Chapter 2057

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Hearing this, the hearts of the four people trembled.

“We’ve been discovered!”

The next moment, Jagoan’s voice once again entered their ears. “Pretending to be demons, you must have malicious intentions!”

His words showed that he had seen through the other party disguise.

Without the slightest hesitation, killing intent burst out of their eyes. In an instant, the spiritual Qi surged. The four of them did not hide anything and tore the sky apart like sharp sword radiance. As they suddenly flew faster, the disguise of the fierce beasts on their bodies also disappeared in a beam of light. The thick air around them was immediately cut into pieces, like torn cloth, and scattered in the air.

“Jagoan, you will be eliminated today!”

In a flash, the four of them flew above Jagoan and roared around the light column.

Under the light column, Jagoan narrowed his eyes and looked up.

Up in mid-air, the four of them suddenly felt as if a huge mountain were pressing down onto their shoulders. Even their auras were suppressed.

Just the look in Jagoan’s eyes alone was already so intimidating and unbelievable!

“Are you from Crape Myrtle Sect?” Jagoan snorted.

“It’s all your fault for being so sharp and ignorant.” One of the cultivators sneered and said, “If you have something to say, let’s talk about it after you get out!”

Another cultivator said sarcastically, “After you go out, you can complain to the Sect Master of the Heaven’s Edge Sect and let him make decisions for you. Maybe at that time, he will give you a chance to enter the third round.”

Jagoan glanced at the four people and said with a faint smile, “I won’t complain to anyone, because I won’t be eliminated. On the other hand, the four of you don’t look like ordinary cultivators at all. You’re just a failed Jagoan. You’re his defective products. That was just in time. Since you are here, there is no need to leave. I can just see the formation on you and what’s the mystery.”

Jagoan pointed out the four people’s identities by saying, “The failed Jagoan Slash…”

Words of “defective products” instantly made the four furious. Their identities were indeed the puppets mentioned by Jagoan. And they were relatively high-end puppets that had their own consciousness after being injected with life. However, Jagoan’s words tore their cover. Although they were used by Crape Myrtle Sect and obeying Grand Pure Emperor, they were indeed inferior to Jagoan.

If they weren’t defective goods, then one of them would be current Jagoan Slash.

As soon as Jagoan’s voice fell, he felt a surging killing intent coming from the four people. They were like erupting volcanoes, with lava and raging flames.

“Jagoan, cut the crap! Your name will soon disappear from the Immortal List!”

The four of them roared, and their eight arms emitted colorful lights in the air. The light was colorful, gorgeous, and intoxicated. It was full of all kinds of killing intent and disasters.

Anyone who looked at it would feel as if they were going to sink into it and be unable to extricate themselves.

“The Five-Colored Reincarnation Formation!” The four shouted in unison.


The spreading multicolored light immediately condensed into a palm that covered a radius of a hundred miles between the four of them. It stared at Jagoan with a heavy gaze and breathed in and out the mist, slowly suppressing him. Wherever the palm passed, all the void became like flowing water and began to swirl, making people feel as if they had no target.

They were wandering around.

Jagoan narrowed his eyes and immediately discovered the danger of the formation.

“The Crape Myrtle Sect has already broken the rules of the Immortals’ Assembly by breaking into the flesh and blood devil star. Now you want to destroy my Taoist Heart and foundation with this formation. Aren’t you afraid of being blamed by the Heaven’s Edge Sect?”

“Blame by Heaven’s Edge Sect?” The female cultivator sneered.

At this time, she gnashed her teeth. Obviously, she was angry at the words of Jagoan.

“The Grand Pure Emperor will return on the last day in Immortals’ Assembly. At that time, his strength would sweep through everything. Even the Sect Master of Heaven’s Edge Sect would not be his match. Do you think Heaven’s Edge Sect dares to blame him? And do you really think your words will have much influence?”

“When you were enveloped by this colorful reincarnation formation and trapped in it, your mind, your soul, and your strength would suddenly stop, and then you would fall into continuous reincarnation from a baby to now. In the eyes of others, you were a fool who was sometimes strong and sometimes weak. If your strength was not controlled by you, your mind would be normal for a moment, and then you would become an idiot! No one will trust you! And you will be completely lost in reincarnation!”

“Now, it’s useless for you to struggle! Get out!”


Another boom sounded. The light in the colorful palm seemed to be on fire, and its falling speed suddenly accelerated, like a falling star.

“Jagoan, you asked for it! You didn’t get promoted at other times, but you had to get promoted at this time. Your realm is unstable, and it’s the weakest time. It’s perfect for us to end this matter without any effort!’

In an instant, the mortal world was turned upside down and the flowing light fell. The void and time and space within a radius of a thousand miles seemed to be constrained. Everything entered a cycle of cycle, like a cage, eternal and never-ending.

“Without any effort?” Jagoan’s voice came from under the light.

The next moment, there was a loud bang, as if a legend had collapsed and the sun and the moon had been destroyed. A long and thick blood-red spear pierced through the five-colored palm and twisted it violently.


The sound of countless glass shattering came, and the palm was suddenly covered with cracks, as if it was as a broken porcelain that was crumbling. All types of formation patterns, symbols, and natural laws were immediately pierced through, breaking apart.


“How is that possible!”

“The formation that gathered the power of the four of us was broken!”

The four cultivators widened their eyes in disbelief.

The next second, there was a loud bang, like an explosion of steel. Countless sound waves, chaos, and tides rolled out. The five-colored palm was instantly destroyed. Streaks of brilliant flowing light were blown away and disappeared.

Jagoan rose up like a furious beast. Under his feet and around him, the spiritual wave was surging, as if It had swept up a sea of seawater.

In a flash, it covered an area of 1,000 kilometers, forming a world that belonged to him.

“Isn’t your cultivation base not stabilized yet, then why would you be able to fight back?!” The leader of the four cultivators let out a huge roar.

He could sense the terrifying power emanating off of Jagoan, and began to tremble uncontrollably. But the other party didn’t answer him at all.

Jagoan’s Divine Sense locked on to the four people. The anger in his eyes was undisguised.

He said word by word, “How dare the four good-for-nothings who haven’t even reached the Amethyst Palace Realm stop me? How dare the Grape Myrtle Sect look down on me?”

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