Chapter 1851

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Since the last time Star Nelson took advantage of the seafish incarnation to find him, Jagoan had set up more secret monitoring formations in the periphery of the Following the Heart Island.

The reason was that if Star used this method to find him again, he could know it immediately.

When they met that time, Jagoan also told Star about it. Therefore, Star also knew where to swim to if she used this incarnated magic to find Jagoan.

Jagoan had just finished speaking to Jagoan’s father through the air when he saw a crab darting across the sea into the surveillance area of the formation. Of course, it was normal to have crabs in the sea. The problem was that the crab was not a common crab in the sea, but a crab in the lake. So the moment he saw the crab, Jagoan knew that it was Star.

Why are the two sisters so familiar with each other for so many years since they haven’t seen each other?

I just saw the elder sister, and the younger sister sensed something and came to see me?

Although he thought so, Jagoan also knew that it was almost impossible.

With a stir of his mind, he controlled the formation, leaving a trace of information. Jagoan saw the crab explode into a string of bubbles in the sea in an instant. After being rolled up by the seawater, it disappeared.

She should understand what I mean…

Regardless of whether the other party understood or not, he was not in a hurry to leave, so Jagoan focused on Jagoan and Jagoan’s father again.

The last time he saw Jagoan’s father was in the Imperial City of the Earlington of Efrax. At that time, the other party gave Jagoan the appearance of a rough young man. He was heroic and doted on his son.

This time, he is still the same, and he loves Jagoan more…

Even Jagoan was moved to tears. But, Jagoan’s father’s casual action gave people a feeling of walking like a dragon or tiger. His body and the space around him seemed to be perfectly integrated with each other. As for the Realm, unless it was intentionally concealed, it was obvious that the change was very obvious.

As expected of a divine beast bloodline. It really is extraordinary…

Jagoan secretly sighed. At the same time, he also knew that when he was in a state of enlightenment, the other party also gave him great benefits.

Before that, Jagoan’s father gave him a drop of kylin blood essence. Now, the Kylin True Fire was perfectly integrated with the fire elemental essence in his body.

If it was compared with black iron, bronze, silver and gold, the flames used by mortals were black iron, and the spiritual Qi activated by cultivators was bronze. The flames displayed by rare powerful cultivators and rare demonic beasts were silver. And what Jagoan now had was a golden mountain!

However, Jagoan also understood that the silver and gold here referred to the quality of fire element. If he didn’t work hard to improve his realm and strength, no matter how valuable the gold was, silver of the size of a house would still be much more valuable than the nail-sized gold in such a big house. However, if their strengths were the same, then his fire elemental essence was equivalent to an emperor in flames. The other flames could only be submitted.

Jagoan’s father also landed in front of Jagoan with Jagoan.

The mountain peak completely melted when Jagoan’s lava spurted out. Within a radius of thousands of miles, it was burned into a basin.

Two people and one beast were in the middle of the basin.

Looking at Jagoan, Jagoan’s father praised him and sighed at the same time. Unfortunately, Giant Whale Ridge had existed for too long, and the will of the Great Sage in antiquity times had completely dissipated. What was left was only the pressure brought by the Great Sage’s huge body. Otherwise, if the will of the giant whale Great Sage was stuffed into Jagoan’s body, it would definitely help him turn into a dragon. It was possible for him to enter Amethyst Palace Realm immediately.

Jagoan said with a smile on his face.

It was impossible for him to be at ease with everything…

But in fact, Jagoan had already absorbed the remnant soul will of the Great Immortal-killing Sage. And those ancient demons’ Blood Soul and Divine Souls were as powerful as the Great Immortal-killing Sage.

After talking for a while, Jagoan quietly changed the topic and said, “There may be a companion coming over later. At that time, there will be something that I need to ask uncle for help…”

“Just say it. You and Jagoan are as close as brothers. You don’t have to be so polite. Please..” Jagoan’s father waved his hand.

Jagoan smiled and said, “Uncle, please don’t blame me. The main reason is that my companion has a special identity. My relationship with her is also very sensitive. It’s not convenient for her to know some things, and it’s also inconvenient for her to let me know something…”

Seeing Jagoan’s father winking at him, it was obvious that the other party was thinking about something else.

Jagoan had no choice but to continue, “Uncle, please treat us as partners who use each other and use interests to bind each other.”

“Oh, I see…” Jagoan’s father understood. “You want her to owe you a favor and take more initiative in this cooperation.”

“Probably, that’s what I mean.”

Since the other party had his own understanding, Jagoan agreed. Otherwise, it would be a little troublesome to explain the twists and turns. It would be difficult to explain it in a short time.

Jagoan’s Divine Sense also caught sight of that Star was less than 300 miles away from them and would arrive soon.

So Jagoan reminded Jagoan’s father again, “Uncle, you must have seen the appearance of this female cultivator before, but she and that person are not the same one. I think they are sisters and may have been separated from each other a long time ago. But she still didn’t know about it, and I’m not sure for the time being, so I don’t intend to tell her today. So please don’t let her find out later…”

“Okay.” Jagoan’s father agreed.

Now that he was the ancestor, the range of his divine sense was far greater than that of Jagoan. Therefore, he had long since discovered that the cultivator was approaching.

But after waiting for a while, Jagoan’s father asked, “She is missing?”

The cultivator that he had locked onto suddenly disappeared from his Divine Sense. Furthermore, he definitely had not suddenly left the range of his divine sense.

Jagoan was not surprised at all. In order to avoid the nominal protection of Crape Myrtle Sect disciples, Star had to use some means far beyond ordinary people to monitor her. If she could be discovered by the new ancestor, the Four Heavenly Kings could naturally find her. Therefore, if Star wanted to hide her whereabouts and use some high-level magic weapons to suddenly disappear from the range of Divine Sense, it would not make people feel puzzled.

It was within Jagoan’s expectations that the other party would suddenly disappear.

Jagoan had long speculated about this. The other party must have been not far from here. She found that there were other people besides him, so she hid herself.

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