Chapter 1857

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This style was simple and unadorned. Although it was called a ruler, it was more like a boat paddle. The magic weapon tossed in his hand. Jagoan looked thoughtful.

Crape Myrtle Sect has twenty Grotto-heaven Paradises. Of course, I can’t go to all of them.

That was impossible and unrealistic. I can only fight for some exotic minerals and produce for the parts that I need to improve. And during this period of time, fights were inevitable.

Kay was beaten like that last time. Crape Myrtle Sect must have known that I was his opponent at that time. I just don’t know if they have arranged any means to deal with me.

Jagoan thought for a moment, then shook his head.

I don’t think so, because it has been more than half a month since Star saw me.

If they wanted to deal with me, it should have started long ago. It’s impossible that Star didn’t know that I had seen Kay at that time.

After returning, the Following the Heart Island returned to normal. From Senior Zoila’s tone today, there seemed to be nothing unusual in the whole sect. But the more it was like this, the more strange it was.

What is Kay’s identity in Crape Myrtle Sect? What is the Grand Pure Emperor’s purpose in pushing him into the North Heaven Queen?

Jagoan closed his eyes and threw the Eight Elemental Rulers back and forth in his hand. This time, he did not throw it again. In his mind, a vein like a big branch began to spread. Every branch on the side represented a possibility. As for the main trunk of this thought tree, it was the return of the Grand Pure Emperor.

Kay’s appearance and promotion were naturally to cooperate with the return of the Grand Pure Emperor a few years later. As long as there was nothing wrong with this direction, there must be a true idea of Grand Pure Emperor among these countless speculations.


Five days and five nights passed.

Fortunately, Jagoan was very smart and had a strong body to support him. Otherwise, it might even affect his Dao heart.

While he was thinking, because he unconsciously absorbed the surrounding spiritual Qi, the peach blossoms in the peach forest were blown down by the rolling airflow and spread all over the ground.

Jagoan sat cross-legged on the ground as if he was sitting in a sea of peach blossoms. After thinking for five days and nights, he finally came up with several ideas.

In order to solve the overall situation in his mind, he had to make some small arrangements and plans. Of course, his first priority was to improve his strength and realm. This was also the first thing that Jagoan realized after fighting with Kay: the Crape Myrtle Sect was not short of geniuses and all kinds of exotic minerals and produce.

As long as Grand Pure Emperor is willing, he can create countless masters at any time. This is a thorough scheme… It is useless to reverse the situation and play tricks in this situation. The best and safest way for me was to improve myself.

In the secular world, even if I had million strong armies, as long as I had a Pulse Control Realm, my army would not dare to act rashly. And if I had a Heavenly Spirit Realm on my side, million strong armies would just be a million ants. Even tens of millions of troops can only bow to me…

After Jagoan made up his mind at this moment, he became much calmer. Now that he had a direction, all he needed to do was heading for this direction step by step. He didn’t have to worry that what he did was useless, and that his efforts would be a waste of time. This was particularly important.

Thinking of this, Jagoan curled his five fingers and clenched the Eight Elemental Rulers that he had taken out a few days ago.

A drop of blood dripped onto the magic weapon. After a while, a scale appeared on the Eight Elemental Rulers.

The last time he tested his property in his body was after he killed the Ten Thousand Thought Savage Dragon.

Looking at the scale at this time and comparing it with the number in his memory, Jagoan knew his current situation.

18 points of water property, which was two more points than the previous 16 points. 11 points of the earth property, which was one more point than before.

The 15 points of Qi property, one more point than before. The light property was 12 points, three more points than before.

19 points of thunder property, 4 points more than before. The gold property of 14 points was one point more than before. 10 points of wood property, which was one more than before.

The last fire property had not only increased, but also had the biggest increase. It had reached 39 points, which was almost twice as much as the previous 21 points!

This must be the result of absorbing the Qilin’s Intrinsic True Flame and swallowing a Nanli Fire Grass…

Jagoan was also surprised by the amazing increase in fire property.

He thought for a while, bent his thumb and index finger, ran his spiritual Qi, and flicked forward.

He whispered, “Taiyi Fire Saber…”

Jagoan was already very careful, but the next moment, with a buzz, a three-story flame blade suddenly stretched out, one end inserted into the ground, and rushed forward.


The light blade slashed across, leaving behind an extremely terrifying charred black mark. The ground was not only cut open, but the peach blossoms on both sides were also burned to black ash in an instant. The originally colorful beauty was suddenly destroyed violently.

“Sure enough, it has improved a lot…” Jagoan squeezed out a few words.

All the elements in his body had been improved. Although it was only a little increase, in fact, even if it was only a little, it was extremely rare for cultivators. This was because elemental essence that was born with cultivators was fixed. They didn’t rely on improving their level of cultivation to increase the level of difficulty.

The only way was to make up for it by relying on various acquired treasures. Therefore, this was also the reason why the cultivator chose to cultivate according to their elemental properties.

The magical power of the wood property magical power skill would naturally yield twice the result with half the effort.

If one let a cultivator with physical quality of wood property practice the magical power method of metal property, it was not that he could not succeed, but he would have to struggle all the way. Although one

worked so hard, the final result was far worse than others.

The most precious thing about Jagoan was that not only did he have eight elements, but he also had the potential to become a genius. What was more important was that through today’s Eight Elemental Rulers, what was determined was that his elemental property had broken the rule that he could not rely on innate cultivation to improve.

The properties of the eight elements in his body could be improved with the improvement of his realm. And some of them grew at an astonishing speed. In addition to having eaten a lot of Red Willow Fire Scorpions’ tails, this time with the help of the Kylin True Flame and the Nanli Fire Grass, the fire element that had far surpassed the other elements was the thunder attribute.

Well, I will choose it!

Jagoan immediately made up his mind.

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