Chapter 2194

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“You… Run… Ah…”

Steven could not tell what Omas’s tone was, but the skull that contained the soul of the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk did not dare to move at all. It only dared to shake up and down slightly, as if a person was kowtowing and begging for mercy. But obviously, it was useless.

“Flesh and blood… Belong to you… The soul… Belongs to me…”

Omas completely ignored each other. This was the one behind the Gates of Stevenll who was discussing with him.

Flesh and blood could help Omas refine Taoist body, and the Divine Soul could help the one after the Gates of Stevenll recover. Moreover, as someone with magic power, the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk’s strength was probably much higher than that of the Sect Master of Stevenaven’s Edge Sect and the Grand Pure Emperor.

It was obvious that the type of exceptional vicious demon could bring nourishment to the one behind the Gates of Stevenll. But this time, he didn’t get any response from Omas for a long time.

Frowning, the one behind the Gates of Stevenll said, “How…”

“How much have you recovered?” After a while, Omas asked with his real body’s consciousness.

After killing the Extraterritorial Devil in the Void Ruins, Omas knew that the strength of the one behind the Gates of Stevenll must have recovered. However, judging from the situation this time, the extent of the other party’s recovery had exceeded his expectations.

The Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk’s realm must be higher than the Sect Master of the Stevenaven’s Edge Sect.

Since the Sect Master of the Stevenaven’s Edge Sect was a Real Immortal Realm, then one could imagine the realm of Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk. But in front of the one behind the Gates of Stevenll, he was still as weak as an egg. It was broken with a light knock.

This kind of strength and power surprised Omas.

“This… Time… Consumed… A lot…” The one behind the Gates of Stevenll gave an ambiguous answer. “It needs… Replenishment…”

“Okay.” After thinking for a while, Omas’s consciousness agreed.

Although the other party did not make it clear, Omas understood what he meant.

The accumulated strength he had gained from killing and devouring the Extraterritorial Devils had already been released when he suppressed the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk. That was to say, the strength of the person behind the Gates of Stevenll was not like that of the cultivators. As he recovered, he would be stable at a certain level but needed to be replenished. The more power released at once, the stronger the power would be at that time.

“Then… You come…” The one from the Gates of Stevenll said slowly after getting the permission of Omas.

As his voice fell, the darkness in Omas’s eyes gradually faded away and returned to normal. But this time, there was some thought during the clearness.

The skull, which contained the Divine Soul of Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk, suddenly felt the change of Omas’s momentum and could not help but be stunned. Because it seemed that in an instant, the aura that made him desperate and scared was replaced by another momentum.

Although this aura was exceptionally powerful, but when comparing the two, Omas gave him the feeling of a flame, and the previous feeling was like the seawater.

Flames and seawater were obviously incompatible, but they were perfectly displayed on Omas. However, after being stunned for a while, the Divine Soul of the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk was overjoyed.

If the aura that scared him disappeared, wouldn’t that mean that he had a trace of life?

Unfortunately, the moment before he came up with this idea, Omas had guessed what the other party was thinking. Therefore, Omas did not give him any chance to attack.

The tip of his finger shone with a golden light. With a sudden pull, countless stars fell down. Countless stars shot out beams of light and hit the skull.

The skull was formed by the True Energy of the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk. Although it had thoughts, it did not have any magical power or Cultivation Method, and it was not as strong as the Taoist body. Therefore, under the continuous bombardment of starlight, the skull made a silent roar. In a moment, it completely disintegrated, leaving only bright red light spots gathering, as if they were nebulaes around the planet.

Omas pointed at him.

All of a sudden, these dense light spots gathered toward his fingertip, turned into surging vigor, and poured into his body. Behind these light spots, there was a pale cyan distorted illusory image. Although he was still struggling, it would not cause any trouble for Omas.

At this moment, his twisting and unwillingness were even worse than the fish and shrimps falling into the big net. This shadow was naturally the soul of the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk.

After being absorbed into Omas’s sea of consciousness, the Gates of Stevenll emitted a powerful gravitational force that sucked it in. The next moment, a bone-chilling chewing sound came out, just like a fierce beast chewing bones. But this was not what he needed to pay attention to. Steven closed his eyes and focused, quickly infusing the vigor of Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk into his limbs and bones.

Every fiendish demon must contain a strong vigor. This was because the vicious demon was invisible. It needed to absorb the vigor of countless creatures to form a body. Therefore, the higher the fiendish demon’s realm and strength, the stronger the vigor in his body would be.

Although Omas did not know what realm the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk was in, he also knew that the Real Immortal Realm could not suppress him.

Above the Real immortal Realm is the Nirvana stage and the Dominant stage…

Omas thought of the explanation that the one behind the Gates of Stevenll had given him before and thought to himself.

I wonder what realm Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk is at… However, I feel that if he were to attack, the entire Lunia would not be able to withstand him…

While he was thinking about this, Omas suddenly felt a pain all over his body. Steven immediately focused his attention and found that he had underestimated the power of vigor in the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk.

This other party’s vigor was too strong. With Omas’s condensed body, he could hardly hold on!

Oh no, if I forcefully absorb it, it may cause damage to my Taoist body!

At this time, Omas could not help but be shocked when he felt that his meridians, blood vessels, and internal organs were constantly opened.

After all, he knew very well that his current Taoist body not only relied on absorbing many natural precious materials and demonic beasts’ vigor to refine and improve, but also directly absorbed a drop of Ancestral Devil’s blood not long ago. Even the surging blood sea was integrated into his Taoist body. But now, he could hardly bear all the vigor of the Nine Sufferings Demonic Monk.

Fortunately, I integrated a drop of Ancestral Demon’s Blood of Essence into It. Otherwise, I would have been blown up in an instant just now!

Omas thought for a moment and entered the World of Stevenaven and Earth without hesitation.

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