Chapter 1994

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Half a year passed quickly.

It was still early June when Jagoan opened up the transmission array and took everyone to the Innate Treasure in the Small World of Heaven and Earth to cultivate.

By this time, it was the end of December, and this year was about to pass. This also meant that there was only one year left before the beginning of Immortals’ Assembly.

Although the Immortals’ Assembly was used to test the cultivation of the disciples in the sect, to enhance the communication between the disciples in the sect and to modify the disciples’ ranking on the surface. However, because of the influence of the Heaven’s Edge Sect and the strength of the disciples present, the Immortals’ Assembly still included the entire Lunia, including the events that affected the surrounding Upper Kingdoms. As for this Immortals’ Assembly, it was even more eye- catching.

Of course, it was because of the Crape Myrtle Sect’s Grand Pure Emperor.

Crape Myrtle Sect had spread the news that the Grand Pure Emperor would return in Immortals’ Assembly. To some extent, in the eyes of many cultivators, Grand Pure Emperor could now represent Heaven’s Edge Sect.

When he returned this time, it was rumored that he would issue a series of new orders. These orders involved the merit system that the Crape Myrtle Sect and Heaven’s Edge Sect had been implementing all the time. This system could even change the dynasty and even change the delicate balance between the current several major Upper Kingdoms. Therefore, not only the imperial family of the Lunia, but also the royal family and sects of the Upper Kingdom also paid special attention to it.

One point was very important.

That was, everyone wanted to know if the Grand Pure Emperor would complete the legendary breakthrough after returning.

The Grand Pure Emperor was too mysterious. Other than being powerful enough to overlook everything, there was almost no other information about him. Because of this, everyone wanted to see if he had the strength to do this big thing he was determined to do.

At this time, there was about a year before the Assembly, but the Heaven’s Edge Sect and Lunia were busy. This kind of busy work was naturally for the purpose of preparing for the Immortals’ Assembly’s open meeting. As for the undercurrent surging in the dark, it would only be much more than it appeared on the surface.

Jagoan did not pay much attention to this. But that didn’t mean that he had done nothing in the past six months.

In the past six months, most of the time, he had been improving his comprehension of the Great Tao.

If the cultivation methods and magical powers Jagoan had mastered were divided into different levels, then the three Great Taos he had mastered at present could be regarded as the strongest trump card of him. This trump card even surpassed the one behind the Gates of Hell.

Although the person behind the Gates of Hell was very powerful, Jagoan knew that the power did not belong to him. He could not place all his hope on such uncontrollable power.

As for the comprehension of the Great Taos, it could not only improve Jagoan’s current strength, but also greatly help his promotion. With his promotion, he could also feel more power from the Great Tao to enhance his strength. In other words, the Great Tao was a treasure that could never be excavated.

In the remaining time, Jagoan mainly did three other things.

The first thing he did was to continue to activate the fragments of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate and inject the power of the Six Paths of Samsara Plate into the zombie dog demon. Since he was sure that the Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate could indeed rebuild the body of the zombie dog demon, Jagoan had no more scruples.

Whether it was time or the intensity of the spell, it was much stronger than before. The rebuilt part also spread from a small piece of hair of the zombie dog demon to its whole body.

With the efforts of Jagoan, Jagoan could feel a faint trace of vigor from the zombie dog demon’s body after half a year of reconstruction.

Although this wisp of vigor was extremely weak, it was almost impossible to detect it if Jagoan had not deliberately and carefully explored it. But the appearance of this wisp of vigor showed that the previous efforts of Jagoan were not in vain.

The zombie-like dog demon had gotten rid of his identity of the zombie the moment the vigor appeared.

A zombie was a dead thing, and there was no vigor in its body. What Jagoan needed to do next was to guide the vigor to flow through the whole body of the dog demon. By then, the dog demon would be completely resurrected!

After 20,000 years, it regained its vitality!

And according to his judgment, it wouldn’t take long. In the whole process, the most difficult thing was to guide that wisp of vigor. Now the most difficult step was to complete Jagoan.

The other thing was that the zombie dog demon would be involved in the matter of Sue White’s Fire Poison.

Previously, Jagoan relied on the cold water vapor of Great Sage Minghe to seal the fire poison in Sue White’s body. But it could only cure the symptoms but could not cure the root cause.

Using cold water vapor to seal the fire poison was tantamount to putting a pot of water on fire. When the water was dry, the fire poison would still hurt Sue White’s body

Jagoan’s way of solving the fire poison was similar to the zombie body of the zombie dog demon. It was precisely using the Six Dao Reincarnations Plate to directly reconstruct a portion of Sue White’s body that was injured by the fire poison.

During this process, the fire poison would also be melted away with that portion of the body.

In the past few months, Jagoan had visited the Same Spirit City’s White family in October to check Sue White’s body.

After being reminded by Jagoan last time, Sue White started to cultivate again. Because of the jade talisman suppressing the Fire Poison, Sue White did not have to worry about the relapse of the Fire Poison when cultivating. Therefore, in the pas few months, her strength had improved significantly. If she hadn’t been worried about the impact of the breakthrough, she might have been able to reach a higher level.

The appearance of Jagoan surprised Sue White because it was earlier than she had expected.

After giving her some guidance, Jagoan checked the condition of the fire toxin in Sue White’s body, so they made an appointment that he would come to the Same Spirit City every three months to remove the fire toxin from the next year. It meant, it would be divided into four times, which he could completely solve this disease.

The last thing was to talk to Jagoan Nelson.

Jagoan found an opportunity to hide herself when December came. She quickly exchanged information with Jagoan near the Following the Heart Island.

According to Jagoan’s estimation, it was about time for the other party to find him. But the news brought by Jagoan Morrey was not so optimistic.

When he asked about the Grand Pure Emperor, Jagoan’s expression was not so good. What she answered was that the Grand Pure Emperor had not summoned her for nearly a year. And judging from the current situation, in the next year, Grand Pure Emperor would not appear until the Immortal’s Assembly.

No one knew where he was and how his cultivation was. In addition, Jagoan also told Jagoan something.

“Your Following the Heart Island is being watched every day…”

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