Chapter 1939

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Jagoan would naturally not expose his Wave-like Void Bracelet in public.

After flying 100 miles away from the Same Spirit City, he suddenly accelerated and turned the magic weapon at the same time. In an instant, he disappeared into the void.

Some cultivators who were spying on him suddenly lost track of Jagoan. Some of them sighed at Jagoan’s exquisite body movements. There were also some people whose faces were pale and their heads were covered with sweat. They hurriedly sent the message that Jagoan had disappeared through the Taoist Talisman.

Last night, through the Divine Soul of the second stage cultivator of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, Jagoan already knew where the Grant family was. At this moment, he folded the void and let those Divine Senses that were spying on him have no way to find out. Then, he turned into flying again. At the same time, he separated a wisp of divine thoughts to the Soul-summoning Bell, reading all the memories of the souls he had just absorbed.

These cultivators were all members of the Grant family.

The most arrogant one before was the vice head of the Grant family, and now he was one of the three people with the highest fighting capacity in the Grant family on the surface. His status and battle strength were both high, so he naturally knew many secrets.

In this person’s memory, Jagoan quickly found the secret he wanted to know.

At present, there were only six people at the Heavenly Spirit Realm in the Grant family on the surface. However, once they fought against the enemy, the number could increase to more than 20. Among them were the Protectors of the Grant family, the cultivators that the Grant family secretly raised outside, and an Offering and two ancestors.

According to the rules, the family could have visitors. And to their status, these visitors could be divided into Foreign Officials, Protectors, and Offerings.

Foreign Officials had the lowest status and had the least salary. Although they often needed to do something for the main family, they were usually trivial things. Moreover, Foreign Officials could rely on other families, and they were more flexible. If they wanted to leave, the main family would not make things difficult for them. Generally speaking, a family had the most Foreign Officials.

It was normal for some families to have thousands of visitors, and these visitors were naturally Foreign Officials.

As for the Protector, it was much less than the Foreign Officials. The family had a hundred Foreign Officials, but they might not have one Protector.

Protector, as the name suggested, at the critical moment, they had to shed their blood on the family and even pay the price of their lives to protect the family. The Protector had to sign a contract with the family. Under normal circumstances, if the main family did not fall, the Protector would not leave at will.

Once the main family collapsed, the Protector would disappear. Because the role of the Protector was to protect the family.

Now that the family was gone, if Protector was still alive, it meant that they were unreliable, and no other family would accept them. As for Offerings, they were even rarer and more precious than Protectors. To some extent, the Offering was no different from the Elders of the clan. This kind of Elder was not the kind that could be casually said, but the kind that could enter and leave the ancestral hall, participate in the family’s discussion, and affect the family’s decisions.

Some Offerings had stayed in the family for a long time, and even the head of the clan had to treat them with respect. On the one hand, the reason why the Grant family could own an Offering was that it was originally a relative of the royal family and had taken a lot of advantages.

On the other hand, it provided sufficient conditions for the cultivator who was willing to become an Offering. After all, from Jagoan’s behavior and the series of follow-up actions of the Grant family, it could be seen how unscrupulous this family was. As a result, there was nothing surprising that a large amount of wealth was accumulated. In addition to having an Offering in the Grant family, there were two other ancestors.

These three people were the hidden combat strength of the Grant family. According to the information Jagoan got from this head of the clan’s Divine Soul, he knew that the three hidden combat strength were all at the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm.

One of them had even used elixirs to reach the third stage of peak of Heavenly Spirit Realm. However, due to his limited talent, the peak of the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm was his limit. There was no way to advance to Amethyst Palace Realm. Not only that, but also because he relied on elixirs to break through, the strength of this ancestor was slightly weaker than that of a cultivator at the same level.

The current situation of the Grant family was probably like this.

As for the Treasure Pavilion of the Grant family, Jagoan had learned about it from the Protector’s Divine Soul last night. Only the head of the clan would know if there was a hidden treasury.

The whole process of searching the Divine Soul did not affect the progress of Jagoan.

After understanding everything, Jagoan put away his Soul-summoning Bell, folded the void, and advanced at full speed. In less than an hour, a large and luxurious building complex appeared in front of Jagoan. In his eyes, such a building was almost a smaller city.

There were still poor and rich people in the city. The Grant family’s land was obviously extraordinarily luxurious, without any cover.

Under the sun’s radiance, immortal energy lingered, light mist pervading the air, precious light swallowing and exhaling, much stronger than some sects and immortal sects. However, Jagoan also noticed that the Grant family was extremely quiet now, giving people a sense of tension and seriousness before the battle.

In the distance, in the largest building of the Grant family, streams of divine sense were probing toward him. As for the people nearby, not a single member of the Grant family could be seen.

Jagoan had expected such a situation. It was impossible for the Grant family to only arrange for the deputy head of the clan and a few clansmen to go to Same Spirit City to negotiate. There must be some clansmen who would be responsible for delivering messages in the city.

When he came over, he didn’t deliberately cover up his whereabouts. He even made it clear that he would come to the Grant family for revenge. In this way, the Grant family was naturally prepared.

When Jagoan flew above the building complex of the Grant family, he saw a layer of colorful light film. The light film was more solid than ordinary defense array methods, like a rainbow. Obviously, the Grant family’s defensive formation was not comparable to an ordinary one.

Jagoan flew forward and raised his eyebrows. He saw a figure with a face full of anger. He flew up from the largest building in the center and glared at him.

“Cultivator of the White family, don’t go too far! There is no enmity between the Grant family and you. Have you ever thought about the consequences of killing everyone?!” A yell sounded.

Through searching the memory of the Protector and vice head of the clan, Jagoan had learned that the man who spoke was another member of the Grant family’s Heavenly Spirit Realm, who served as the elder, not the head of the clan.

Jagoan glanced at him.

Seeing that Jagoan did not speak, the Elder frowned, and the anger in his eyes grew.

He roared, “If you know what’s good for you, now…”

Before he finished speaking, his expression suddenly froze. The next moment, the part above his nose exploded with a bang. There was a sudden exclamation from the building below.

As the corpse slammed to the ground, Jagoan’s faint voice reached the ears of all the clansmen of the Grant family. “Are you qualified to to talk to me? Ask someone else…”

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