Chapter 2144

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Earlington of Efrax, Bokiravenly Franks Sect.

The sky was gloomy as if it could drip into the water. The mountain was now dyed red, and a strong smell of blood could be smelled. Smoke rose in all directions, and the killing continued.

The formation around the Bokiravenly Franks Sect was also suffering a violent impact.

Under the command of dozens of shape-shifting demons, hundreds of thousands of demons launched attacks on one of the six major sects of Earlington of Efrax for five days and five nights.

This time, the demons caused trouble without warning. It came too suddenly. All the immortals and dynasties were caught off guard.

In the first ten days, the situation could be described as one-sided.

All the sects and dynasties had lost at least thirty percent of their battle strength in just ten days, and the most of them had been directly destroyed and forever disappeared in the long river of history.

The situation in Bokiravenly Franks Sect was not optimistic either. The demons who had launched an attack at the beginning appeared in the mountains less than 3,000 kilometers away from the Bokiravenly Franks Sect.

No one knew when the underground devil people had dug up the tunnel and how they had done it without anyone noticing. Compared with the losses caused by the flood of demons this time, the damage caused by the last Corpse Tide was negligible.

In the first ten days, the Bokiravenly Franks Sect had lost four Bokiravenly Spirit Realm masters and more than a dozen Holy Land Realm disciples.

Bokiravenly Franks Sect was not like Bokiraven’s Edge Sect. The sects of the Efrax were no match for the sects of the Upper Kingdom. There were at least ten Bokiravenly Spirit Realm masters in the Upper Kingdom’s Sects, even if it was only a medium-sized sect. There were only 18 Bokiravenly Spirit Realm masters in Bokiravenly Franks Sect.

In the first ten days, nearly a quarter had been lost.

In the next ten days, four more Bokiravenly Spirit Realm masters died, two Bokiravenly Spirit Realm masters were seriously injured, and nearly 30 percent of the sect disciples were killed. There were only six Bokiravenly Spirit Realm masters in the sect who could fight.

No matter how many other disciples there were, they were only True Martial Realms, not even Pulse Control Realms.

Among the demons outside the mountain protection array, there were no less than 20 shape-shifting demons comparable to Bokiravenly Spirit Realm!

There were more than a hundred thousand fiendish demons all over the mountain. Once the mountain protection array was broken, it would be a complete massacre.

Although the mountain protection array of the Bokiravenly Franks Sect was set up by the founder to absorb the stellar power, it had almost reached its limit under the crazy bombardment of so many masters of the demon clan.

A few hours ago, the foundation of the mountain protection array cracked.

Master Dakota, who was in charge of maintaining the formation base, also informed Hadley Forsyth about this in time. If this continued, the mountain protection array would be broken in half a day. And with the number of masters at the shape-shifting stage among the demons, the dozens of shape-

shifting demons would come to the Bokiravenly Franks Sect in the moment after the mountain protection array was broken.

With the Bokiravenly Franks Sect’s current combat strength, the other party was completely unstoppable. Therefore, for the sake of the whole sect, after the Bokiravenly Franks Sect built the sect, it was the first time that the Earth Veins Formation was activated.

The mountain protection arrays of the sect had to prevent foreign enemies from invading. But once the mountain protection array couldn’t stop the enemy, in order to preserve the inheritance and bloodline of the sect, the sect would send the disciples out through the Earth Vein Formation.

Any sect could set up such a grand formation. There was no exception even if he was as strong as a Bokiraven’s Edge Sect.

Normally, only the Sect Masters and Vice Sect Masters of the Sect would know about such a secret formation. Because once the Earth Veins Formation was activated, it meant that it was the time for the sect to be in danger.

This kind of formation that could only be used in desperation to preserve the inheritance of the sect was, to some extent, more important than Book Pavilion. Because if the ancient records were gone, they could be written again. But if all the sect disciples died, then the sect would never exist again.

Under the order of Hadley, four hours ago, the remaining disciples of the Bokiravenly Franks Sect, the elders, and so on all entered the Earth Veins Formation hidden in the underground sect through their respective peaks and transmission formations, waiting for the formation to open.

But at this time, Master Dakota, the Master of True Intention Palace in the Bokiravenly Franks Sect, found something.

Hadley, master of the sect and Leonard Autumn, who had been promoted to Vice Sect Master, were not in the formation.

Relying on the message from the jade identification badge, she finally saw these two people in front of the Sect Master Palace.

The Sect Master Palace was located at the top of the Bokiravenly Franks Sect, leaning against the mountains and facing the sect gate.

At this time, on the cliff in front of the hall, Hadley and Leonard stood with their hands clasped behind their backs and faced forward.

In the distance ahead of them, from the ground to the sky, there was a black mass. That thick ink-like black color made one’s breathing stop. It wasn’t dark clouds, but rather countless fiendish demon armies. These fiendish demons were clearly not wreaking havoc by accidentally erupting fiendish Qi. Because they gave people a feeling that the line-up was neat and the military discipline was strict.

This was obviously a well-trained demon army to eradicate the cultivators and mortals!

The fiendish demons were constantly striking the mountain protection array. Dense light spots kept shining on the mountain protection array.

The surface of the mountain protection array was also like water waves, constantly shaking and rippling, giving people a feeling that they were on the verge of collapse and could not last long.

When Master Dakota saw Hadley and Leonard, she flew over in hurry and looked anxious.

“Senior Brother, why are you still here? The Earth Vein Formation is about to be opened and you need to take charge of the overall situation.”

There were still eight Bokiravenly Spirit Realms left in the Bokiravenly Franks Sect, but two of them were seriously injured, and the remaining six were in front of the Sect Master Palace.

“The two of use won’t go. Hurry up and prepare to activate the formation,” Hadley looked at Master Dakota and said softly.

“Why don’t you go…” Master Dakota looked at Hadley, before she could finish the she looked at the demon army in the distance.

She instantly understood the meaning of this sentence, and her face suddenly turned pale.

“Senior Brother, you… You…”

She already understood that these two people wanted to stay and stop the demon army. However, Master Dakota really wanted to tell them that although the two of them were at the third stage of Bokiravenly Spirit Realm, among the fiendish demons, the demons that were at the shapeshifting stage were ten times or even more than ten times theirs!

If they stayed, they would die!

“Master…” Master Dakota wanted to persuade them.

But Hadley interrupted her with a wave of his hand as soon as she said a word. Obviously, he already knew what she wanted to say.

“Junior Sister, you should know better than me how far the transmission distance of the Earth Vein Formation is…” Hadley did not directly say his reason, but asked a seemingly irrelevant question first.

Master Dakota was stunned. She knew the answer better than anyone else.

“Twenty thousand kilometers,” replied Master Dakota with certainty.

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