Chapter 2347

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There was an inhibition on the stone board from the Nine Lords of Heaven.

When Omas broke the inhibition, he saw a map. The map was old and the world was very big. If hejust relied on himself to find the area on the map, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack for Omas.

He could only guess from the words of the Nine Lords of Heaven that the area on the map should be around the Divine Martial Country. Even so, it would be useless for him to find it by himself. So he came to this neutral area.

There were all kinds of Marshas here, so there were all kinds of business here. Here, as long as the price was high enough, anything could be bought. These things naturally included news.

Omas had come to buy information about the map. But before that, he had never been to this neutral area.

He only knew that this was a world of the Black Market. But the rules here were more complicated and cruel than the black market. This was the territory of different forces and they paid attention to different rules. If he made a slight mistake, he might be killed.

If one’s strength was not strong enough, appearing here would be equivalent to stepping into the jaws of death.

Below Omas was a forest full of savage aura.

The tall trees pointed straight at the sky, and the huge canopy covered the sky and the sun. It was like a horned dragon, which was daunting. However, when Omas displayed the Way of Wisdom, he could immediately see the distortion of space and the light of the array lines soaring to the sky. Therefore, it was obvious that this forest was just a fantasy array. The real scene was under this fantasy array.

Omas hovered in the air for a moment and made a decision. He ran his spiritual Qi.

Soon, his facial features began to change and his body began to shrink. After a while, he turned into a man in his thirties, whose face was slightly sallow.

This was not some kind of magical power or magic spell, but the ability to change one’s appearance and body freely by using the spiritual energy in one’s body after reaching the Real Immortal Realm.

Any Marsha who reached the Real Immortal Realm could do that. However, since he had become a Real Immortal Realm, there was no need for Omas to hide his identity. Therefore, most Marshas would not do so. Unless it was for a special reason like him.

After adjusting the aura in his body, Omas turned into a beam of light and swooped toward the forest below. The closer he got to the forest, the greater the pressure the void brought. This was also equivalent to a layer of defense, preventing wild beasts from accidentally breaking in. But for him, there was no problem at all. He almost did not feel any obstruction.

With a swoosh, he rushed into a dense canopy.

There was no feeling of branch scratching the face- In an instant, the scene in front of Omas changed dramatically.

The original forest was gone. In place of it was a pitch-black land, a towering city. This city seemed to be made of an entire piece of black iron. There were no cracks on it.

It was pitch-black, incomparably large, enough to accommodate tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people.

At this moment, it was held horizontally on the ground, just like an ancient giant beast that was dormant, making people feel terrified.

Around the city, countless entangled thorns were tens of thousands of feet high, as if they were driven by a raging dragon. They surrounded the city tightly, making it look horrible. However, after crossing these thorns, Omas could see streams of light shooting around the city.

Those were clearly Marshas that entered and exited the city. As for the thorns, they were obviously the outer defense of this city. And this big city was one of the destination of Omas’s trip-Black Furnace City.

It was said that Black Furnace City was created from the divine weapon of a peerless expert, but the truth was not clear. As one of the big cities nearby, Black Furnace City was especially famous.

Among them, there were not only the Marshas of various sects, but also some Marshas’ families and sects. They also stationed there and became a part of Black Furnace City.

Omas flew forward for a while. When he was still some distance away from the thorns, Omas suddenly found an old man waving his arm at him from a distance. He pondered for a moment, then descended to the front of the old man.

The old man’s face was full of wrinkles, his body was stooped, and his clothes were dirty. His hands were covered with mud and his trousers were rolled up. He looked like an old farmer in the field. But the old man’s vigorous vigor showed that he was a Marsha with at least Amethyst Palace Realm.

“What can I do for you?” Omas asked.

The old man sized up Omas and grinned. “Do you have a passage order to enter Black Furnace City?”

“A passage order?” Omas’s heart palpitates.

He did not know that he needed a passage order to enter Black Furnace City.

But, he asked calmly, “Why do you ask?”

The old man opened his mouth wider, and even Omas could see his teeth.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew that you were an Marsha who had just arrived here.” The old man looked as if he had expected this. “You’re new here, so you don’t know the rules here, do you? Entering Black Furnace City requires a passage order. If you don‘t, you can ask the original Marsha in Black Furnace City to lead you in. Otherwise, no one could enter. Even if it is an Marsha of an Ancient Kingdom Sect.”

The old man deliberately emphasized the last sentence, and his eyes were full of ridicule, “What do you think? Do you think your status can be higher than the Marshas of Ancient Kingdoms?”

However, the old man immediately noticed Omas sweeping toward him. In his opinion, the realm of Omas was only at the second stage of the Real Immortal Realm, but this glance at the moment made him stop breathing and his large intestine tremble.

“Is this how you talk to a superior?” Omas narrowed his eyes and asked.

The old man suddenly stood straight and said, “I don’t mean anything else. I just want to tell you that if you want to enter Black Furnace City, you either have a passage order or ask me to take you in.”

“The price.” Omas simply said.

Since he did not have a passage order, he naturally chose the second way. As for whether the other party’s words could be trusted or not, Omas was not afraid that the other party would play any tricks since they were so close to Black Furnace City.

“It’s very simple for me to take you in. Give me 40 ancient currency,” the old man said.

“Ancient currency?”

Seeing Omas’s reaction, the old man acted as if he knew Omas would act like this.

However, before Omas’s cold gaze swept over him, he immediately explained, “Ancient currency is a currency used for traveling outside the Ancient Kingdom. Not only Black Furnace City, but also other cities recognize it. Moreover, you can also exchange it in the Ancient Kingdom… Generally speaking, ten spirit crystals exchange for an ancient currency.”

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