Chapter 2416

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“What happened to that guy?”

“That strong light just now!”

The secret realm was in chaos. Both the Sea Demons and the two Human Clan Violas were filled with panic and fear.

As soon as Riddick’s voice fell, the void where the jade plate was located suddenly collapsed.

The sound of steel being pried was heard. The earth shook and the mountains shook. The void cracked. In an instant, a curved space channel appeared in front of everyone.

The next moment, Nana stepped out.

The holy light enveloped his whole body. However, under his feet, there were mountains of corpses and seas of blood. The purple-black flames were like boiling water and lava. Countless dead souls were floating and howling in them.

He was like a demonic god that descended into this world, directly broke through the world, destroying yin and yang.

“H-He… He!”

“His realm!”

“Why did this fellow come here?”

Roars immediately rang out from the secret realm.

Riddick also froze on the spot, his eyes full of disbelief, staring at Milos.

The realm of Nana was at the sixth stage of Real Immortal Realm.

“This, this is his true realm…” The Human Clan Viola muttered.

The other Human Clan Viola’s face was ashen and his voice was so low that it was almost inaudible. “He can even crush a ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm Viola with this aura…”

But at this time, Nana suddenly seemed to realize something and stopped. Then, his aura began to converge.

Under everyone’s gazes, the original the sixth stage of Real Immortal Realm slowly dropped to the fifth stage of Real Immortal Realm, and then it stopped after reaching the fourth stage.

Under the puzzled gazes of the sea demons, Nana explained, “Sorry, I just got promoted and forgot to hide my realm…”

This was obviously to press the IQ of the sea demons against the ground.


“Human Viola, don’t be arrogant!”

“Kill him!”

Immediately, the sea demons burst out, and the seawater all over their bodies was rolling. With a grab of their fingers, they condensed the power of five lakes and four seas and rushed toward Milos.

“Haha!” Nana sneered and waved his arm.

The rolling seawater was immediately cut open like the tenderest tofu.

The bodies of the several Sea Demons who attacked were also instantly chopped into countless pieces, scattering on the ground.

“It’s too crowded here…” Nana said lightly again and stamped her foot.


The secret realm immediately collapsed. The space cracked like porcelain, and the vast sea water immediately rushed in.

Nana was suddenly enlightened.

After the secret realm collapsed, he was in the depths of the sea.

The surroundings were vast, pitch-black, and boundless. The instant the secret realm exploded, all of the Sea Demons who had been waiting inside were scattered in all directions, looking at him in shock.

Riddick hovered in the sea as the surrounding water, fire, and earth Qi revolved around him, revealing an incomparably mysterious and deep aura.

Looking at Frank, he sneered and said, “Although your strength is amazing, you are isolated here. Let’s see what else you can do.”

“You don’t have to worry about what I’m going to do,” Nana glanced at him and said, “But you’re the most valuable one among the bounty list of Divine Martial Sect!”

The moment the last word fell, the seawater where Nana was located suddenly exploded with a bang, and white bubbles instantly filled the surrounding area.

A strong force spread out at the same time, as if all the seawater and the whole space had condensed into an iron plate. The Sea Demons were trapped in it, unable to move no matter how they struggled.

The next moment, a sword light suddenly lit up. All of the bubbles were crystal clear, and deep within the pitch-black sea, they reflected a brilliant violet light.

“The Fifth Move of Sword!”

The sword light seemed to connect all the stars together and suddenly swept across them.


One by one, the Sea Demons exploded into pieces in the seawater.

Riddick’s pupils instantly shrank into a needle’s eye.

“Great Emperor Sky Splitting Sea Technique!” He waved his arms violently.

The surrounding seawater turned into walls, blocking his way. The sword light arrived in a flash and touched the water wall. Suddenly, the wall was penetrated and exploded.

At first glance, the whole sea looked like rows of city walls that were thousands of feet tall. They were constantly penetrated and cut.

Riddick’s expression became increasingly ugly.

He quickly retreated and shouted, “Why don’t you fight?”


Two dark red lights suddenly rose from the mud in the deep sea, like hidden giant beasts. They suddenly opened their bloody eyes.

A dangerous aura instantly spread out.

The next moment, the sea water spread out and two red lights shot straight toward Milos. Wherever they passed, all space turned into mud, continuously caving in. Nana flashed in the air.

Almost in an instant, he displayed the Way of Space. The two rays of red light pierced through the place where he had just stopped. In the blink of an eye, the void was turned into mud.

He appeared thousands of kilometers away.

He spread out his Divine Sense and swept it violently, instantly finding the two human Violas who had attacked him earlier.

“As a human, you collude with demonic beasts. It’s unforgivable!” Nana narrowed his eyes and poured his divine sense into the two Violas’ brains like boiling mercury.

The two human Violas didn’t resist at all. They rolled their eyes and a string of bubbles emerged from their mouths. Like dead fish, their stomachs were lifted up and floated up to the sea. However, Nana did not kill them.

The collusion between the demonic beasts and the Violas of the Human Tribe had aroused Nana’s vigilance.

At that moment, he knocked out the two human Violas and grabbed them into the Small World of Heaven and Earth.

When he turned around again, only he and Riddick were left in the deep sea.

As the first demon on the bounty list of the Divine Martial Sect, Riddick looked terrible. Anger, panic, confusion, and all kinds of expressions were repeated in his tiger eyes.

“The sixth stage of Real Immortal Realm… This is impossible…” He murmured to himself.

“Nothing is impossible. Go to hell!” Nana shot out a blood spear, which blew up the sea and rushed toward Riddick.

After the blood spear, Nana’s cold voice came, “If I were you, I would choose to self-destruct the Divine Soul now. Otherwise, death would be more painful than living!”

At the same time, a faint shadow appeared on his chest. Break the body and capture the soul. Nana wanted to know the secret of the collusion between the Emperor Blood Sect and the Human Clan’s Viola from Riddick!

But at this time, a sinister smile suddenly appeared on Riddick’s face.

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