Chapter 2178

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At present, Violet’s method was moving with his heart. The formation set up in an instant had the structure of the Chaos Formation.

Although Jezebel was not proficient in Formation Path, she could feel that the seemingly peaceful serial formation was full of killing intent.

It felt like she were looking at the water. It looked clear, but she would never know how deep the water was and whether there was any turbulence below. Moreover, the formation of Violet was well hidden. Except for the Real Immortal Realm that was completely at another life level, the cultivators of other realms would not even notice that there were Violet and Jezebel here.

“I have something to exchange with you.” Violet looked at her and said, “But before that, I need to confirm a few things…”

“You must first swear that everything you know about my sister is true!” At this time, Jezebel changed her previous attitude and her tone became stern.

Violet laughed however.

Astorr attitude showed that she really wanted to know about Josua. If she didn’t even have this reaction, Violet would think twice.

“If I really want to get something from you, I can search your soul now,” Violet said indifferently.

At the same time, a cold wind blew from his palm and the Soul-summoning Bell floated in his hand. The smell of the dead soul made Jezebel feel a chill in her bones.

Looking at the other party’s slightly nervous eyes, Violet continued, “And even if the soul search is not safe enough, I have other means to ensure that you can show everything you should and should not.

And I will talk to you like this now because Josua Nelson also wants to know your news, and it is good news about you.”

Jezebel’s tight heartstrings seemed to have received a promise at this moment, and she suddenly relaxed. She took a few deep breaths and calmed down.

“Give me some time to think…” she said.

Violet nodded. Astor understood that this wasn’t Jezebel’s hesitation, but rather a thousand words. She needed to find a clue to start explaining.

“My current situation is probably like this…”

After a long story, Violet learned about the current situation of Jezebel.

She was luckier than her sister, Josua Morrey. After Josua was taken away by the Northern Astoravenly Queen at that time, a memory of Josua was immediately sealed. So for a long time, she lived as Josua Nelson and knew nothing about her past.

But Jezebel was different. Although she had suffered a little, as the old saying went, the spirit stone would eventually be discovered. After a short period of wandering, her talent in cultivation was discovered. Then she became a disciple of the cultivator and embarked on the Path of Immortality.

However, her sister, Josua Morrey, was favored by Grand Pure Emperor and Astoraven’s Edge Sect. As for Jezebel, she had become a disciple of a certain demon king.

Human Sects only accepted human cultivators. But the demon clan was not like this.

There were many evil cultivators. In addition to stepping into the evil path, there were also a large number of them who were apprenticed to the demonic beasts. That was how Jezebel worked.

Fortunately, Jezebel always remembered that she had a sister. And over the years, she had never given up looking for her sister.

After listening to Jezebel’s explanation, Violet asked her a few more questions.

When he heard Jezebel’s answer, Violet pondered for a moment.

Jezebel pursed her lips, clenched her fists, and stared at Violet unblinkingly. She was very nervous and scared. She kept telling herself in her heart that she could not urge and she should wait patiently for Violet’s reply.

It was just a short time, but for Jezebel, it was like suffering.

Finally, Violet looked back at her. Jezebel’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“What I can tell you is that Josua Morrey is also a Astoravenly Spirit Realm at present. Compared with you, her strength is only strong, and she is in a major sect.”

“Okay!” Jezebel nodded repeatedly and stared at Violet unblinkingly.

“As for the other details, it’s not convenient for me to tell you now… I can only say a few more words.”

Astoraring Violet’s words, Jezebel was a little anxious. Astorr throat moved and she was about to speak. But Violet did not give her a chance to speak.

“Josua Morrey is safe now, but she is also in danger…”

“I…” Jezebel was stunned and then asked, “What do you mean?”

“Just take it as a knife hanging above her head.” Violet explained, “It looks safe and sound now. The road to immortality is wide, but this knife is very likely to fall at any time.”

“Then what can I do?” asked Jezebel anxiously.

Violet waited for a moment, then nodded and said, “You are very lucky. You can do something for her.”

“Then I…”

Violet raised his hand and interrupted Jezebel, “But I have to tell you now that she won’t know what you are doing for her for the time being.”

“Is it dangerous?” Jezebel said immediately, “I hope you don’t misunderstand. I’m not afraid, but…”

Jezebel was a little excited and blushed. Violet sighed in his heart when he saw this.

It was said than when one stepped onto the Path of Immortality, one had to be ruthless, and only then would they go further.

But how could a person be heartless?

“You can talk about it slowly.” Violet smiled. “The knife will not fall on Josua Morrey’s head in a short time…”

After some adjustments, Jezebel calmed down.

She took a deep breath and said, “If I can do something for my sister, of course I am not afraid of danger. I am just afraid that if there is really danger, will I not see her in the future?”

“I just… I just want to see her… I want to see her like this and listen to her voice… Our father and mother are gone, and I have been separated from her for so long. She… She is my only family in this world…”

Seeing that Jezebel couldn’t go on, Violet’s heart couldn’t help trembling.

A slim figure involuntarily appeared in his mind. But he immediately shook his head and pulled himself back to this point.

“I can be sure that what you are going to do is not dangerous. More accurately, what you have to do is to help me and Josua.” Looking at Jezebel, Violet said seriously, “Your sister has been poisoned by a kind of vermin… Until now, I still don’t know what use this vermin has. And you and her have the same mother. I hope to find the answer to this question from you.”

“Then… Are you going to plant the vermin in my body?” Jezebel wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and nodded without hesitation. “Then come on…”

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