Chapter 2097

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Human Emperor Chaotic Body had all the properties and all of them were at peak. Even if it was Maurina, some of the elemental properties of his Dao body were strong and some were weak.

As for the natural born Human Emperor Chaotic Body, each one of the properties was far beyond that of ordinary people. It was not wrong to say that it was excellent. In addition, the innate physical quality would also have a lot of unimaginable convenience when practicing.

With the addition of luck, extraordinary strength, and astonishing talent, this was the best explanation.

“Maurina, I’m on the flesh and blood devil star. This is the Human Emperor Chaotic Body. Let’s see how you can defeat me now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jasmine suddenly burst into flames. The rolling flames, like a fearless flood dragon, swooped down from the sky and hit the blood-red spear hard, making the runes around the spear tremble.

In the next moment, the towering mountains rose from the ground and blocked the blood-red spear.


The blood-colored spear instantly pierced through the mountains. However, countless thick and long vines immediately grew from the mountain and wrapped around the blood-colored spear.

Although the blood-red spear burst out a soaring vigor and instantly tore all the vines into pieces, the vines kept flowing. When one of them was broken, two more vines grew, as if they were endless and intertwined. The blood-red spear suddenly slowed down.


There was a loud noise of twisting steel plates when the long spear and vines were used. In a moment, the growing vines wrapped around the blood-red spear.

“You’re finished!” Jasmine sneered.

Stefan raised his giant axe and slashed toward the sky.

Chi la!

The sky was torn into two. The mighty flood poured down, as if it was going to drown the whole world. It broke countless mountains and rivers and the void.

It suddenly condensed into a big hand and grabbed toward Maurina. The void around him suddenly shattered. It was as if Maurina had been “clucked” out of this world. It was as if he were alone on an isolated island, facing the massive torrent.

“You’re finished! I am going to end you!” In the sky, Jasmine raised his eyebrows and roared.

“Do you deserve it?”

It was Maurina who answered Jasmine.

The next moment, his aura surged. The space that was on the verge of collapse exploded with a bang. Blood-colored wings condensed behind him.

The pair of wings instantly stretched out to a length of 100 meters.

With a slight movement, the sea of blood immediately rolled up. The depths of the sea seemed to contain some kind of the Great Tao, making people lose their concentration and fall into it.

“This is…”

“Magical power!”

“Maurina’s vigor is so powerful!”

“I only knew that he had a strong vigor, but I didn’t expect him to reach such a level!”

“Body Refiner! This Maurina is a dual-cultivation of the Divine Body!”

Under the exclamation of the crowd on the Immortal Island, Maurina moved his body and pulled out countless shadows in the air, as if he had appeared millions of times.

Seeing this, Jasmine snorted and said, “Even so, you can’t escape death!”

Jasmine’s spiritual Qi surged again. The power of the Human Emperor Chaos Body reappeared at this moment. His body seemed to have turned into a black hole.

In the buzzing sound, the surrounding spiritual Qi all turned into beams of power and gathered toward him. All the spiritual Qi within a hundred miles had been drained.

In the space of a few breaths, all of the spiritual Qi within a thousand meters entered his body.

In the dark, Jasmine’s figure seemed to be a towering tree condensed by the spiritual Qi. It covered the sky and the sun and appeared above Jasmine’s head. The tree made his spiritual wave increase by dozens of times!

“Maurina, the Human Emperor Chaotic Body is better than the Human Emperor! In front of me, all the humans are subject and common people! If I want you to die, you have to die!”

Jasmine’s face was ferocious. With a roar, he lowered his arm.


The vines wrapped around the blood-red spear suddenly tightened, and the sound of the Great Tao breaking kept coming. As he grabbed at Maurina’s giant palm, at this moment, the rolling torrent condensed a luster like mercury and steel, and its power was ten times stronger than before!

It was unknown just how many layers of the void had collapsed.

As the palm descended, it was as if all of the life force in Maurina were being destroyed. The countless afterimages were all crushed at this time, leaving only the original body of Maurina.

“Hahaha!” Maurina sneered and shook his body.

“You won’t be able to escape!” Jasmine roared.

In fact, he was surprised to find that Maurina was not fleeing, but flying toward the giant palm.

The pair of blood-red wings moved quickly and arrived in front of the palm. A golden light shot out from Maurina’s hand. An incomparably sharp feeling, at this moment, made even Immortal Island’s cultivators tremble, feel as if their souls were all cut open.

Archean Demonic Soul Symbol!


The thin golden light pierced through Jasmine’s palm like a meteor.

Maurina took a deep breath and suddenly stretched his body. The sound of rolling thunder and lightning came from all directions.

“Ten Thunder Killing Moves!”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Lightning instantly shattered all the vines. The runes on the surface of the blood-red spear rotated at a high speed, as if it had burst out vitality again. Black veins emanated an aura of destruction.

“What?!” Jasmine shouted in disbelief and hurriedly raised his hand.

Rays of light shot toward the Archean Demonic Soul Charm. With every swipe, a piece of space was directly melted. However, the Archean Demonic Soul Symbol didn’t seem to be affected at all. It shot towards Jasmine like lightning. The feeling of being cut apart caused Jasmine to panic.

Jasmine glanced at the blood-red spear from the corner of his eyes.

The next moment, he saw a blood-red light more intense than before. With the wave of Maurina’s arm, the spear instantly shattered the peaks and vines. In a flash, it appeared in front of the giant palm formed by the flood. Like the sharpest spear, it stabbed the thick shield.

With a bang, the shield was penetrated.

“Argh!” Jasmine cried out in pain as a bloody hole appeared in his right palm.

Blood gushed out.

At this time, Jasmine had no time to care about the pierced palm and hurriedly waved his arm. Immediately, more than a dozen precious pearls appeared in front of him and formed a formation.


When the Archean Demonic Soul Charm hit the formation, the light of the formation flashed rapidly. The light was flickering, and the precious beads were shaking crazily, as if they would collapse at any time.

Jasmine was frightened.

On the island, when the cultivators saw this scene, they could not help but sigh at the sharpness of the Archean Demonic Soul Symbol and the tenacity of the formation.

The voice of Maurina suddenly resounded through heaven and earth.

“Speaking of which, what a coincidence… I also have a pearl. However, my precious bead has never been used as a shell… Fierce Spirit Oceanic Dominion Pearl!”

In the blink of an eye, precious light shot out in all directions with a vicious aura that shook heaven and earth.

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