Chapter 1999

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After everyone’s breath calmed down and their realms stabilized, it was the end of January.

It was less than half a month before the Immortals’ Assembly opened.

The Following the Heart Island was still calm. However, the entire Heaven’s Edge Sect was definitely bustling with activity, displaying the magnificent scene of gathering immortals.

Jagoan took everyone out of the World of Heaven and Earth and went to the secret chamber under the Following the Heart Island’s practice room.

Since everyone’s promotion was not in the Following the Heart Island, no one else knew the spirit light when they tried to break through the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Even those Crape Myrtle Sect disciples who had been spying on the Following the Heart Island for nearly two years could not imagine that there were five more Heavenly Spirit Realm masters in the Following the Heart Island.

Over the past year, everyone’s realm had improved by leaps and bounds, and then it was not the kind of situation that everyone squeezed their potential and would cause hidden dangers.

The Innate Magic Weapon could not only speed up the improvement of cultivators but also make the Taoist body of cultivators purer to a certain extent. Otherwise, the Ghost Kill Pavilion would not have sent two Amethyst Palace Realms to guard it. After all, the Amethyst Palace Realm masters of the Ghost Kill Pavilion was less than five. Therefore, everyone present felt refreshed, and their eyes were bright.

Waves of Taoist Sense were slowly circulating, revealing an extraordinary aura.

Jagoan let everyone carefully feel the changes in their bodies, and then he told them about the changes in the rules of Immortals’ Assembly. After that, he quietly waited for everyone’s response.

After hearing that the rules of the Immortals’ Assembly had changed, everyone was stunned. Because it was impossible for someone to change the rules on a whim. After all, it involved something deeper.

Coupled with Jagoan’s previous mention and the propaganda of Crape Myrtle Sect, everyone easily thought of a possibility, the arrival of the Grand Pure Emperor. But if there was an inevitable connection between the two, it did not feel like it.

Seeing that everyone was deep in thought, Jagoan smiled and said, “You don’t need to think about something deeper for the time being. Now you have to confirm whether you want to participate or not. Naturally, there are benefits. Because as long as you participate, even if you lose in the first round, you can get a spirit tool level magic weapon…”

“How many chances do we have to win?” Lucy asked nervously.

Although her realm was far from enough to meet the requirements to participate in the Immortals’ Assembly, her miss, Jagoan, had a chance.

Jagoan thought for a moment and said, “Since the rules are changed now, it means that there are about 1,200 qualified disciples at the master level, less than 1,300. Except for some special reasons for not being able to participate in the competition, it could be regarded as 1,200 people. Among the 1,200 people, there were about 60% disciples at the first stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm, which was about 700. The number of second stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm experts was reduced by half, about 300. There are about 100 Heavenly Spirit Realm experts…”

“There is no doubt that except for a few special cases, the rest of the disciples who can reach the end must be at the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm.”

Jagoan’s analysis earned everyone’s approval. Although there was indeed a challenge of rank-skipping in the cultivators. But generally speaking, cultivators with high realms still had the absolute advantage when facing low-level cultivators.

The realm could not completely represent strength, but the realm was the most intuitive external performance of strength. Under normal circumstances, the possibility of a cultivator at the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm losing to a cultivator at the first stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm expert was so small that it was unnecessary to think about it.

This was how Jagoan analyzed the situation, but he also knew in his heart that if there were any variables, at least there would be one.

He could no longer be considered a variable. Although he was at the second stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm on the surface, he had already reached the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm. Moreover, the disguise of this realm could deceive cultivators at the same level.

There would be a lot of powerful figures in the Amethyst Palace Realm, and there might even be spies from the Real Immortal Realm. Jagoan’s disguise would definitely be seen through. But he didn’t care about it.

No one had said that he could not hide the realm.

Jagoan thought that the variable was another person, Jagoan. No one knew where Jagoan was now.

Just like Jagoan’s previous speculation. Jagoan disappeared again in the second half of that year. The other party seemed to disappear.

Jagoan estimated that the Crape Myrtle Sect did it on purpose. They wanted to reduce everyone’s attention to Jagoan. In that case, Jagoan would be able to once again shock everyone in the Immortals’ Assembly.

After listening to Jagoan’s analysis, everyone in the secret chamber began to ponder.

However, it didn’t take long for Flame Gordon to speak first. “Of course, I want to attend. And I hope to meet the disciples planted in the Ahearn Manor…”

Jagoan looked at Flame Gordon and felt the surging waves hidden under the calm mood of Flame Gordon. He was very clear about the conflict between the Flame Gordon and the Ahearn Manor. Even when Jagoan was assassinated for the first time, the killers of the Ghost Kill Pavilion were sent by the Ahearn Manor. Therefore, not only did Flame Gordon have a grudge against Ahearn Manor, but also Jagoan and the Ahearn Manor had a personal hatred.

“Did the Ahearn Manor also plant disciples in the Heaven’s Edge Sect?” Jagoan asked.

“To be exact, they are descendants of the Ahearn Manor,” Flame Gordon snorted before continued, “I have been enduring for a long time. On the one hand, I am thinking about the overall situation. On the other hand, it is because my realm is not high enough. But now, my realm has been raised to the Heaven Spirit Realm, so I have to teach them a lesson.”

Obviously, Flame Gordon had been holding back his anger for a long time. This time, he was promoted to Heavenly Spirit Realm, so he didn’t want to continue enduring it. Otherwise, he would be unhappy.

As soon as Flame Gordon finished his words, Xander said, “I will also participate in it. Even if I lose, I will also get a spirit tool magic weapon. In fact, according to the analysis just now, there are 60% cultivators at the first stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm. I might not be so unlucky to encounter opponents with higher realms than me. If I could win one match, it would be a surprise. And fighting with the disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Realm is also very beneficial for the improvement of my strength…”

Xander’s analysis was what everyone else thought.

At this moment, Yvonne’s green eyes charmingly glanced at Jagoan. There was naturally no need to say more about the answer.

Jagoan looked at Jagoan, and Jagoan nodded. Obviously, the answer was yes.

Lady Maisie was not good at fighting, but this did not mean that she would give up this opportunity. As for Jagoan, she was more direct. The huge sword box on her back crashed directly in front of her.

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