, the Divine Martial Sect had so many talents and outstanding talents. It was not surprising that one or two peerless talents would occasionally appear.

Together with the fact that some of the seniors at the fifth or sixth stage of the Nirvana Realm had lost due to carelessness, it was completely possible for Marquis Cucakrawa to take first place. However, one time was luck, and the second was a coincidence.

What about three times?

Could it be that the senior brothers at the fifth or sixth stage of the Nirvana Realm were careless every time?

If not for this, it could only be that Marquis Cucakrawa was truly powerful, terrifyingly powerful!

“When he first participated in the Mystic Sky Rankings competition, Marquis Cucakrawa looked ordinary at first. In the final decisive battle, he suddenly emerged and defeated his senior, who had been an adult for many years and won the first place…”

“In the second Mystic Sky Rankings competition, with the previous experience, a lot of fellow disciples took the lead in besieging and killing Marquis Cucakrawa. They didn’t care who won the championship in the end. This time, they couldn’t let Marquis Cucakrawa get the first prize. In the end, Marquis Cucakrawa broke through all the way. He was invincible and ranked first…”

“By the time the third Mystic Sky Rankings competition begins, Marquis Cucakrawa is only at the third stage of the Nirvana Realm. However, his reputation is too great. There are quite a number of disciples

participated in the Mystic Sky Rankings including the fifth or sixth stage Nirvana Realm Jagoans. It can be said that there are many experts present…”

“At that time, some people have calculated that the number of people at the sixth stage of the Nirvana Realm is twice the number in the previous two Mystic Sky Rankings competition! In this case, everyone thinks that Marquis Cucakrawa is unable to win the championship.”

Jagoan suddenly said in a heavy tone, “However, Marquis Cucakrawa defeated all of them and killed until some senior brothers surrenderred and even knelt down to beg for mercy! After this time, Marquis Cucakrawa felt that the Mystic Sky Rankings were boring, so he stopped attending.”

“He does have some real skills.” Jagoan nodded.

He did not look down on Marquis Cucakrawa because the other party was definitely not an ordinary person who could win the first place on the Mystic Sky Rankings three times in a row.

Jagoan was speechless.

Jagoan just said Marquis Cucakrawa had some real skills?

One had to know that at that time, Marquis Cucakrawa was known as one of the heaven-defying geniuses. He was a monster among the monsters that made one shiver with fear after hearing the news. His defeated subordinates tried to avoid him. It was obvious whether Marquis Cucakrawa was powerful or terrifying.

Then, Jagoan told the key points of the Mystic Sky Rankings and then separated from Jagoan.


Another three months passed!

In the past three months, Jagoan had been cultivating. He did not come out until the day the Mystic Sky Rankings competition began.

The Mystic Sky Rankings was a once-in-a-lifetime event in the Divine Martial Sect. Apart from the first, second and third stage Nirvana Realm core disciples, there were also the fourth, fifth and sixth stage true disciples present. There were also many Real Immortal Realm disciples who came to watch.

There was a sea of people. There were so many auras, so strong that even though they had already taken the initiative to hide their auras, there were still waves of extremely terrifying fluctuations spreading out, as if they were going to crush the sky and sink the earth. It was extremely terrifying.

After Jagoan arrived, he first gathered with Jagoan and other acquaintances.

Suddenly, waves of exclamations sounded from the distance.

Jagoan and the others looked in the direction of the crowd and found that the figure had appeared in the sky and was walking toward them.

This person had sword-shaped eyebrows and star-like eyes. He had an imposing appearance and a gentle smile on the corner of his mouth, giving people a feeling of meeting a spring breeze. However, if they extended their divine senses and peered at this figure, they would feel as if they were being pinched by countless gods and devils.

It was extremely terrifying.

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