Chapter 2021

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Chloe had never thought about this before, so she did not care too much. Because in her opinion, it was very normal for her junior sister apprentice to practice quickly because she was born with Flora Form and was compatible with the Cloud Valley cultivation method.

In just ten years, Meadow had been changed from an ordinary mortal to now infinitely close to the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

As long as nothing unexpected happened, it would be natural for Meadow to break through the Heavenly Spirit Realm in two years. With such a speed, she would be a God’s favored son in the Heaven’s Edge Sect, let alone in the Cloud Valley.

It was precisely because of this thought that Chloe came to Heaven’s Edge Sect this time with the intention to compete with the disciples of Heaven’s Edge Sect. This kind of mentality was somewhat similar to that although she couldn’t do it; her brother and sister were very powerful, which was also something worth showing off.

Previously, Chloe wanted to investigate Jagoan in advance. From a certain point of view, it was also caused by this psychology. But, the moment she saw Jagoan, Chloe understood.

It was right. There always were more excellent people than you.

Since Junior Sister Hudson is so outstanding, how could her elder brother whom she highly respected be inferior?

He would only be more outstanding than Meadow!

The second stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm… Ten years…

Chloe muttered to herself. After a while, she couldn’t help shaking her head and smiling bitterly.

She had planned to remind Meadow not to be too emotional. Fortunately, she didn’t say it out loud. Otherwise, she would really lose face.

Chloe turned her head to look at the tearful Meadow and then at Jagoan in the center of the island. She couldn’t help but feel a wave of regret.

This Jagoan must not know that Junior Sister Hudson is here yet…

Alas, it’s clearly a touching scene of brother and sister recognizing each other. But why does want Jagoan meet such an opponent?

Chloe’s face was full of regret. She really admired Jagoan since he had reached Heavenly Spirit Realm in 10 years. But today’s Immortals’ Assembly was about strength, not speed.

In terms of cultivation speed, although Chloe was not a disciple of the Heaven’s Edge Sect, she dared to say that the promotion speed of Jagoan was absolutely outstanding in the Heaven’s Edge Sect. If it was placed in the Cloud Valley, it would be unprecedented.

Unfortunately, it was time to fight. Fighting was about strength.

Second Stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm. No matter what, it’s impossible for him to be a match for a third Stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm expert…

Chloe sighed in her heart, her eyes carrying a hint of dejection.

The other disciples of the Cloud Valley obviously thought the same as Chloe at this time.

They gathered around Meadow and comforted her softly, implicitly saying that if Jagoan was defeated in a while, Meadow should not be too sad.

Meadow shook her head stubbornly and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. She had not said this sentence at this time.

That was, “no matter what happens, I believe that the Highness will win.”

At this time, on the island, the cultivators with the same thoughts as Chloe and Cloud Valley’s disciples occupied the majority.

A few people who had confidence in Jagoan, except for Jagoan and others, were Shane Walker and others from Thundercloud Gang. Shane’s group and Jagoan had explored the secret realm together and had a direct understanding of Jagoan’s strength.

Shane even said to his fellow disciples beside him with ease, “Malcolm could provoke everyone, but can he provoke Jagoan? This time, he will definitely become a laughing stock and be defeated by a person with a lower realm… Ha!”

On the other side of the crowd of Crape Myrtle Sect disciples, Jagoan Slash sat alone in a corner, looking at Jagoan in the center of the island with cold and sharp eyes.

He could not explain the exact reason. But he just felt that he hated the disciple named Jagoan. Somehow, the other party seemed to have done something that made him feel very ashamed.

Humph, even if I can’t meet you now, I will have a chance. Jagoan, just you wait. I don’t care what you did to Jagoan in the past…

I just want you to know that I’m no longer the trash of the past. I am the only Jagoan Slash!

With a sneer, Jagoan seemed to have a restrained force in his body, rushing and roaring, trying to break free.

At the same time, in the center of Immortal Island, Jagoan looked at Malcolm in front of him with a faint gaze.

As the leader of the Nine Ways Gang, Malcolm, at mid level of the third stage of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, indeed had the capital to be proud.

The first was that his realm was enough. Secondly, after years of accumulation, he had enough strength and magic weapons.

Although his strength seemed to rank in the top 100 of more than 1,200 Heaven’s Edge Sect disciples, the disciples who had truly reached the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm knew that Malcolm’s strength was definitely in the top 50. He was born with a natural constitution, and his magical power of elemental nature was unique.

The main reason why his strength had not reached the top 10 was that he had not fought many times. However, it was precisely because he had not attacked many times that Malcolm gave off a mysterious feeling.

“Jagoan, you hurt a disciple of our Nine Ways Gang and destroyed his magic weapon,” Malcolm said. “You must pay the price for this…”

Jagoan glanced at him indifferently and was too lazy to speak.

The other party’s cold attitude made Malcolm’s eyes flash with anger.

“If that’s the case, then don’t blame me for being rude!” Malcolm’s tone suddenly became stern.

In an instant, the surrounding air was filled with a bleak and chilling atmosphere. Many cultivators on the island could feel a bitingly cold aura rushing toward them.

Suddenly, the originally noisy Immortal Island quieted down. Everyone’s eyes were serious. They all knew that this would be the first official battle of Immortals’ Assembly. Although there was a big gap between their realms, this battle was bound to end in an instant.

“Noisy…” Glancing at Malcolm, Jagoan spat out a word.

The other party really talked too much nonsense.

This sentence was like poring oil on a flame. In an instant Malcolm, who had been preparing for a long time, completely erupted.

“You’re courting death!” Anger burned in Malcolm’s eyes.

He opened his five fingers and grabbed at Jagoan. Immediately, he was surrounded by shining round mirrors. These round mirrors were layered layer by layer. It was unknown just how many of them were there. The light gathered within them was dazzling and resplendent.

In an instant, hundreds of small suns appeared on the spot. The surrounding void was on the verge of melting. The space began to melt and twist like snow. A deafening roar rang out from all directions.

“Jagoan, you brought this upon yourself!” Malcolm roared and clenched his five fingers into fists.

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