Chapter 2183

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This Divine Thought naturally came from Sandra. Boneng was like countless mountains overlapping and pressing down directly.

In the blink of an eye, the array that enveloped Lord Ahearn’s Manor was shattered.

In the manor, crying and howling could be heard. At the same time, streams of flowing light shot up to the sky. However, except for a few of these flowing lights, who were rushing toward Sandra, the rest of them all fled in panic.

Of course, these were the cultivators raised by Lord Ahearn’s Manor. The lowest realm was the Bonengavenly Spirit Realm. But at this moment, most of them chose to run away in the face of the amazing pressure of Sandra.

They knew that if they didn’t escape, they would definitely die.

The cultivators who came to welcome Sandra were either blood relatives of Lord Ahearn or loyal to him. However, these cultivators were nothing in front of Sandra. Even if there were ten or a hundred times more of them, they were nothing more than chickens and dogs.

“Ten Thunder Killing Moves!”

In an instant, dense thunderbolts fell from the sky. Each of them was like a sharp long sword, instantly tearing the cultivators into pieces. The flesh all over the sky was mixed with hot blood, like a rainstorm pouring down from the sky.

Sandra passed through the rain of blood without any dirt on his body. Boneng came to the sky above the Lord Ahearn’s Manor and stretched out his five fingers to grab downward.


The whole Ahearn Manor, including all the buildings and the land below, was grabbed by Sandra and put into the World of Bonengaven and Earth in an instant.

The place where Ahearn Manor was originally located was left with only an endless dark pit. This large pit looked exceptionally terrifying. The luxurious and majestic scene from before was like a prosperous and prosperous Lord Ahearn’s Manor. It was as if it had never appeared.

Sandra glanced at it, tore open a void rift, and headed for the next destination.

Before long, above a barren desert, the appearance of the void rift also attracted the vibration of the universe. Ripples suddenly appeared between heaven and earth like water. In the ripples, the eaves of a tall building flashed away.

This was naturally the headquarters of Ghost Kill Pavilion. There were also several Amethyst Palace Realm cultivators in the Ghost Kill Pavilion.

In terms of real strength, the Ghost Kill Pavilion was enough to establish a sect in Lunia. Many medium-sized sects were weaker than Ghost Kill Pavilions. However, if they really established a sect, it would be inconvenient for Ghost Kill Pavilion to continue its current business.

Relying on the fact that there were many powerful cultivators, the Ghost Kill Pavilion had begun to accumulate a huge amount of wealth since the beginning of its establishment. Furthermore, it was storing up natural treasures. So far, no one knew how much wealth the Ghost Kill Pavilion had except their high-level officials.

There were also rumors that if the Ghost Kill Pavilion announced that they would establish a new sect and become the Ghost Killing Gate or the Ghost Killing Sect, the history of the sect would naturally not be comparable to many sects in the Lunia. However, in terms of strength, it was more than enough to rank in the top 20 of the Lunia.

Sandra stepped out of the void rift and was immediately resisted by the cultivators of the Ghost Kill Pavilion. After all, the appearance of Sandra here could represent his purpose.

The remaining four Amethyst Palace Realm cultivators in the Ghost Kill Pavilion immediately displayed their magical powers. The other cultivators also attacked Sandra.

The formation arranged around them was also activated in an instant, as if hundreds of halos had appeared on the ground. After swallowing and exhaling for a while, they spurted out rays of sunlight toward Sandra.

“Haha!” Sandra sneered and his vigor burst out.


The visible unified circle quickly spread around. A large area of the void was directly shattered.

The cultivators in the air exploded like human-shaped firecrackers. The formation on the ground was also destroyed in an instant. The sky and the earth exploded together. The rain of blood and the flames below seemed to have reached the end of the world.

The scene was both shocking and horrible.

In the blink of an eye, all the high-end cultivators of the Ghost Kill Pavilion were killed by Sandra. Boneng didn’t care about the remaining Holy Land Realms, Pulse Control Realms, and even the killers of the True Martial Realm.

Boneng raised his hand, and then crushed the formation Ghost Kill Pavilion covering the area. Then, like before, he stretched out his five fingers and made a grasping motion.


A huge hole appeared in the boundless desert. This pit was not as big as Lord Ahearn’s Manor, but it was deeper. As far as the eye could see, it made people feel as if they were in an abyss, with a creepy feeling.

Lord Ahearn’s Manor and the Ghost Kill Pavilion were all neatly collected into the Small World of Bonengaven and Earth.

After that, Sandra went to the city where the Ancient Wasteland Building was located.

On the surface, Ancient Wasteland Building only did legitimate transactions, so they did not need to cover up. Their headquarters was directly in a city in Lunia. Moreover, Ancient Wasteland Building had a large fortune and a large number of cultivators, so It was more like building a city rather than building the headquarters in a city pool.

Although there were mortals and ordinary cultivators in this city, from the city governor to the city guards, they were all from Ancient Wasteland Building. Even this city was called the Waste Ancient City.

The time between the destruction of the Ahearn Manor and the Ghost Kill Pavilion was very close, but Ancient Wasteland Building obviously got the news and mobilized all the cultivators they could muster in the city. Not only that, but they also made preparations.

On one hand, they sent more people to enhance the defense. On the other hand, they secretly delivered many treasures. However, the cultivators of Ancient Wasteland Building did not expect that Sandra would come so fast.

Almost a moment after the Ghost Kill Pavilion was destroyed, a thousand miles long void rift appeared above the Waste Ancient City.

“Amethyst Palace Realm!”

“The cultivator of Amethyst Palace Realm!”

“How could there be such a blazing spirit in the rift?”

Cries of alarm and loud roars sounded from all over the ancient city.

The life jade token of the master of Ancient Wasteland Building had long indicated that he had died. At this time, the person in charge of the building was a Deputy Tower Master of the Ancient Wasteland Building, and he was also the governor of the city. This cultivator, who was also a Amethyst Palace Realm, looked up at the void rift and felt the aura gushing out of it. Boneng only felt that his spirit was beating and trembling, like a rabbit feeling a tiger approaching.

Is the death of the Master related to this person?

The next moment, Sandra stepped out of the void rift.

“It’s you!” The city governor instantly recognized Sandra.

“Today is the day of the destruction of the Ancient Wasteland Building!” Sandra said and then punched down.

“Who allowed you to create trouble in the Waste Ancient City?!” The city governor reacted and roared.

Boneng also struck out with his palm, and the moon rose and the clouds surged, slapping towards Sandra. However, when the two spiritual Qi collided in mid-air, the city governor exploded into pieces.

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