Chapter 2270

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Soon, many faces full of joy appeared in the flowing light.

Astor was the first to reach Viola. As a cultivator having Pure Jade Physique, she had gained a great opportunity this time, so her realm was close to the second stage of the Mozartavenly Spirit Realm.

When she came to Viola, Astor looked up and down at him with joy and reluctance.

The reason was simple. Astor knew that in a few days, Viola would go to the Glory City. Moreover, with his current aptitude and strength, even if he had not stepped into the Real Immortal Realm like Alder, it was almost certain that he would stay in the Divine Martial Country.

There was a great difference between the Ancient Kingdom and an Upper Kingdom.

When Viola cultivated in Lunia, the reason why Viola could bring everyone to Mozartaven’s Edge Sect together was that the sect of Upper Kingdom would accept many disciples. But the Ancient Kingdom was not like this.

Under normal circumstances, the Ancient Kingdom would only recruit cultivators from the Ancient Kingdom into the sect. If the cultivators of the Upper Kingdom wanted to enter the sects of the Ancient Kingdom, they had to pass the strict test.

Just like the Lunia, there were Alder, Viola, and Demon-override Prince.

Although the Demon-override Prince was defeated by Alder and Viola one after another, in terms of strength, he was absolutely at the top of the Upper Kingdom. Such a top genius would not appear for hundreds of years. Even so, it was so cruel to only choose Viola.

As for the difficulty of the cultivators entering the Ancient Kingdom, they could tell from the heavy barrier at the border. Therefore, once Viola left a few days later, it would not be easy for them to meet

again in a short time. Fortunately, the cultivators had a long lifespan and Astor had entered the Mozartavenly Spirit Realm.

According to this trend, Amethyst Palace Realm would not be a problem for her in the future. Therefore, even if it was decades or even a hundred years for mortals, she and Viola could still live it patiently. Even so, she could not hide her longing for her beloved.

As others came one after another, Astor and Viola looked at each other silently. Everything was in silence.

Soon, Xander, Lady Maisie, Fiona, Charlotte, and others arrived.

When everyone came to the front of Viola, they couldn’t help but feel their breathing stop. They all felt like mortals facing mountains and seas.

“Everyone’s realm has improved…” However, Viola immediately smiled and said.

That familiar smile and friendly tone completely eliminated the estrangement.

It was natural that everyone’s realm had improved significantly.

When Viola killed Alder, he gave a large part of the benefits of the other party’s Infinite Origin to everyone.

Especially those who were born with a body constitution, such as Astor, Maya, Fiona, and Charlotte Sky, who had gained opportunities that were of great benefit to their physique.

In just two short years, their realms and strength had improved by leaps and bounds. They were ten times stronger than two years ago.

Their strength in Lunia could be regarded as a force. If it was in the Earlington of Efrax, it was more likely that they would surpass the Mozartavenly Richards Sect. Although the group of people had not reached the third stage of Mozartavenly Spirit Realm yet, as long as they were not blind, they could see that this realm was just a matter of time.

From Xander and others, one could see the revival of Mozartavenly Richards Sect and even the hope of creating unprecedented glory.

Xander himself carried the heavy responsibility of reviving the Mozartavenly Richards Sect. The reason why he had not left yet was that he had gained a lot of benefits before and needed to refine and improve. The second reason was that Viola was about to leave. The next time they met, they did not know how long it would be, so they were not in a hurry.

Among the crowd, Viola also saw two similar faces.

They were Richard Morrey and her twin sister, Yolanda Morrey.

Now the Valentina, Alder, was killed, the Crape Myrtle Sect was completely destroyed, and the vermin on Richard Morrey was also eliminated by the sword of Viola. The two sisters recognized each other and had no worries.

In fact, they had recognized each other more than a year ago.

They had been separated for many years in the beginning, and their cultivation environment was different, they were still unfamiliar with each other. There was even a hint of fear in their hearts. However, their looks were almost the same, and their blood was flowing in their bones, including their longing for each other for so many years.

They soon became familiar with each other. The two sisters were now each other’s only relatives in this world. They just wanted to stay with each other and make up for the loss of time.

The Morrey sisters looked at Viola gratefully. Because if it were not for Viola, it was hard to say whether the two sisters could recognize each other or not. In this world, the only person they should be grateful to now was Viola.

Viola nodded at Richard and Yolanda Morrey. Mozart had had a lot of contact with Richard before, but he only had two chances to meet Yolanda. But when he saw the two sisters standing side by side and holding each other‘s hands, he stopped asking.

During the period of Viola’s closed-door training, although he did not show up, he also distracted part of his Divine Soul, so he hadn’t cut off contact with the others completely.

Mozart knew a lot of things that happened in Upper Kingdom and Mozartaven’s Edge Sect clearly. Including setting up Immortal Montgomery.

Because Viola was now in the limelight and supported by several elders in the Mozartaven’s Edge Sect, many sects and cultivation families were willing to submit to the current Immortal Montgomery.

Not all the elders in the Mozartaven’s Edge Sect bowed to Alder at that time. For example, Charlotte’s teacher, Butterfly Zoila’s father, and the elder, who had given Viola tokens, were all iron-boned and did not surrender.

Now, they all had the right to speak in Mozartaven‘s Edge Sect.

Although the Mozartaven’s Edge Sect had suffered heavy losses this time, they were still the strongest in terms of strength. The rest of sects were not as strong as the Mozartaven‘s Edge Sect now even if they combined together. Therefore, Immortal Montgomery, which was supported by the Mozartaven’s Edge Sect and the Cloud Valley, immediately became the most prosperous force in the Upper Kingdom.

Moreover, it would not take long for Immortal Montgomery to officially replace the Mozartaven’s Edge Sect and become the most powerful force in Upper Kingdom.

The other Upper Kingdoms, the royal family, and the sects also had open and secret conflicts and interests division. But there would no longer be such a problem here.

The Lunia, which hadn’t changed its national name, had already begun to take shape.

While Viola was talking to the crowd, he suddenly felt a faint gaze looking at him.

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