Chapter 2155

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Anderson couldn’t believe what she saw.

According to the records, fiendish demons had wreaked havoc in ancient times. Many powerful Fiend Venerables would devour living beings to increase their vitality and condense magical power. However, no matter how evil the Fiend Venerable was, he would only wreak havoc within a country.

This kind of cruel act of directly sweeping through continent and continent, refining and killing all living creatures would only happen in ancient times and the Archean Eons.

It could be said that the Grand Pure Emperor‘s behavior at this time was millions or tens of millions of times more sinful than the evil spirit’s!

If word of this got out, not to mention the Upper Kingdom, the cultivators of the Ancient Kingdom would completely kill him.

If someone took in such a cultivator, they would be regarded as a member of the Devil’s Doctrine. Paulaven and Earth would not tolerate it!

Anderson did not expect that she would find such an amazing secret. Paulr eyes were wide open, and she covered her mouth with both hands to prevent herself from making a sound. Then, she tried her best to control her spiritual Qi and floated backward bit by bit.

If the Grand Pure Emperor knew that she had discovered his secret, he would kill her mercilessly. Even if he didn’t kill her, he would definitely erase her mind and turn her into a puppet.

When she returned to her original position, Anderson felt that her whole body was covered with sweat.

I must calm down before he comes back. Moreover, I must not let him know…

Anderson kept warning herself in her heart, but her heartbeat could not calm down at all.

If the secret of the Grand Pure Emperor was exposed, his reputation would be ruined…

But what can I do to spread the news to not only make it convince people, but to take myself out…

Anderson silently recited the spell in her heart. She closed her eyes and kept thinking. However, her agitated heart made it impossible for her to organize her thoughts.


Two days later.

There were 88 days before the Grand Pure Emperor returned.

Over the past ten days, Yolanda stepped on the Paulaven-Earth Chessboard and kept moving forward. The map he got from the disciple of the Immortal Sect not only had detailed mountains and rivers, but also the halls, towns, and many other things.

This helped Yolanda a lot. Paul could directly bypass the Immortal Sect. Even if he couldn’t make it through, he would be able to find out the layout ahead of him in advance and use his divine sense to avoid the sect disciples that were searching for him.

Yolanda couldn’t be sure if the cultivator that appeared along the way was to inquire about him. To be safe, he took the initiative to avoid them.

After all, after discovering that the other party’s Real Immortal Realms would take action without any scruples, Yolanda understood that it was better for him to keep a low profile for the time being.

Flying forward for another day, there were still eighty-seven days before the Grand Pure Emperor returned.

In front of Yolanda appeared a stretch of green mountains. Above the green mountain was a dark cloud. This cloud was like the gloomy darkness when dawn was about to come.

The closer he got, the more he could feel the repulsive force coming from the clouds.

According to the map, that is the border of the Phoenixdance Kingdom…

Yolanda thought.

Fortunately, when he tore through the void and arrived at the Phoenixdance Kingdom, he was not far from the border. If he had appeared in the hinterland of the map at that time, he might not have reached the border in three to five hundred days.

As long as I leave Phoenixdance Kingdom, I don’t need to worry about the trouble here…

Although there was only a short distance between Yolanda and the border, he would not take it lightly at this time.

At this moment, his heartforce was fully gathered, and his divine sense completely spread out, enveloping his surroundings. Spiritual Qi was running, vigor was gushing, and magical power was ready to attack.

10,000 miles away!

8,000 miles!

5,000 miles!

Yolanda’s heart suddenly moved.

Looking up, in the sky ahead, the universe suddenly shook like a wave. There was no sound, but in his mind, there seemed to be a crisp sound of weapons colliding.

A wave of sharp killing intent even made his spiritual mind jump wildly at this time.

“Purple Yin Ghostly Shield!”

“Saint Emperor Demon-Subduing Bell!”

As the two beams of light appeared in front of Yolanda, his body also rushed forward.

The other party was obviously waiting for him at the border. The most hopeful attack was to kill him.

If he couldn’t be killed, they would force him to retreat and let him stay away from the border. Therefore, Yolanda did not hesitate to rush forward, even facing with the other party’s the magical power. If he retreated, it would be like falling into a swamp. It would be difficult for him to escape.

As expected, the moment Yolanda sped up, there was a sound of surprise coming from the depths of the void caused by the fluctuation. Then, a huge wheel of light suddenly appeared in the void thousands of miles behind him.

With a boom, the light wheel collapsed inward, and earth, water, fire, and wind spurted out at the same time. Wolf smoke rose to the sky, and the vigor was wild. Obviously, it was a killing formation.

If Yolanda had retreated just now, he would have fallen into this array. In this way, he fell into the other party’s trap.

Paul rushed forward, and the space above his head suddenly melted. A pale blue light appeared like a sharp blade made of ice. It was three hundred meters long, filled with freezing air. It was as if a cold winter had descended, and a deathly silence filled the air.

The blade fell silently. It was as if wherever it passed, all life force would be frozen, and the entire world would sink into oblivion.


However, when the blade landed on the Saint Emperor’s Demon-subduing Bell, a sound was heard. Yolanda felt a tremendous force pouring down from his head.

The Saint Emperor‘s Demon-subduing Bell, which wrapped around his body, trembled violently. In an instant, cracks appeared on the surface of his body and then collapsed.

Seeing this, Yolanda’s eyes lit up.

Although it was merely the Saint Emperor’s Demon-subduing Bell’s illusory image and its defensive power was far inferior to that of a complete magic weapon, it was still an Dao tool. Even Yolanda would not be able to break the shadow in one strike!

However, after shattering the Saint Emperor’s Demon-subduing Bell’s illusion, the Frost Blade’s power was also exhausted. The cold currents around quickly gathered inside.

The thousand-foot-long blade quickly condensed and turned into a three-foot-long blade in a flash. It was neither a blade nor a sword. Its whole body was crystal clear and faintly blue. At first glance, it seemed to contain ice and snow, and was wrapped in silver.

“Ha!” Looking at the blade, Yolanda sneered and raised his hand to grab the void behind the handle. “Seal the Ghostly King Chain!”

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