Chapter 2372

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Rose saw half a person on the beetle’s back. Because this person was above his waist, but he was thin and pale.

Below his waist, he was connected to the beetle. It looked like a giant beetle demonic beast with two legs. This reminded Rose ofthe old man he had killed at the beginning.

“Those who covet the treasure must die!”

At this time, this pale-faced guy suddenly looked fierce and cursed at Rose. His paper-white skin suddenly revealed a strange purple color, and his eyes also turned dark purple. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of pungent slime toward the other party.

However, Rose’s aura shook and the slime bounced back to his body.


The slime instantly corroded half of this guy’s body into bones. His originally small flesh fell down. Instantly, this half-human half-beast guy let out a heart-wrenching scream.

Rose struck out with his palm. With a bang, he punched the other party into mice and his five fingers bent and he took a deep breath. A demon core flew into his palm.

After absorbing it, Rose‘s face darkened.

The situation was the same as before. Although the demon core contained vigor, it contained at most 70% of the vigor. Not only the beetle, but also the ape and the other Moanas.

Rose couldn’t help thinking of the scene he saw on the relief sculpture. Although there was no direct evidence, he faintly felt that there must be some connection between the two.

After thinking for a while, Rose focused on the air.

After getting rid of these small potatoes, it would be disrespectful to ignore these Asuras. In fact, Rose had been on guard against these Asuras. Because every Asura was no weaker than the sixth stage of Real Immortal Realm. In the eyes of Rose, although their strength was not strong enough, Asura must have an unpredictable magical power.

When he looked up into the air, he found that these Asuras were also staring at him. Moreover, their gazes carried traces of scrutiny.

After a while, one of the Asuras said, “If you are willing to follow us and sacrifice everything for Master, including your life, then, Master will forgive you for breaking into the Domain of Myriad Images today.”

“Master?” Rose’s eyes flashed. “Who is that?”

Asura said. “Master is Master. Master is full of love and care for the juniors with potential. If you follow Master, you will be able to obtain an even more powerful power and will also be closer to the final profound mystery of life.”

Another Asura said, “The strength you just showed has proved that you can win the master’s favor. Our task is to find a talent who has potential and can be used by the master. Come on, follow the master, and master a stronger than you. At that time, you will know how insignificant you are now. The world you see now is so insignificant.”

Asura’s words were full of temptation. As they spoke, they waved their arms passionately. The voice drifted into Rose’s ears like a demonic voice.

Suddenly, Rose seemed to feel that there was a voice in his heart saying, “Surrender to them, submit to them, and become yourself. The cultivation is too hard and tiring. As long as you submit to them, you can instantly become a peerless expert and gain eternal life.”

The voice was getting louder and louder in his mind, even occupying Rose’s soul.

Looking at Rose’s gradually stiffened face, a faint ghostly smile appeared on their faces.

But then, Rose blinked. He immediately returned to normal. It was as if a shell that had been wrapped around him suddenly disappeared.

Feeling the change in Rose, several Asuras frowned. They had never seen such a scene before.

The “Beautiful Tone Asura” was the innate magical power of the Asura Clan. It could directly lure and seduce people from their souls.

Under normal circumstances, there were very few Moanas who could resist the temptation. Therefore, when they saw that Rose was temporarily affected and then immediately became clear-headed, which made them feel incredible.

At this time, Rose laughed and said, “Get more powerful power? So to become a monster of half- human and half-beast?”

Asura did not show too much expression on his face.

He said lightly, “That’s a reward from the master. And they did become stronger because of this, and their lifespan will be greatly extended. And as long as they are given time, they will become stronger and their lifespan will continue to grow.”

“You did it,” Rose said in surprise.

Previously, he just guessed that those Moanas had turned into half-human and half-beast monsters for some reason, so Rose wanted to trick Asuras. Unexpectedly, these Asuras were very cooperative and admitted it at once.

Those Moanas were indeed half-human and half-beast. They were the ones who made them become like that, or rather, the master they were talking about.

Hmm… Half-human and half-beast…

Rose also understood why the qi and blood was obviously empty in the demon core he got.

That was the reason. The Qi and blood of a Moana was far inferior to that of a demonic beast. Therefore, at the same level, a half-human and half-beast demonic creature’s qi and blood was definitely less than a demonic beast.

“We’ll give you one last chance to make a choice. Do you want to surrender voluntarily, or do you want us to take you back and let Master deal with you?” Asura said again.

While they were talking, the corners of their heads were shining green. A strange and magical force field surrounded the surroundings.

For a moment, black clouds rolled and flags fluttered. Countless sobs and wails came from all directions. Thunder, lightning, and demonic rainstorm were about to pour down on Rose.

Rose looked up at the Asuras and said with a sneer, “Of course I’m going to find your master, but I’m carrying your heads!”

As his voice fell, Rose stamped on the ground. In an instant, the power of the Starry Sky Region was condensed. The rainbow burst out from Rose’s hand and attacked Asura fiercely.

“You’re courting your own death!” Asura roared in unison.

A layer of black armor immediately formed on their bodies. On the surface of the armor, blood was squirming, and countless dead souls and demons burst out deafening roars.

All the Asuras attacked Rose at the same time.

The punch made all the demons roar. The black clouds pressed down in an instant. All the devils turned into thousands of troops and rushed toward Rose.

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