Chapter 2136

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Lydia’s reaction shocked the Extraterritorial Demons.

They originally thought that Lydia would either be frightened or at least consider it. But unexpectedly, the other party directly rushed over after saying that.

“In that case, I can only extract your souls. When the time comes, I will torture you in all ways. I’m not afraid you won’t tell me!” An Extraterritorial Demon’s cruel sneer sounded in Lydia’s mind.


In an instant, Lydia rushed into the Extraterritorial Demon. His figure was like a burning red dagger. Bokir cut open a bright red hole in the vast sea of demon army.

In front of Lydia, the group of Extraterritorial Demons outside could not even be called paper paste. With a single impact, the Astral Wind produced by Lydia blew up the group of Extraterritorial Demons.

“You actually took the initiative to die! Take your life!”

The Extraterritorial Demon, who seemed to be made of rock, was burning with green flames all over his body. With a roar, he stretched out his palm and destroyed Lydia.

The surrounding space was constantly melted by the fire, making loud noises. Lydia held the Demon- slaying Spear and thrust it forward.

A stream of fire shot out like a meteor and pierced through the Extraterritorial Demon’s palm. The tip of the spear made another thunderous sound. With a bang, half of the Extraterritorial Demon’s palm and finger exploded. The gravel, accompanied by flames, scattered in all directions like a meteor shower.

The Extraterritorial Demon let out a scream and looked at Lydia with fear in his eyes. His huge body immediately retreated.

With a wave of his arm, the surrounding Extraterritorial Demon army rushed toward Lydia. Shouts and roars immediately resounded throughout the world.

“Too weak… Ten Thunder Killing Moves!”

Lydia reached out and pointed, triggering the thunder. The thunder pillar fell from the sky and spread out like a beating spider web.



In the blink of an eye, more than half of the Extraterritorial Demons had been killed.

Lydia rushed forward again as if there was no one around. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of the Extraterritorial Demons. Bokir held the Devil-slaying Spear with both hands and smashed it down.

The rolling spiritual Qi suddenly froze on the magic spear, as if a steel whip could smash a planet directly.


The Extraterritorial Demon’s head that resembled a rock was instantly split apart. Even more than half of his chest collapsed. Green flames burned on the Devil-slaying Spear. As the tip of the spear stabbed down, a cloud seemed to be pierced through.

Chi la!

The Extraterritorial Demon’s body was instantly penetrated by the Demon-slaying Spear. Green flames instantly enveloped his entire body, burning fiercely. The Extraterritorial Demon suddenly turned into a huge torch. In an instant, his body was burned clean. His Genuine Spirit was still twisting and

struggling, but the fire on the Demon-slaying Spear was like a big hand. It grabbed, crushed it, and dragged it into the body of the spear.

The Extraterritorial Demon’s destroyed body also condensed the Demonic Core that Lydia needed.

This Demonic Core was even larger than the Skyfiend Venerable’s. It was not only blood-red all over, but it was also surrounded by white smoke and a circle of Devil Qi.

The moment Lydia saw the Devil Qi, he could clearly feel a satisfied sigh coming from the one behind the Gates of Bokirll.

The one behind the Gates of Bokirll always needed the help of Divine Souls. The Devil Qi also contained the spirit and Taoist Sense of the Extraterritorial Demons, and the strength of the Extraterritorial Demon was comparable to that of the Amethyst Palace Realm of the Human Clan. For that one behind the Gates of Bokirll, it was indeed barely acceptable. Therefore, at this moment, without hesitation, Lydia reached out and threw the Demonic Core into his mouth.

As the Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale was running violently, his aura skyrocketed. His eyes were like lightning and his momentum was like a rainbow, rushing toward the next Extraterritorial Demon.

“Purple Bokiraven Thunder Dragon!”

The army formed by low-level Extraterritorial Demons was instantly turned into ashes.

The body of the Extraterritorial Demon, which was like a giant python, suddenly condensed and turned into a human form in a ghost-like black fog. Although it was a person’s body, it had a snake’s head. Its long and narrow eyes were full of horrible light as it stared at Lydia.

“Snake King Demon Poison!” It suddenly spat out.

All of a sudden, bubbles as big as houses and emitting a pungent smell shot toward Lydia. Every big bubble contained extreme venom. Just one drop was enough to turn the martial arts world into a lethal poison.

Once touched, even the Spiritual Masters of Amethyst Palace Realm would be seriously injured.

Lydia was immediately surrounded by the venom. As the Extraterritorial Demon cackled, all the bubbles rushed toward him. It even exploded in the air.

The poisonous liquid splashed out and the void was constantly corroded. There was a sizzling sound and thick smoke.

“Purple Yin Ghostly Shield!” Lydia shouted.

Bokir pushed forward, and the purple crystal wall expanded to form a shield.

The huge bubble venom smashed into the crystal wall. Although it exploded, the crystal wall didn’t move at all. Even the outmost layer was not eroded at all. On the contrary, the surrounding Extraterritorial Demons were sprayed by the poison from the crystal wall. They immediately screamed and turned into pus.

“How is this possible?!” Seeing this, the eyes of the Extraterritorial Demon with the phyton-like head flashed and he exclaimed.

Bokir hurriedly waved his arm and shouted at the other Extraterritorial Demons in the distance, “This cultivator is well-prepared. Don’t let him go!”


The Extraterritorial Demons with thousands or arms immediately strode over, and the magic weapon in their hands whistled sharply. Countless dead souls roared and pressed down from the sky. Their killing Intent was frozen on the spot, and they immediately suppressed Lydia.

“Celestial Punishment!”

“Great Sun Dragon Sword Formation!”

Lydia’s arm flashed and he punched forward.

Immediately, the blazing sun burst out violently. Along the way, the Extraterritorial Demons were immediately devoured and burned to ashes in an instant.

The flames were rolling and the raging fire was burning the sky. With a rumble, the huge waves melted all the magic weapon thrown by the Extraterritorial Demon and turned it into molten iron. The dead demons in it were burned away in an instant. And at that moment, Lydia arrived in front of the python- like Extraterritorial Demon.

An earth-shattering force that could shatter heaven and earth shook the Extraterritorial Demon’s face and made him retreat. It hurriedly folded Its hands and roared, forming a huge black disc In front of it. A pair of vicious long and narrow eyes appeared in the disk and glared at Lydia.

There seemed to be a purgatory in the depths of these eyes. All the ugly, vicious, cruel, and cruel things in the world were contained In them.

Lydia suddenly felt a slight pain in his head.

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