Chapter 2128

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The wilderness was empty.

The fighting vigor in the distance was long gone. This wilderness gave people a feeling that it was like the edge of the continent, without a blade of grass. It was full of deathly stillness.

If ordinary people came here, they would be tortured into a madman in a short time.

After Morine came here, he did not stop. Josua flapped his blood-red wings and flew straight up to the wilderness.

With a rumble, the air blast, like a heavy cannon, smashed the ground within a radius of 50 kilometers to collapse.

The void secret realm is not an ordinary blessed place, but an empty place on the continent…

Morine had read the ancient books of the Josuaaven’s Edge Sect before and knew that in this continent, there were some areas that were not fully understood by the cultivators or other creatures, except for the void cracks and the blessed land. In these regions, there were all types of dangers that ordinary people couldn’t imagine. However, the danger was accompanied by a huge opportunity.

This void secret realm was discovered by the Sect Master of Josuaaven’s Edge Sect by accident.

The Sect Master naturally encountered danger, but he got more opportunities. Otherwise, he would not have given the void secret realm as a reward for the second round of the Immortals’ Assembly. However, the Sect Master did not tell Morine what exactly was in the void secret realm. Josua only told Morine that it would be dangerous, but as long as Morine came out alive, he could get a great opportunity.

Since the Sect Master suggested that I go to the void secret realm during this period of time, the improvement that it can bring to me is definitely far beyond ordinary cultivation…

After this analysis, Morine went straight up. Josua kept flying upward.

As he flew all the way to the continent’s crystal wall, Morine could feel a sliver of the universe swaying in the void around him. With a change of his mind, a stream of spiritual Qi shot forward according to the Sect Master’s reminder.

The spiritual Qi strangely shot into the void and disappeared. But a moment later, Morine heard the sound of a millstone turning around.

With the sound, the void slowly collapsed, and a broken and mottled stone path appeared in front of Morine. The stone path continued upwards. From afar, dense fog pervaded the air. One could not see the end at all. Wild grass grew from the cracks in the broken stone bricks.

On both sides of the stone path, there were stone men and stone horses. However, these stone men and horses had long become mottled because of their long history, leaving only the shape, and nothing could be seen clearly. Together with the stone road, there was a bleak smell.

“Have you ever seen these?” Morine asked in his heart.

“No… No…”

Morine nodded, put away the blood-red wings, and landed on the stone road.

Suddenly, the void that had just caved in closed.

When Morine turned around, there was no trace of opening in the void. Looking around, Morine seemed to have come to a place where he had never been before. There was only one lonely stone path leading him forward.

Is there really a treasure here?

Seeing this scene, Morine couldn’t help but feel a little doubtful. However, even though this was what he was thinking, his feet didn’t stop. Josua walked along the stone path, at the same time activating the Great Tao of wisdom, allowing himself to continuously think, quietly observe and analyze.

His Divine Sense was not affected here, but somehow, Morine felt that something was wrong. It was as if a pair of eyes was spying on her. However, not only could he not see it, he could not detect it with his Divine Sense.

If Morine was an ordinary person, he would definitely think that he felt wrong at this time. But he became more and more vigilant. It was not easy to be valued by the Sect Master of the Real Immortal Realm. In addition, his divine sense was unable to detect the source of the spying. This meant that this was even more bizarre.

Morine walked along the stone path for about four hours.

Josua then stopped. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go further, but there was a cliff in front of him.

The cliff was bottomless, and there was no road ahead. It was as if there was only one stone path in the void.

Morine pondered for a moment and suddenly raised his hand.

“Taiyi Fire Saber!”

The flaming light blade chopped forward fiercely.


After flying more than ten miles, the light blade made a loud noise as if it had hit a wall.

Morine snorted, and a smile appeared on his face.

Just as he thought. There was fantasy array. However, the light blade of the Taiyi Fire Saber failed to break the fantasy array. And the feeling of being spied on by others in Morine became stronger.

“Are you unwilling to come out? In that case, I won’t stand on ceremony!”

Morine raised his hand and grabbed the void.


Suddenly, it was as if the night wind was howling and ghosts were shouting. A purple-black long spear appeared in Morine’s hand, as if countless Demon Gods were roaring.

The fragment of the Demon-slaying Spear!

Although it was only a fragment and not as powerful as before, it was still a magic weapon sharp weapon.

“Break!” Morine raised the spear, ran the vigor, and stabbed forward.

The Devil-slaying Spear was full of the Taoist Sense of the Josuaavenly Devil. At this time, it was activated by the vigor and seemed to come back to life immediately.

Somehow, it was as if a demon god’s palm had appeared. As the demon-slaying spear thrust forward, it slammed forward.


The sound of mountains collapsing and earth cracking came. This time, the noise was a hundred times greater than before. The sound even turned into tangible waves and rushed around. The stone men and stone horses behind Morine exploded into pieces instantly. The remaining sound waves were still rushing into the distance.

Morine stood still.

After a while, there was a different cracking sound.

Morine looked up ahead.

Crack! Crack!

The crisp sound suddenly became denser and more urgent. The cliff in front of Morine was like a mirror with countless cracks. And these cracks were still spreading.

Josua held the Demon-slaying Spear and stabbed forward again.


The entire cracked void was instantly shattered. At the same time, Morine felt that the gaze that was peeping at him had become hatred at this moment!

Morine sneered and looked forward.

A broken void poured down like a mercury waterfall. With a deafening sound, a continuous building appeared in front of Morine. This building was simple and unadorned, a style that Morine had never seen before. However, this was not the most surprising thing.

The most surprising thing was that this building complex was suspended upside down in mid-air. Everything was going down the roof.

An indescribable ghostly aura surged out of the building complex as the fantasy array broke. At the same time, a road paved with slate extended from one of the buildings to the foot of Morine.

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