Chapter 2050

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On the flesh and blood devil star, Jagoan’s body was undergoing a transformation.

After continuously killing powerful demons, collecting their Qi and bloods and swallowing their Divine Souls, the body cultivated by him seemed to have reached a critical point. His body was like a volcano about to erupt. A terrifying pressure kept spreading in all directions.

Jagoan did not stop in mid-air but landed on the ground.

The moment he landed on the ground, the earth within a radius of 1,000 kilometers instantly spread out like waves. After a deafening roar, it collapsed deeply.

Most of the demons within this range were killed in an instant, exploded into bright blood, and shot wildly around. Some demons felt the danger and wanted to run away, but before they could rush out or spread their wings, they flew out for only a short distance and exploded repeatedly like fireworks.

In the blink of an eye, all of the fiendish demons in the area turned into a sea of blood. Further away, even the fiendish demons that were not directly affected felt a strong sense of fear at this moment. Even if they didn’t activate their minds, their instinctive fear of danger made the group of demons run away like crazy.

For a moment, the scene was extremely shocking. Because of the tragic death of a large number of demons within ten thousand miles, Jagoan’s ranking first on the Immortal List became more and more stable.

At this moment, Jagoan was also catching up. However, the speed at which he chased was like a child’s, while Jagoan was like riding on a divine beast. In the blink of an eye, Jagoan was nowhere to be seen.

Jagoan no longer cared about this. He only focused all his attention on himself.

The condensation of the vigor caused his body to advance even further!

If the body of a cultivator was compared to that of plants and jade, then Jagoan would step toward steel. Once his vigor improved, not only would his vigor increase tenfold, but his strength would also increase to an unimaginable level.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, the ground around Jagoan began to melt and turn into lava.

The white bones of the fiendish demons in the magma were completely incinerated after they floated for a moment. On the top of the lava, countless ghosts and undead seemed to be trapped in the void and could not escape. They could only cry, be slowly crushed, ground, and disappeared by his powerful vigor.

For a moment, the area thousands of miles around Jagoan became the purest area on the flesh and blood devil star. The demonic aura and demonic aura here were all swept away. One breath was enough to make people feel excited.

Jagoan continued to refine the demonic vigor he had absorbed in his body like a huge wave washing sand. He took the essence and integrated it into his internal organs, limbs, and bones.

Although his body did not change its appearance at this moment, his breath at this moment gave people a feeling that the river of stars was surging and the sea was surging upside down.


Light spots lit up one by one on Jagoan’s body. These light spots were dazzling. Although there were more and more, if one looked carefully, they would find that the light spots on Jagoan were not messy, but the same as the stars in the sky.

The Dreamy Jagoan Skill-the Primary Instruction of cultivation method. The North Pole Great Constellation Art recorded many magical powers passed down from founder times.

The Dreamy Jagoan Will Skill was fully displayed on Jagoan. It was as if he had been enlightened. In an instant, he mastered it.

Jagoan’s eyes opened, and countless streams of stars appeared deep within them. The vast, deep, and mighty aura continued to rise.

Before long, the magical power recorded in the North Jagoans Great Technique was also condensed in front of him one by one with table-sized runes. Each of these runes was profound and contained a very complicated reason. Deep within the runes, endless stars and nebulas could be seen slowly rotating in a certain pattern.

Jagoan slowly turned his eyes and looked at the runes one by one.

When his eyes fell on any runes, the runes would instantly light up and then rotate faster. The process lasted for about an hour.

All of a sudden, with the leap of Jagoan, all the runes rose into the sky and converged into a huge light ball. The light ball was incomparably dazzling. The holy radiance it released illuminated all directions.

After a while, all the halos quickly gathered and formed a beam of light. It fell on the top of Jagoan’s head and formed a strange resonance with the starlight all over Jagoan’s body.

As time passed, the dense starlight gradually entered his body. The light around him, as well as the sea of stars in his eyes, gradually faded into the depths of his body.

When they disappeared, everything returned to normal. This did not mean that the power disappeared, but that Jagoan had completely integrated the cultivation method into himself. Not only that, he also

combined all the magical powers into a magical power and mastered it perfectly.

After integrating all the Heavenly Jagoans Sect’s methods and magical powers into his body, the power of vigor in Jagoan’s body had reached the critical point of breakthrough.

With an angry roar, Jagoan’s aura surged.

In an instant, it was like thousands of furious dragons dancing wildly, flood pouring down, heaven and earth collapsing. his aura reached its limit, and all the skin around him was golden. This golden light was not only sharp, but also particularly thick, as if it was condensed from heaven and earth.



Streaks of illusory images condensed behind and above Jagoan. These illusory images consisted of Archean Fierce Beast and Archean Demon Gods. Thousands of them roared in unison!


The ground under Jagoan’s feet cracked again. This tear, even though it was only several hundreds miles in length, was incomparably deep. It was as if this flesh and blood devil star was hacked in half.

The demons and cultivators on half of flesh and blood devil star felt shocked and showed surprised expression. At the same time, Jagoan was surrounded by a sea of blood.

The Blood Sea formed a vortex in the air. The center of the vortex was Jagoan. As time passed, the blood sea vortex gradually shrank.

After about half a day, everything returned to peace. The lava and blood were gone. The previously massive mountains had long since turned into a Myriad Calamity Pit.

Within a radius of 1,000 kilometers, the breath was clear, without a trace of Demon Aura or Demonic Qi.

Jagoan stood where he was, breathing deeply with a faint smile on his face. His breath was restrained, as if it was integrated with the surroundings. It would not be ignored or abrupt.

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