Chapter 1953

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It’s a demonic beast that the Ghost Kill Pavilion asked for from Ancient Wasteland building. And the Emperor Heart Dragon Blood Flower is only a part of the reward…

Jagoan pressed his finger on the table, carefully thinking while monitoring the conversation in the secret room.

The cultivation of the Emperor Heart Dragon Blood Flower is not as easy as I thought.

Since ancient times, such supreme Yang, cruel, and ultimate natural precious materials had only been born on the battlefield with a strong killing intent. Although the Emperor Heart Dragon Blood Flower was deliberately cultivated by someone, the offensive aura during the battle was real. Therefore, this treasure is rare and rare…

Jagoan weighed the value of the Emperor Heart Dragon Blood Flower as the stars slowly gathered in his eyes.

And this treasure can only pay part of the value of the Demonic Beast. There are also other treasures…

The other treasures, whether they were precious materials, magic weapons, or cultivation skills, were definitely more valuable than the Emperor Heart Dragon Blood Flower. Besides, Ghost Kill Pavilion also had Master and Spiritual Master.

In terms of strength, even if the opponent was an ancestor, Ghost Kill Pavilion would not be at a disadvantage.

In this case…

Jagoan was interested in the Demonic Beast that Ghost Kill Pavilion wanted. His previous plan was to kill the four Heavenly Spirit Realms in the secret chamber on the second floor before they could react.

But now, since he was interested in the deal between the two sides, Jagoan planned to reorganize his thoughts and see if he could get more benefits from it.

At the same time, the discussion between Hans and Ghost Kill Pavilion, the two Heavenly Spirit Realm Masters, was almost over. After that, the shopkeeper of the teahouse appeared and sent Hans and Andre out.

Jagoan sat upstairs and looked down. He saw two people walking to the end of the street. He sent out another wisp of divine consciousness and quietly followed behind Hans.

When he heard the other party’s words, he felt that there were some flaws. Anyway, he had to follow Hans, so he decided to see if his guess was right. As for Ghost Kill Pavilion, Jagoan was not in a hurry. He continued to drink tea and waited quietly.

The wisp of divine sense that was separated quickly followed Hans, Andre, and the other guards out of Stone Tower Town.

Seeing the other party take out the spirit boat, Jagoan frowned.

From the looks of it, Hans and the others actually wanted to travel a long distance…

Was my previous speculation wrong?

Although he was so suspicious, Jagoan was not too entangled and stuck his Divine Sense to the opponent’s spirit boat. His current range of divine sense had reached three thousand kilometers. Everything was clear in this area.

After ascending the spirit boat, Hans and the others flew toward the mountain ridge north of Stone Tower Town.

After flying for about eight hundred miles, the spirit boat suddenly turned around and began to slowly land after circling around the mountain ridge.

At this time, they were only 1,000 miles away from Stone Tower Town.

“As I expected…” Jagoan snorted and took a sip of spiritual tea.

At the same time, he directly released his Divine Awareness and swept toward the mountain ridge.

Soon, he found traces of formation in the rocks below the spirit boat. The maze arrays and fantasy arrays overlapped. In addition, this position was originally located in the depression of the mountain rock. Generally speaking, even if a cultivator flew over at a close distance, they might not find it.

The spirit boat carrying Hans and the others soon landed on the rocks and entered the fantasy array.

Jagoan’s Divine Awareness stuck to the spirit boat and entered it. Soon, the situation inside the fantasy array was clearly seen. This rock was about 30 stories high, and a big hole was dug out by the magical power.

The interior of the mountain rock had long been hollowed out. It looked like a huge eggshell that was pinned to the ground. From the hole below, one could hear roars coming from the inside of the mountain rock, which were so loud that people’s eardrums were about to crack.

By this time, the spirit boat had already stopped. Hans led Andre and several guards down.

Soon, a cultivator came out of the mountain and saluted Hans, calling him “Young Master Bierce…”

“How is it going?” Hans asked the one who came.

This cultivator was also in the Heavenly Spirit Realm and looked quite shrewd.

He smiled and said, “I’ve arranged this place according to Young Master Bierce’s instructions. Nothing strange has happened these days…”

“That’s good.” Hans said with a snort, “Those fellows from the Ghost Kill Pavilion aren’t trustworthy at all. Fortunately, I was prepared and told you to lock up that demonic beast here a few days earlier. Then I told them today that the demonic beast they wanted would take a few days to be delivered to Stone Tower Town. If they dare to play any tricks, I will make them suffer!”

“Young Master Bierce, you are so mighty!” Andre and the cultivator were very tacit.

They saluted in unison and said loudly.

As expected, it is the same as I thought…

Jagoan heard Hans’ words through his divine senses, immediately understanding.

When he heard their conversation in the secret chamber, Jagoan felt that Hans was definitely prepared.

Hans said that the demonic beast would only be delivered near Stone Tower Town a few days later, but it should have been delivered secretly in advance.

Otherwise, if the Ghost Kill Pavilion really had any evil ideas, wouldn’t Hans take the initiative to create an opportunity for the other party?

Now, it seemed like Hans’ actions were just as Jagoan expected.

With a stir of his mind, Jagoan controlled the wisp of divine sense and quietly followed Hans and the others. He made sure that Andre’s magic weapon had not detected him and he floated toward the mountain rocks.

The roars coming from the mountain rocks were like thunder. It was extremely shocking when they were outside the mountain rock. The sound was more than ten times louder when they entered the mountain rocks!

In addition to Hans, Andre, and the shrewd-looking cultivator, the guards who had followed Hans earlier all stopped at the mountain rocks at this moment, obviously afraid that they would faint from the impact of the sound.

Seeing this, Jagoan became more curious.

What this Ghost Kill Pavilion wanted was the wild beast that was captured by Hans.

What kind of cultivation realm was it exactly, actually having this type of power?

After entering the mountain, Jagoan’s Divine Awareness immediately found that the stone wall inside the mountain was full of dense array lines.

With the roars, these array lines continuously emitted light, counteracting most of the shaking power caused by the roar. If it weren’t for the formation formed by the array lines, the mountain would have collapsed with a roar. “Heh, even now, you still aren’t honest!” Hans laughed coldly, raising his head to look upwards.

The mountain rocks were as bright as day because of the light of the array lines. The inside of the mountain was empty. Only the sound could be heard, and no beast could be seen. However, the next moment, a ray of light shot out from Hans’s fingertip and shot into the air.

The void suddenly rippled like a stone falling into the water.

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