Chapter 2137

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This pain came from his spirit.

Divine Soul Attack!

Knowing this, Sandra frowned.

Seeing Sandra’s expression change, the snake-headed Extraterritorial Demon could not help but rejoice. The other party’s Divine Sense was injured by him!

With this in mind, the figure that was about to escape suddenly stopped.

But then, he saw a scornful look on Sandra’s face, and Sandra said faintly, “Are you qualified?”

To show off his Divine Sense in front of Sandra, whose Divine Soul was extremely powerful?

This snake-headed Extraterritorial Demon’s Divine Sense could indeed be described as powerful. Because it made Sandra feel a little uncomfortable. But it was only limited to a slight feeling.

However, what he did made Sandra very angry.

Who are you looking down on?

“Die!” Sandra narrowed his eyes and threw a Divine Sense attack back.

The snake-headed Extraterritorial Demon’s body froze on the spot. The eyes that appeared in front of it instantly exploded. Then, fine red cracks appeared on its python-like head, which looked like broken porcelain.

The next moment, with a bang, the head of the snake-headed extraterrestrial demon exploded into pieces.

Sandra took a step forward as the Demon-slaying Spear stabbed into the other party’s chest. The green flames rapidly refined the Extraterritorial Demon’s body.

Another Demonic Core was in Sandra’s hand!

Sandra immediately swallowed it. Then, he moved his body and shuttled through the universe. Stefan immediately appeared in front of the one-armed demon that had lost his magic weapon. The Demon- slaying Spear instantly stabbed out a thousand times.


Every strike accurately stabbed the Extraterritorial Demon’s arm. Instantly, the arms exploded like firecrackers.

In the rolling flesh and rain of blood, the Extraterritorial Demon seemed to have become a stick. His eyes were full of horror. The Extraterritorial Demon, who had lost his ability to resist, wanted to escape.

Unfortunately, as soon as he turned around, the Demon-slaying Spear pierced through his back, revealing his chest.

The demonic flame burned fiercely, and in an instant, another powerful demon was killed.

At this time, countless low-level Extraterritorial Demons rushed toward Sandra from all directions. They looked mighty.

Sandra raised his right hand. A vast and boundless aura gushed out from the galaxy.

“Grandmist Stellar River Array!”

The six Immortal’s Swords formed a sword formation. The stars rotated and the sword Qi swept out violently.


10 kilometers, 100 kilometers, 1,000 kilometers!

Currently, there was an endless supply of spiritual Qi. Adding on to the fact that the top of the Ancient Kingdom’s spiritual Qi’ density of the spiritual Qi had already surpassed that of the spiritual Qi. The power of the Grandmist Stellar Formation had also been increasing. It was a hundred times stronger than before.

In the blink of an eye, all the Extraterritorial Demons within a radius of a thousand of kilometers were torn into pieces by the sword Qi. True spirits, which glowed with light, covered the void like ghost fire.

Sandra held the Devil Slayer Spear and thrust it forward.


The cyan flame suddenly turned into a terrifying vortex. The Extraterritorial Demon’s True Spirits were all sucked into the vortex, as if they were ghosts crying. The more Genuine Spirits the vortex absorbed, the bigger it became.

Hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of Extraterritorial Demons True Spirits were all absorbed by Sandra.

During this period, he did not stay still. Stefan rushed in front of the Extraterritorial Demon like a mountain.

At first glance, the Extraterritorial Demon had a hideous and ugly head. His entire body emanated billowing fiendish energy.

Seeing Sandra rushing over, the demon immediately opened his black hole-like mouth and spat out countless Extraterritorial Demons.

Sandra did not dodge at all. Instead, he charged forward and came straight to the Extraterritorial Demon’s head. Stefan stabbed down with his Demon-slaying Spear.

More than half of the spear body entered the Extraterritorial Demon’s head. Although at first glance, it looked like a needle inserted into a big watermelon, the body of the Extraterritorial Demon trembled violently at this time.

The next moment, the Extraterritorial Demon’s body was engulfed by the demonic flame and turned into a fireball. The fireball then shrank. In the flames, one could see that the true spirit of the Extraterritorial Demon was struggling to escape. But the rolling demonic flames, like shackles, mercilessly dragged it into the Demon-slaying Spear.

A thumb-sized Demonic Core was caught by Sandra. After swallowing the Demonic Core, it instantly turned into spiritual Qi and vigor, filling Sandra’s body.

Extraterritorial Skyfiends are worthy of being known as royalty among fiendish demons. The spiritual Qi and vigor contained within the Demon Cores are exceptionally pure.

Just after devouring a few, I felt that my strength has changed…

“That’s natural… Skyfiend’s… Food is… Living creature… The stronger the Skyfiend… The stronger the creature… Is… Now… It means… You are… In a treasury…”

Sandra looked around. Although he had just killed hundreds thousand of Extraterritorial Demons, more of them surged out from the depths of the void. It gave people an endless feeling. Furthermore, these Extraterritorial Demons seemed to be much disciplined. The deeper they were, the more well-trained, they looked a well-trained army.

Far away, the Extraterritorial Demons even formed an orderly military array. In the middle of the military formation, there was often an Extraterritorial Demon who was at least a Skyfiend Venerable.

With the number and strength of these Extraterritorial Demons at present, capturing a weak side or continent was an easy task. Moreover, even if an ordinary Amethyst Palace Realm was here, he would probably frown.

This ruin was located in the twisted void without any spiritual Qi. Not only was there no spiritual Qi, but it was also full of Devil Qi because of the Extraterritorial Demons. Therefore, when cultivators were here, they would not be able to get the supplement of spiritual Qi. In addition, they needed to consume their own spiritual Qi, use magic weapons, or open Body-protection Gang to prevent the Devil Qi from invading their bodies.

If the number of Extraterritorial Demons was limited and could be eradicated in a short period of time, it would be fine. But now, the Extraterritorial Demons were endless. There was no end to the number of Extraterritorial Demons, and the spiritual Qi of the cultivators would eventually be exhausted.

Once the spiritual Qi of the cultivators was exhausted, there would be no way out. But now, this fatal problem had no effect on Sandra.

Demonic Core could replenish his spiritual Qi and vigor. In this relic, the more he fought, the stronger he would become! Every Extraterritorial Demon was nourishment for him now. They were the stepping stones on the Path to Immortality. That was why the one behind Gates of Stefanll claimed that this was Sandra’s treasury.

“You’ll directly… Upgrade to… Amethyst Palace Realm…”

“That’s exactly what I’m thinking…” Sandra nodded.

Stefan focused his gaze and charged forward without waiting for the Extraterritorial Demons to approach.

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