Chapter 2226

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Standing between heaven and earth, one person and one spear seemed to support the universe. Although Amber didn’t do anything else at this moment, a domineering aura filled the world made the sun and the moon pale.

Many of the cultivators present were trembling and did not even dare to look straight at him. In addition to the cultivators present, deep in the void, there were also different expressions in their eyes.

Abraham Nelson’s beautiful eyes were full of disbelief.

Is this still Amber I have met?

Although she had a good impression of Amber before, and his strength far exceeded his peers’, his strength had improved so much after a while. And in front of the Grand Pure Emperor that everyone feared, Amber’s momentum was not reduced at all!

Abraham even had a feeling at this moment.

If not for the realm, just by the momentum, Amber would be on par with the Grand Pure Emperor. It is simply astonishing!

On the other side, in the bamboo forest hut, today’s Richardaven’s Edge Sect Sect Master was no longer as relaxed as before. Richard did not have the mood to watch the show as before. Richard even had no time to look at the teapot, which had been by his hand.

“Amber…” The Sect Master of Richardaven’s Edge Sect gritted his teeth as his eyes flickered with uncertainty.

Although he was unwilling to admit it, the reality at the moment was that he found that he could not see the strength of Amber for the first time.

His trump cards seem to have become more. No, not only have they become more, but they have also become thicker…

The Sect Master of Richardaven’s Edge Sect slowly put a hand under the table. Unknowingly, a ball of space was slowly crushed by his palm. This was a sign of panic.

How could a Real Immortal Realm panic because of the rise of an Amethyst Palace Realm?

Moreover, this was the Sect Master of the Richardaven’s Edge Sect, whose strength was ranked at the top of the Lunia.

No one would believe it. But this was the truth!

At the same time, the faces of the three Ancient Kingdom cultivators behind the fog also had different expressions.

“Wow, senior! Amber is so awesome! I knew it! Richard must be very powerful! Those cultivators at the same level are not worth mentioning in front of him.” The girl’s voice was full of surprise and excitement.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about.” Senior Sister looked very calm. “Richard was able to kill all the high-level members of the Crape Myrtle Sect that day, so he can do this today. In my opinion, the four or five Amethyst Palace Realms here were probably not as good as one Protector of Crape Myrtle Sect. But Jonas’ two Protectors couldn’t even withstand one move from Amber…”

“That’s true.” The girl giggled. “But I still think he is very powerful! You see, what he said before was right. The cultivation of cultivators is just a sense of injustice. Richard is now relying on this injustice to fight against so many people alone!”

“Richard is merely pretending to be strong…” The slightly aged voice of the Martial Uncle sounded.

Obviously, what he thought had been different from this pair of seniors. From beginning to end, he did not think that Amber could replace Grand Pure Emperor, Jonas Powell.

To him, this was simply impossible!

In the final analysis, it was the pressure of the realm.

One was a Real Immortal Realm, and the other was an Amethyst Palace Realm. It was like an adult strong man competing with a child who had just learned how to walk. Apart from beating and crushing him one-sidedly, he really couldn’t think of any other possibility.

“Those who made a move just now were just a mob. They were nothing in front of Amber. What Amber has just done, if it were Jonas, he could have been more clean than Amber with one finger. If this group of cultivators could be compared to a path, then Jonas was a lofty mountain in front of Amber… Amber is doomed to be unable to cross…”

“I can guarantee that as long as Jonas takes action, he can suppress Amber within three breaths. We’ll wait for the time when Jonas goes to Glory City after everything is done.”

“Uh-huh…” The girl seemed to have something to say.

But in the end, senior sister signaled to her with her eyes and the girl did not say what she wanted to say.

The originally quiet void was suddenly thrown into a pot of oil like a red-hot iron and instantly boiled.

“How dare you!”

“Amber, you deserve to die!”

“The Emperor’s name is not something you can call out!”

“Hurry up and surrender!”

“You will die today!”

The group of cultivators, who had been as quiet as chickens for a moment, were all furious at this time and shouted loudly one after another. The roars directly shattered the clouds. Countless ripples spread in all directions.

“Haha!” Amber sneered.

Richard looked at the Grand Pure Emperor.

It was unknown what Grand Pure Emperor was thinking at this moment. His eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was re-figuring out the other party. Perhaps the Grand Pure Emperor did not expect that the “ant” he did not care about at all would grow to such a level in such a short time.

“Shut up, all of you!” A moment later, the Grans Pure Emperor spoke.

His tone was calm, but it seemed to be the will of heaven, making people have to follow it. Even the Lunia’s emperor and the royal family shut their mouths obediently at this moment, keeping quiet.

“Amber, you deserve to die!”

Grand Pure Emperor raised his hand and waved his long sleeved toward Amber.

This action was as simple as blowing off the dust on the table. But in an instant, the fierce wind rolled up, the gang thunder surged, and turned into a river. Endless explosions and destruction surged toward Amber. Half of the sky exploded into chaos.

Amber was immediately swallowed up. Countless lightning spots flashed wildly in it, almost blinding people’s eyes.

Seeing this, the eyes of cultivators who had seen the scene were full of tears.

With a wave of his hand, the Grans Pure Emperor could turn the world upside down and overturn time and space, which made them even more frightened.


The lightning continued. More than half of the sky seemed to have completely fallen. Anyone who entered would be smashed into pieces.

Amber did not appear again. The whole world seemed to be left with endless lightning at this moment.

“Is it over?” Abraham’s heart suddenly sank, and the light in her eyes gradually dimmed.

In the bamboo hut, the Sect Master of Richardaven’s Edge Sect slowly opened his clenched fingers and said self-mockingly, “It seems that I overestimated him…”

Deep in the void, the Martial Uncle said as if he had expected, “Well, it’s over… Emperor’s might…”

Before he could say the last word, with a buzzing sound, a blood-colored spear suddenly tore apart the surging mixed light and went straight to the Grand Pure Emperor!

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