Chapter 2233

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Their heart seemed to stop beating.

The surrounding rumbling ceased. The flickering light did not come into sight again.

Everyone felt that their brains were rumbling. The unprecedented horror and shock almost tore their chests apart!

“This… How is this possible…”

“Ludwig… Amethyst Palace Realm…”

“A half-step true Immortal who was forced to rise….”

“Is this guy really the reincarnation of a Greater Power?”

“Why can he do this?”

“If there is no Grand Pure Emperor, will Omas be the first disciple of the first generation of the Ludwigaven’s Edge Sect?”

“I underestimated him after all…”

Looking at this scene, cultivators had different thoughts at this time. But without exception, everyone was sighing at the strength that Omas showed at this time.

If everyone’s expectations and predictions were only one, Omas’s performance would at least be more than ten at this time.

Omas blocked the Grand Pure Emperor’s attack. Now, he had made a counterattack, and he didn’t seem to be too far behind the Grand Pure Emperor.

The cultivators of the surrounding Upper Kingdoms did not dare to imagine this!

The Grand Pure Emperor was famous. Although no one had said it publicly, he was invincible in the agreement of the cultivators.

No one could defeat him!

Everyone in front of him seemed to bow their heads when they saw the emperor. However, today, Omas had fought with the Grand Pure Emperor face to face, at least 4 versus 6. Although there was still a gap, it was unknown how many cultivators dared not think about the situation when they were dreaming.

Before that, no one had ever imagined that something like this would happen.

Every cultivator’s expression was surprisingly exciting. But at this time, Omas, who was confronting the Grand Pure Emperor from a distance, showed no joy on his face. Because he was very clear-headed. One and a half moves were nothing. Moreover, it was still early for the Grand Pure Emperor to show his trump card.

In the cultivators’ mind, there had been a familiar sentence, “What kind of magical power was the most powerful?”

The answer was that the magic weapon that was not displayed was the most powerful.

Omas did not know how many trump cards Grand Pure Emperor had. But at least his hidden cards had not been revealed yet.

One was the fragments of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate, the second was the Fiendgod Palace, the third was the Real Immortal Realm, and the fourth was the poison planted on Jordan Nelson. However, it was also because of this that his fighting desire grew stronger.

The Grand Pure Emperor looked at Omas and said coldly, “This level is your limit…”

This sentence seemed to have completely seen through Omas, but also seemed to be the final judgment.

There was no expression on Omas’s face, but in his heart, the number “four” was slowly dissipating.

“Emptiness Precious Wheel!” After a brief pause, the Grand Pure Emperor once again attacked.

This time, the pressure around him was more than ten times greater than before!

A revolving precious wheel burst out dazzling light and suddenly appeared in the air. As it rotated, the strange light made a buzzing sound, as if it was resonating with the essence of the world.

When anyone heard this voice, they unconsciously felt sleepy. And this kind of tiredness went straight through their souls. Even if they covered their ears or even pierced them, they could not prevent it from invading their brains and confusing their souls.

“This is…”

In the cultivators far away, someone suddenly widened his eyes and exclaimed, “This is the Emptiness Precious Wheel of the Emptiness Immortal Sect from ancient times!

Back then, the Emptiness Immortal Sect was a powerful sect that spanned the three great Upper Kingdoms. But for some unknown reason, all the disciples of the sect disappeared overnight.

The territory of the sect, along with the three Upper Kingdoms, sank deep into the ground. Rumor had it that the entire void rift had been swallowed.

“I didn’t expect that this treasure from the Emptiness Immortal Sect would appear in the hands of Grand Pure Emperor!”

Ludwigaring this cultivator’s words, some cultivators who had heard about the Emptiness Immortal Sect couldn’t help but be shocked.

“It’s just an ancient relic, how can it stop me?” The Grand Pure Emperor said meaningfully, “Whatever I want cannot escape from my hands! I am the ruler of heaven and earth, and I am the emperor of the Immortal Realm!”

With his roar, the Grand Pure Emperor suddenly burst out a powerful divine thought, as if he had entered a state of unity of heaven and earth.

Five-colored auspicious clouds rose under his feet, and auspicious air and multicolored light burst out around him. The Emptiness Precious Wheel carried dazzling light as it clashed in all directions. It was like a giant wheel smashing the small boats around it.

The Demonic Soul Pillars exploded in an instant. The Archaic Demonic Soul Symbol seemed to have hit a stone wall. With a dang sound, it was shot far away. The Netherworld Gates were melted one after another.

The demon spirit summoned by the Demon-slaying Spear disappeared in an instant. The precious wheel rotated, and the next moment, it pressed down on Omas.

Omas looked up at the sky. At this moment, his eyes were shining fiercely.

“The Dao of Life!”

“Blood Sacrifice Grand Magic!”

At this moment, all of his skin had turned golden. Ludwig was like a golden man, giving off an overwhelming power that could sweep mountains and rivers.

The Lunia Emperor, who could not move, let out a painful groan and his aura rapidly weakened.

“You! Get down here!” Omas roared and suddenly turned into a giant.

His legs stepped hard into the sea, causing huge waves. The next moment, under the shocked gazes of the crowd, he directly punched toward the Emptiness Precious Wheel.

There was no magical power, no cultivation method, just a punch. However, this was a punch from a Body Refiner!

No one could describe the ethereal and invisible power of this punch, the agility of this punch, the nothingness of this punch and the horror if this punch.

As soon as the fist wind arrived, the blood radiance flourished and the golden light boiled. Like an ancient Creation God, it split the heaven and earth, splitting the Yin and Yang. All the starlight was split apart.

The countless spiritual Qi black holes created by the Emptiness Precious Wheel were instantly swept away.


The momentary collision seemed to have turned into an eternal picture.

All of the cultivators felt as if there was a large hand supporting their eyelids, not allowing them to close their eyes. There was another large hand that grabbed their hearts, making them feel as if their lives were being controlled by others.

Omas did not retreat, and the precious wheel stopped.

A man and a treasure were in a stalemate. No one could do anything to each other. However, Omas relied on the Taoist body and the purest power.

The magic weapon was controlled by the Grand Pure Emperor, and the spiritual Qi was as vast as the sea. It was also a killing sharp weapon that everyone feared in ancient times.

Just as neither side gave in, and the seawater within a radius of millions of miles exploded and evaporated, the center of Omas’s palm suddenly condensed into bright starlight. Ludwig still had a backup plan behind his strength!

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