Chapter 1944

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As a relative of the royal family, the Grant family had always acted arrogantly and unscrupulously.

Later on, even though they had restrained themselves due to the change in the situation, some things in their bones could not be changed. Otherwise, this would not have happened. Therefore, everyone in the Grant family knew that those families and sects did hate the Grant family. It was because the Grant family had status and strength that those families and sects could not afford to offend.

On the surface, there were six Heavenly Spirit Realms in the family, but there were more than 20 of them secretly.

In terms of high-end combat strength, many Efrax sects were not as good as the Grant family. This was the confidence that the Grant family had always had. But now, the high-end combat strength of the Grant family was almost completely destroyed in an instant.

The rest of the younger generation, who had not yet fully grown up, was like ants and withered grass in front of those families and sects, let alone tigers without long teeth. It was easy for them to take revenge. As for whether they would take revenge or not, there was no need to think about it.


As long as they were humans, they would do the same thing. Moreover, they were the families and sects that had been oppressed by the Grant family.

The head of the Grant family burst into tears and his lips moved. He wanted to beg for mercy, hoping that Jagoan would show mercy.

Once the ancestors were killed, then the Grant family would basically be no different from being exterminated. But before he could say anything, a sigh came from the side behind him.

Head of the clan suddenly shivered.

The next moment, a man and a woman appeared behind the head of the Grant family. Although the one and the woman were the ancestors of the Grant family, they looked younger than the head of the clan.

At this time, the vigor of the Grant family’s head was defeated, and his mind was shaken. He looked like an old man in his 80s or 90s, with gray hair, sparse hair, and wrinkles all over his face. Even his cheeks were covered with old spots.

The man and the woman looked to be in their forties, while the woman was even younger, in her thirties. As for that woman, she was another hidden third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm master of the Grant family. She was only one step away from entering the Amethyst Palace Realm. But Jagoan also knew that this ancestor’s strength was actually lower than her realm. After all, it was piled up with elixirs. It was still a little worse than solid foundation cultivation.

As for Jagoan himself, he it was a good example. However, this example was a little too solid.

Compared to the dying head of the clan, the two ancestors looked much calmer. But there was a trace of loneliness in the depths of their eyes.

“Your Excellency, are you really unwilling to give the Grant family a chance to live?” the middle-aged ancestor asked.

Jagoan snorted and said, “When Jagoan killed someone, he never thought about giving others a way out…”

The ancestor chuckled. He knew that it would be useless to continue speaking, so he didn’t speak.

The female Ancestor’s gaze was deep as she looked at Jagoan. “If you insist on causing us to die, then I will make a request… As the Ancestor of the clan, I will never sit idly by and await my doom.”

“Okay…” Jagoan nodded. “Come one by one. Or you can come together.”

Although there wasn’t a single word of filth on his face, Jagoan’s attitude and words caused the two Ancestors present to clench their fists, gritting their teeth.

“Since you agree, then let’s fight fairly. I’ll go first.” The male ancestor took a step forward.

“Yes, fair wheel warfare.” Jagoan said with a cold laugh.

After being scolded by him again, the male ancestor’s cheeks couldn’t help but heat up. But at this time, it was related to the survival of himself and his family, so he had no time to care about Jagoan’s mock.

“I’m here in the name of Ancestor of the Grant family….”

“It’s noisy…” Jagoan stepped forward and raised his arm. “Taiyi Fire Saber!”

Chi la!

The light blade flashed, stretched, and killed. The male ancestor was split into two and was immediately devoured by the flames.

Jagoan stood with his hands clasped behind his back and turned to look at the female ancestor. “Next…”


The scene fell into a dead silence. For a moment, the female ancestor could not even react. She had been waiting for the male ancestor to fight with Jagoan. Then she would find some flaws in Jagoan to find an opportunity for herself. However, before the male ancestor could finish his words and his magic weapon and magical power could be performed, he was killed by Jagoan.

There was only one head left, and it was still wearing the expression of surprise before death. It fell from mid-air and rolled on the ground a few times before stopping.

The head of the Grant family spat out the third mouthful of blood today and collapsed to the ground.

The female Ancestor took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. But at this moment, her trembling hands betrayed her heart.

“If I die in battle, will you really spare the rest of my family?” she asked through gritted teeth.

“Why don’t you think about it? If you kill me, both of you will continue to live,” Jagoan said coldly.

“My Grant family has never offended you before…”

“The White family Ancestor and Zoila Yellow have never offended you either…” Jagoan frowned and punched out.

“Big Dipper Technique!”

A moment ago, his palm seemed to have pulled down the Milky Way in the sky.

The noon sun seemed to have gone out of light. A green light rose from the flat ground of ruins.

But how could the rice bead compete with the stars all over the sky?

In an instant, the green light was crushed and devoured. Before long, Jagoan held three heads in his hands in the sky.

They were the head of the Grant family and the two ancestors. As for the others, Jagoan had originally hoped that he could bring back three hundred heads and place them in front of the White family Ancestor’s mourning hall. However, he carefully examined it with his Divine Awareness.

He had never expected that the power of the Archean Demonic Soul Flag would possess such terrifying power in his hands.

Anyone that could be found in the Grant family’s territory within a radius of a thousand miles, whether it was the members of the Grant family, the Protector, or the Foreign Officials, was covered in blood.

Almost at the moment when the demonic soul fell to the ground, it was shattered. So Jagoan had no choice but to take the three most important heads back. As for the territory of the Grant family, at this time, it was like solidified lava waves, layer upon layer, looking like purgatory.

He folded the void and flew for a while. It didn’t take many hours for Jagoan to come and go.

He set off at noon. When he came back, the sun was slowly setting.

Seeing the return of Jagoan, everyone present, including the White family, the surrounding cultivators, and the City Lord of the Same Spirit City, who had been waiting here, were suddenly in high spirits and came up to greet him.

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