Chapter 2365

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As if seeing through the purpose of Valentina, the huge face opened his bloody mouth and roared, “Stop him!”


Immediately, a thunderbolt-like divine thought vibrated in the air and left a deep dent in the track, rushing toward Valentina like an exploding meteorite.

Valentina narrowed his eyes and gathered his Divine Sense to meet the attack.


The void with a radius of 10,000 kilometers, like the surface of the sea, swelled first and then suddenly opened, producing endless waves. He stood tall and straight after the broken void. Under the shocked gaze of the giant face, he coldly glanced at the other party and flew into the door. In a flash, he disappeared.

After a few breaths, a dozen figures with extremely strong auras descended on the spot. The huge face in mid-air also swiftly disappeared.

Finally, it transformed into a man wearing a sect’s magic robe. He was not angry, but was surrounded by people like stars surrounding the moon. This man was none other than the highest ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm expert among them. You can to read more. At this time, he didn’t speak, and the others didn’t dare to speak.

The unbelievable scene just now appeared in everyone’s mind.

How dare a third stage of the Real Immortal Realm Molie face a blow from a ninth stage Molie‘s Divine Awareness?

Not only that, but he also escaped unscathed. There must be something wrong!

It was like a rabbit and a lion biting each other. The two sides were equally matched. To be exact, a lion and a rabbit were equal, which meant that the lion had lost.

After a long time, the Molie in a brown robe looked up at the door and said, “Go in. Even if you dig three feet into the ground, you must find him! I want to see him no matter he is alive or dead!”

“That… That treasure in Silkline Sea…” Someone beside him said hesitantly.

The Molie waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “The brothers of the Spencer family have demonstrated the coordinates and entry methods of the Silkline Sea to me. They can be considered dead for what they deserve. At worst, we can go in to search for treasures next time. But, we must find the Molie, regardless of life or death!”

“I’ll ask you, a third stage of Real Immortal Realm Molie who can confront me head-on with his Divine Sense is now our enemy. Aren’t you worried about being targeted by him in the future?”

All the Molies felt their scalps go numb and their backs turn cold.

If it really was as the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm had said, then when he was outside, he would’ve been ambushed by this Molie with his Divine Sense. He would’ve definitely suffered greatly. Therefore, the third stage Molie had to die!

The ninth stage Molie added, “I suspect that his background is definitely not that simple. It’s very likely that someone is testing us. After all, the Silkline Sea is an secret realm that has not yet been explored. In this type of secret realm, there was a high chance of precious treasures appearing. Other than us, there must be someone else watching this treasure. Therefore, this person must be caught!

“In short, it would be best to catch him alive. We could torture him severely. But if we couldn’t catch him alive, he could die! Got it?!”

The last sentence was as loud as thunder, shaking the Molies present.

Someone moved his mouth and said softly, “What… What if he used some magic weapon to avoid your attack just now?”

Before he finished his words, the Molie felt that the atmosphere around him had become strange. He hurriedly looked up and saw the Molie of the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm glaring at him.

The Molie, who had been being stared at this point, looked pale and his knees went limp.

The Molie at the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm said, “Do you dare to gamble?”


This was a response from everyone’s heart.

After glancing at the crowd, the Molie of the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm said sternly, “Since you don’t dare to gamble, then go and find him!”


Immediately, more than ten Molies flew into the portal.

After everyone had disappeared, the Molie of the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm waved his arm and a bronze mirror appeared in front of him.

The mirror was clear, but when facing him, no image could be found, as if the Molie did not exist. However, the Molie at the ninth level of Real Immortal Realm did not care. He raised his hand and injected a strong spiritual Qi into the mirror.

The whole mirror suddenly buzzed and trembled, shining with a white light.

The figure of the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm was gradually revealed in the mirror. And slowly, the reflection of the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm in the mirror not only became clearer and clearer, but also stepped out directly.

These two Molies were exactly the same in appearance, aura, and realm!

The only difference was that the Molie who walked out of the mirror had empty eyes and no figure, like a puppet.

The Molie of the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm condensed a drop of Essence Blood on his fingertip and flicked it gently. The blood essence instantly shot into his glabella.

Immediately, the Molie stepped out of the mirror, his eyes shining with life.

The Molie, who was at the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm, sized up the Mirror Image man silently for a moment. With a sinister smile on his face, he raised his hand and pointed at the distant door. The Mirror Image man immediately turned around and turned into a stream of flowing light, rushing into the blood curtain of the gate.

After a while, he disappeared.

The Molie of the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm stopped in front of the door and looked over quietly. Through the blood flowing down the gate, one could vaguely see a world like an ocean. In this world, an island was towering.

Even though it was an isolated island, it gave off a sinister and terrifying feeling. Even this Molie, who was at the ninth stage of Real Immortal Realm, felt dizzy and disgusting after looking at it for a while.

However, he endured the discomfort and looked at the outline of a palace on the island, muttering to himself.

If what the incomplete scroll said is correct, this ocean of prime minister is actually the Myriad Images Unique Domain ruled by the King of Myriad Images in ancient times…

The Supreme King of All Images had two most powerful magical powers, the Profound Twin Skill and the Demon Heart Evil Bone. He had relied on these two magical powers to rule the Domain for hundreds of thousands of years.

Later on, the Molies of this plane couldn’t stand his brutal governance and resisted together. The two sides had fought for a thousand years, and in the end, the Molies won, cutting off the head of the Prime Minister…

However, before the King of Myriad Images died, he used his Devil Heart and Evil Bone to deeply attach the curse to this plane, causing all the Molies in the Domain of Myriad Images to turn into evil spirits. And this plane, like an ancient city submerged in a desert storm, disappeared…

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