Chapter 1856

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For some unknown reason, Jagoan’s father didn’t tell Jagoan what realm the Jagoan was in. As for the Jagoan itself, it clenched its teeth and refused to say.

But Jagoan didn’t care. He was only curious about the realm of Jagoan. Since the other party did not say anything, he would not have any thoughts about Jagoan.

When he came, he used the formation of the Heaven’s Edge Sect. The formation was one-way, so it was impossible to count on it to go back now. However, Jagoan’s father was now an Amethyst Palace Realm. It was easy to tear the void. So when they went back, Jagoan’s father took Jagoan and Jagoan with him.

After tearing open the void and jumping several times, Jagoan’s father sent Jagoan and Jagoan to the border of the Lunia and said goodbye to them.

This time, Jagoan was not reluctant to leave.

On the one hand, it was comfortable to stay with Jagoan. On the other hand, since Jagoan’s father had become an ancestor, not only his life span had been greatly increased, but his magical power and strength were also incomparable to that of his previous shape-shifting stage. If Jagoan really wanted to see its father, it would be much easier than before. However, in Jagoan’s words, it meant that it was now a mature kylin, so he had to learn to face loneliness.


It took a few more days to return to Heaven’s Edge Sect.

Jagoan first sent Jagoan back to the Following the Heart Island. After meeting Jagoan and the others, he immediately took the gifts with him to visit Molaine, Mou, and Butterfly who had helped him this time.

The three of them were on three different islands, so Jagoan had to prepare three gifts.

After visiting Molaine, the other party led Jagoan to Mou Valberg.

After sending gifts and chatting for half a day, Jagoan went to see Butterfly Zoila again. Coincidentally, after Butterfly Zoila advanced to the Heavenly Spirit Realm, she chose the island where he and Star Nelson met last time.

Jagoan was very familiar with the way. He found Butterfly Zoila, gave her a thank-you gift, and told her that with her help, he had finished his task. The process was the same as what Jagoan had told Molaine and Mou.

Of course, he couldn’t tell the whole truth. Whether it was true or false, 30% was real, 70% was made up, and it sounded like it was real.

From Butterfly Zoila’s words, Jagoan also knew that the elder who had made things difficult for him that day had been severely punished by the Heaven’s Edge Sect. Not only had his identity as an elder stripped, but his cultivation base had also been stripped away. He was now just a cultivator of the Pulse Control Realm stage. He would be punished to go to the Extreme Training Mine to mine, and would never be able to return.

Jagoan now also knew where the Extreme Training Mine was.

There were abysses everywhere, and only through the void passage opened by the elders of the sect could they go back and forth. The living environment was even worse. The day was as hot as a volcano, the night was as cold as a glacier, and the food was scarce. What was even more frightening was that there would often be evil spirits and demons condensed from evil Qi and resentment in the mining mines.

Sometimes, if one was not careful, it might seem like they were poking a piece of ore, but in fact, they would poke a demon’s head, which would cause the demon to pursue them relentlessly.

Demons and evil ghosts both liked human blood. The blood of cultivators was full of spiritual Qi, which was even more delicious in their eyes. Therefore, even if the cultivator did not find them, they would find an opportunity to kill the cultivator. It was a miracle that mortals could live there for a day. If he was a cultivator, it would depend on his fate to live longer. But even if he was alive, he would rather die than live in that kind of place.

Generally speaking, only disciples who seriously violated the sect rules would be punished to go to the Extreme Training Mine to mine. It was not as simple as a death sentence if one was punished to go there, but even more painful than torn apart.

Thinking of this, one could know how miserable the fate of the Elder who was deliberately making things difficult for Jagoan would be.

With his current state, he would probably become the flesh and blood in the demon’s mouth soon. There wouldn’t be any bones or dregs left. And there must be a reason why Butterfly Zoila helped Jagoan vent his anger. As for whether she could do it or not, Jagoan did not doubt it.

According to the humble look when the elder saw Butterfly Zoila, it had already explained everything.

After bidding farewell to Butterfly Zoila, Jagoan returned to the Following the Heart Island and prepared to continue cultivating in seclusion. Because he had already known the Crape Myrtle Sect’s plan in advance, Jagoan only needed to adjust his state and wait for the notice.

He could make use of this time to fully grasp his understanding of this trip.

However, before cultivating in seclusion, Jagoan noticed that the aura of Master Eva Green had reached the peak of the second level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

She looked very happy when she was refining pills. It seemed that she was not far from the breakthrough. This breakthrough was a great improvement in the realm, which meant that the overall

strength would be greatly improved. Moreover, because it was still improving in the Heavenly Spirit Realm, there was no such thing as the promotion of the Heavenly Spirit Realm to Amethyst Palace Realm, so there was almost no risk.

It was impossible for her to be in a bad mood.

After thinking for a while, Jagoan told Eva Green to inform him before she was promoted, and he needed to observe her.

The realm of Jagoan was still hidden for the time being. However, upon hearing his words, Eva Green immediately smiled knowingly. After all, she had taught Jagoan the magical power of hiding the realm before .

After the discussion, Jagoan entered the practice room and summoned the World of Heaven and Earth.

The boundary between the Small World of Heaven and Earth was clear. This side was full of peach trees, full of spring opportunities. There was a line of ice and snow, and a huge body in the distance was as happy as a child.

In two completely different environments, there was a long straight line, as if two different paintings were pieced together.

Looking at the cheerful zombie dog demon on the ice plains, Jagoan couldn’t help but relax a little.

He thought to himself.

Use the Six Paths of Reincarnation Plate to shine again. When it comes back to life in the future, I really don’t know how happy it will be…

Jagoan chuckled and came to the center of the peach forest.

The surrounding peach trees and flowers bloomed, and the air was filled with a sweet fragrance. These peach trees were naturally not ordinary species since they could be put into the Small World of Heaven and Earth. Even if the peach was still a rare ingredient to refine pills. As for the peach, it tasted sweet and was full of spiritual Qi. Even if it was eaten directly, it could be very beneficial to cultivation. However, the peach blossoms had not yet been fully grown, so there was no way to taste them.

Jagoan sat cross-legged as he flipped his wrist.

A long Eight Elemental Rulers suddenly appeared in his hand. This magic tool was obtained from the ancient tomb of the Three Sages Mountain. Because it didn’t have the power to kill, it could only be used to examine the elements of the cultivator, and so there was no chance to use it. But this time, because Crape Myrtle Sect was about to open blessed places, the Eight Elemental Rulers could be used again

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