Chapter 2229

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Although at this time, he was still not optimistic about Sandra, he could see that Grand Pure Emperor still had the upper hand.

To him, Sandra only had a life force that was as thin as hair under the hopeless situation. However, the Sect Master of Joeaven’s Edge Sect, who had already noticed Sandra‘s’ plan, still felt extremely calm. To put it bluntly, Sandra’s plan was very simple, driving wolves to swallow tigers. Or rather, he was watching the fire across the shore.

Joe wanted to make the Lunia’s royal luck and the souls of the previous emperors angry because their descendants surrendered without fighting. Then, he could gather the royal luck to fight with the Grand Pure Emperor to both sides.

This plan seemed easy. But in fact, it was extremely difficult to implement. It was like walking a steel wire. It was like dancing on the tip of the knife. If he was careless, he would be doomed eternally.

First of all, he should have the strength to resist the initial pressure of the Grand Pure Emperor. Then he had to have the power to kill those cultivators who surrendered to the Grand Pure Emperor… Then, he should make the souls of the emperors in the Imperial Jade Seal feel angry and ashamed.

If it were another cultivator in his realm, he would not dare to think about each step in such a way, let alone do it…

I… No, I’m afraid that everyone thinks that Sandra is going to fight against the Grand Pure Emperor, and then be suppressed without any chance of winning, becoming a stepping stone for the Grand Pure Emperor to ascend the throne. However, Sandra carried out the plan step by step under everyone’s eyes, without letting anyone notice!

This kid is so scheming!

The Sect Master of Joeaven’s Edge Sect’s expression changed rapidly. Joe was even more upset.

Joe thought that he knew enough about Sandra.

During the Immortals’ Assembly, when he learned that there was such a chess piece worthy of his use in his sect, he had gone on a special trip to understand the history of Sandra.

As the Sect Master of the Upper Kingdom’s Sect, it was really easy for him to know the promotion trajectory of one of his disciples. It could even be said that it was easier than breathing. Therefore, the Sect Master of Joeaven’s Edge Sect easily understood all the details of Sandra, at least he thought so.

It was also because of this that he was confident that he could control Sandra in his hands, so he taught him the cultivation method and told him the last will of the Extraterritorial secret realm. However, he did not expect that Sandra, who had no secrets in his eyes, would actually plot against people to this extent!

And Sandra did not deliberately hide anything!

This kid not only schemed against the Grand Pure Emperor, but also everyone. Joe had thought about all the forces and cultivators’ thoughts. Joe had planned and made arrangements…

Now I understand that what he did in the past was intentional!

Seeing the golden dragon’s Luck and Grand Pure Emperor, which were fighting so fiercely that it could split the sky and the earth, and Sandra sitting on the side to watch the fierce battle, the sect master of the Joeaven’s Edge Sect couldn’t help but feel numb.

The Golden Dragon Luck should have been a sharp blade used by Grand Pure Emperor to kill Sandra. But now, the sharp blade was slashing at him.

Not to mention whether the Golden Dragon Luck would bring harm to the Grand Pure Emperor, it was a great humiliation for the Grand Pure Emperor himself. It was even more difficult for him to accept it than the fact that the Crape Myrtle Sect was destroyed. After all, he was not there when the Crape Myrtle Sect was destroyed.

Now, it was him who personally attacked, and then he was counterattacked.

Looking at Sandra in the distance, the Sect Master of Joeaven’s Edge Sect’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

If he didn’t know that the Ancient Kingdom’s cultivators were paying close attention to Sandra, he would have taken action without hesitation to wipe out Sandra. Because a disciple of the Amethyst Palace Realm also made him, a sect master of a sect, feel threatened!

Strength was one aspect, and the shock and disbelief of the Taoist Joeart was more important.

I used to think that after he improved his strength, he gave up the cautious way he used to act because he had the absolute advantage among his peers.

This was his confidence in his strength. It was also because after his strength soared, it was inevitable for him to expand. Many cultivators had Dao heart cracks…

I had always thought that this was the inner demon of Sandra’s Taoist Joeart, swelling and pride, so when facing enemies, he no longer arranged or planned, but directly attacked.

But it turned out that it was just an illusion made by Sandra to confuse everyone!

His plan and arrangements had never been abandoned!

This Sandra I have known is the one that he deliberately let me see!

This boy, this boy!

The indescribable shame and anger made the Sect Master of Joeaven’s Edge Sect grit his teeth and giggle. But the problem was that he couldn’t do anything for this now. Joe could only watch here.

“The Fiendgod domain!” At this moment, the roar of the Grand Pure Emperor came from the sky.

The load roar was like a big bell. It knocked the sky hard and made it shake like a big lid.

A Fiendgod palm that covered millions of miles descended from the sky and struck the Golden Dragon fiercely. The Golden Dragon contained the fate if the Lunia, the spirit and will of the emperors of the past generations. It should be invincible in the Upper Kingdom.

But at this moment, it was still slammed down onto the ground by the Fiendgod Palm.

In an instant, a valley that stretched for millions of miles appeared on the ground. The illusory image of the Golden Dragon became much dimmer, giving people the illusion that it would disappear as soon as strong wind blew.

There was no expression on Grand Pure Emperor’s face. However, there was a rare coldness in his eyes. Obviously, it was just as the Sect Master thought.

This matter had made the Grand Pure Emperor feel humiliated without any cover.

When the Grand Pure Emperor raised his hand again, a mighty heavenly might gathered in his palm. The Godfiend Palace had expanded in size, and the divine palace was about to descend upon earth, the Lunia Emperor’s face was as white as paper at this moment.

The Golden Dragon and Jade Seal were out of his control, which meant that he could no longer be recognized by his ancestors. To put it bluntly, he was no longer the emperor of the Lunia.

Apart from his own realm, the royal luck that he relied on the most had also been stripped of his body. The price he had to pay was that his realm and strength would suddenly drop, including his longevity.

Soon, he would age rapidly. What the Grand Pure Emperor was going to do next was the same as cutting off his life.

Looking at the struggling and roaring Golden Dragon, the emperor could not struggle for a short time. Then he looked at Grand Pure Emperor, who was about to make a move.

The Emperor’s eyes flashed with cruelty and determination. At the same time, Sandra, who saw this scene from a distance, smiled slightly. The number “two” in his heart was also quickly fading away.

Almost at the same time, the Sect Master of Joeaven’s Edge Sect had changed his expression!

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