Chapter 1898

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“Sky Shattering Divine Lightning Killing!”

The deputy sect leader was shocked and angry. His hair stood up one by one and he roared. His robe swelled even though there was no wind. There was a burst of thunder in his body, like a mad dragon.

With a roar, his five fingers, like claws, suddenly grabbed Jagoan.

In an instant, the void behind him collapsed. A beam of lightning that was thicker than a house suddenly burst out, like a pillar that ran wildly, it reached Jagoan.

Lightning exploded out, and lightning shot through the air. Wherever it passed, the Great Tao true spirits were destroyed. The rolling dark clouds in the sky were torn open at this moment. Lightning covered a radius of 1,000 miles of the Golden Fox Sect, and at this moment, it was covered by a pale light. All the buildings seemed to be melting.

The lightning arrived in front of Jagoan in a flash. The white light poured in like a tide and was about to destroy him in the next moment.

Jagoan raised his head slightly and let out a soft snort. He raised his hand and pointed at the front of the lightning the instant the lightning hit him.

At first glance, this action gave people a feeling that he was weak. But then, Jagoan’s finger burst out a terrible force a hundred or even a thousand times stronger than the lightning!


The lightning first shook in the air, then suddenly stopped.

The vice head, who had been angry before, suddenly froze. He could clearly feel that a wave of power surged. In that instant, it displayed great power, supporting the power of the Nine Heavens Palace,

stopping his magical power, preventing him from moving at this time.

The next moment, a bang could be heard. The sound of countless firecrackers exploding like steel mountains. The thick lightning that was dozens of miles long exploded. The shattered thunderbolts blasted into the void in all directions and completely collapsed.

Countless cracks appeared in midair.

The sound of the explosion even shook the whole Golden Fox Sect. The terrifying frequency made the mountains around the Golden Fox Sect tremble, crack, and collapse. The buildings in the mountain gate cracked like a spider web. The shouts and roars from before could no longer be heard.

In mid-air, among the elders of the Golden Fox Sect, some of them were not in a high realm. They spat out a mouthful of blood and fell from the sky.

If it weren’t for his fellow disciples helping him in time, he would have fallen from the air and died.

The broken lightning instantly approached the head.

The Deputy Sect Leader was short of breath. He roared and reached out to grab a mirror of Yin-Yang in front of him. In an instant, the Yin-Yang Mirror shone brightly and turned into a huge disk, standing in front of him.

There seemed to be a fairyland in the disk.

Among them, immortal sounds were wonderful, fairy dancing. All of the great destruction, great disasters were, as if they were going to completely quiet down in front of them, no longer able to move.

“This is a valuable treasure left behind by the founder of our Golden Fox Sect, the Yin-Yang Reincarnation Mirror. It is said that it was refined by a Genuine Immortal with boundless power. With it, you can’t hurt me or the whole Golden Fox Sect!”

The deputy head ran his spiritual force and roared, as if he was afraid that others could not hear him. He did not forget to tie the Golden Fox Sect together with him to publicize justice.

“Ha… You Deserve… Yin and Yang…” Jagoan in the distance sneered.

It was still a finger, moving slightly forward less than the thickness of hair.


With a crisp sound, the mirror cracked in the middle. The world in the mirror disintegrated at the same time and quickly collapsed.

“How is this possible?” The Deputy Sect Leader’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help exclaiming.

He opened his mouth, and he could even see his throat moved. Fear and surprise flooded him like a flood.

It shattered the distance between heaven and earth and carried the impact of the explosion of the mirror of Yin and Yang, like a pocket. In an instant, it caught the deputy head of the sect.

Crack! Bang! Boom!

The explosion, the vibration, and the roar shattered the void in an instant.

The deputy head’s screams could no longer be heard. In the scattered multicolored light, countless bloody lights suddenly shot out. The rolling blood seemed to be endless and sprayed out from the air, dyeing the frost and snow on the ground scarlet.

The faces of the cultivators of the Golden Fox Sect around turned pale and their souls trembled.

After a while, the lightning dissipated. Only half of the Deputy Sect Leader’s face was left. The rest of his body exploded into mud, either splashing out, or directly disappearing into the void. His death was

as miserable as it could be.

The previous scenes had already frightened the cultivators of the Golden Fox Sect to the extreme. This scene was even more shocking.

Suddenly, the two Heavenly Spirit Realm Elders opened their mouths and spat out blood. Their bodies went limp and they lost their breath. They were scared to death by the scene in front of them!

The faces of the rest of the headmasters and the vice heads were also livid and extremely ugly.

The Deputy Sect Leader who had just been killed was second only to the Sect Leader in terms of realm and combat capability. And it was absolutely impossible for the head to crush the deputy head like this. In other words, even if the Sect Leader took action now, it would be in vain. But he had to ignore it and let the other side break the inheritance of the Golden Fox Sect.

From then on, how could the Golden Fox Sect stay here?

In less than a year, the Golden Fox Sect’s sphere of influence within 3,000 miles would be devoured and divided by other sects and families!

Thinking of this, the Sect Leader’s heart was burning with anger and his breath was heavy.

Another deputy head gritted his teeth, stepped forward, and stopped Jagoan, saying, “You have destroyed our sect’s treasure land and killed a deputy head of our sect. Now, please tell me how our olden Fox Sect offended you. In this way, we will be strict with ourselves in the future. We will never make the same mistakes again!”

As soon as these words came out, it represented the surrender of the Golden Fox Sect. But there was no other way. He couldn’t beat Jagoan, so he could only swallow his anger. He could not continue to confront the other party. At that time, not only one deputy head would die.

“Not enough…” Jagoan answered with only two words.

“Hmm?” The head and the vice head were stunned, not knowing what Jagoan meant.

“His… Clansmen… Six hours… I want… All of them to die…” After saying that, Jagoan no longer looked at the crowd and flew toward the treasure land.

This sentence made everyone’s blood freeze.

What he meant was not only to wipe out the family of the deputy head, but also to let the Golden Fox Sect do it!

When the news got out, it would be that the Golden Fox Sect killed the deputy head and his family.

The momentum of the Golden Fox Sect would decline because of this. And this matter would become an eternal stain. As long as the Golden Fox Sect was there, this was a stain that could never be erased.

That was killing someone’s heart. What’s more, the direction Jagoan was heading was to seize the treasures of the Golden Fox Sect.

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