Chapter 2150

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George returned the words that were almost the same.

Anger flashed across Geraldo‘s eyes.

The eight nearby Amethyst Palace Realm Disciples all roared in unison.

Although Geraldo was at the second stage of Amethyst Palace Realm, he was a pro-disciple of an Immortal Sect’s Elder, so his strength was far stronger than that of cultivators at the same level. George had great luck and was one of the key disciples of the Immortal Sect.

In their eyes, the “devil cultivator’ was just a young man who had just entered the Amethyst Palace Realm, but he was so arrogant and provocative. They thought Moana really didn’t take them seriously!

As Geraldo stretched out his palm, the light wheel behind him bloomed. In an instant, the spiritual Qi with a radius of a thousand of kilometer gathered and formed a vortex. In the vortex, rays of multicolored light bloomed. Each ray of multicolored light was as sharp as a sharp sword of a god as it fiercely hacked down on Moana.

At the same time, the auras of the eight surrounding cultivators connected together, transforming into a massive wheel of light that emanated a very thick aura. It was as if it could bind Georgeaven and Earth, time, and space, and crush down onto Moana.

“Ha! Bullying the weak with numbers?” The smile on Moana’s face grew wider, but his tone was chilling.

George made a grasping motion with his palm and instantly held the Demon-slaying Spear.

The sharp light suddenly flashed.


One arm flew up from the cultivators lying beside himimmediately.

Moana pointed again.


One arm after another exploded in the air like a rain ofblood.

“Bastard!” In midair, Geraldo roared repeatedly.


Countless sword lights fell down with the light wheel. The entire land was instantly swept away. The forest Within a radius of hundreds of kilometers was turned into ashes in an instant.

The ground sank into mud. All the space seemed to have been smashed, and there was no order.

The aura of Moana also disappeared in the mixed light. However, before they could relax, Moana suddenly appeared behind Baloho.

“Senior Brother Puskas…”

Before the disciple on the opposite side could finish his words, Baloho sensed something. A small tower appeared above his head. The light fell and enveloped him. At the same time, the Sky Halberd in his hand swept backward violently, forming a large river, like a river flowing backward.

“Taiyi Fire Saber!”

With a wave of Moana’s palm, Flame Severing instantly stretched and stabbed straight into the ground. It rushed forward and cut the Milky Way in half from the middle and cut the Sky Halberd hard.

The Sky Halberd shook violently in the hands of Baloho. The two roaring dragons on it suddenly dimmed and shrank a lot. There was a crack.

“W-What!” Seeing that the treasure had been damaged, Baloho cried out in distress.

But at this time, he was more shocked. George had expected his opponent to be so strong, but he did not expect the other party to be so strong!

The Demon-slaying Spear in Moana’s hand suddenly came at him.

The spear was so fast that no one could see its shadow. When it was about one foot away from Baloho, the tip of the spear suddenly seemed to be in the void.

The next moment, the tip of the spear appeared in front of the small tower above the other party’s head. With a clang, the tower shook violently. Cracks appeared on the surface of the small tower like broken porcelain.

Following Moana’s light shout, the little pagoda immediately exploded.

The tip of the spear reappeared in front of Baloho and pierced through his chest.

“How dare you!” Seeing Moana not only dodge one of his moves, but also kill someone under his nose, Geraldo was furious.

George raised his hand, and the light wheel above his head suddenly shone brightly. Wherever the light shone, auspicious beasts appeared one after another.

There were illusions of dragons, phoenixes, kylins, and so on. These auspicious beasts flew fiercely toward Moana, and the dragon’s roar shook the sky until it was on the verge of collapse. With a flap of its phoenix feathers, streams of flowing fire rained down on Moana like a meteor shower.

Moana shook his arm and broke Baloho into pieces. Then he took a step back and punched a hole in the ground.

“The Azuremoon Ghostly Current!”


The space immediately collapsed, and a torrent of torrents rushed over. In the torrent, countless vengeful spirits and skeleton magical beasts roared and collided violently with the auspicious beast auspicious clouds, causing the sky to shake and violently impact the surroundings.

The white crane under Geraldo’s feet was also frightened at this moment and hurriedly flew away.

Moana moved and appeared in front of another cultivator. His nails stretched out with a buzzing sound, and rays of sharp light surrounded them, as if they were about to be cut. George stretched his hand forward.

Chi la!

One arm after another flew up. Six of the remaining seven people’s arms were cut off by Moana in an instant and they fell to the ground with screams.

At this moment, Geraldo finally managed to stabilize the white crane. Seeing this scene, his eyes were wide open. As for the remaining cultivator, when he saw Moana looking at him, he hurriedly moved his spiritual Qi.

“Georgeart-protecting Dao Flag!”

“Divine Flame Withering Shield!”

A green and red light flashed.

One of the two high-ranking spiritual weapons, a flag, fluttered in the wind, interweaving with mysterious Taoist patterns, surrounding the cultivator. In addition, in the red light, there was a small shield, but it gave people a feeling that no one could resist it and blocked Moana. The shield seemed to contain a small world that emanated an aura that seemed capable of dissipating all threats.

Moana sneered and was about to attack. George suddenly had an idea.

“The Strangulation of an Angered Dragon!”

Moana suddenly displayed his martial technique.

In the eyes of cultivators, only True Martial Realms could display martial techniques.


But this time, something different happened. As Moana waved his arm, the light in this space seemed to be pulled into a thread and converged toward his five fingers. Rays of sharp light rapidly condensed and jumped on his fingertips.

The endless dragon roar caused a dense explosion in the sky.

The golden spear, iron horse, and Qi swallowed mountains and rivers, making heaven and earth sink and the sun and moon lose light. All kinds of laws of the Great Tao accompanied each other, as if no one could compete with him.



With just one strike, the Small World within the Divine Flames Withering Shield collapsed, and the entire shield exploded into pieces.

Streaks of flowing light shot out from Moana’s fingertip and pierced through the void. Deep in the void came the sound of war drums beating.

As the cultivator looked terrified, the light of the Georgeart-protecting Dao Flag was blown away in an instant like a flowing light.

Moana‘s five fingers dug out the other party’s heart and abdomen, directly penetrated his chest and came out from the disciple’s back.

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