Chapter 1838

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A strong force came from his waist. Suddenly, Jagoan felt his body speed up uncontrollably.

There was a wall in the passage, and his body rushed straight to the light wall ahead.


With a light sound, Jagoan’s body seemed to have penetrated the light wall in an instant. The light in front of him flashed rapidly. The next moment, Jagoan found himself rushing out of the teleportation channel. In front of him, there were many mountains in the distance. They were densely packed and seemed to be a pattern.

“The Giant Whale Ridge!” Jagoan’s eyes lit up, and Jagoan on his shoulder also gave a cheer.

At the same time, in Jagoan’s mind, he recalled how Giant Whale ridge was formed according to Mou’s words.

The entire giant whale mountain ridge was formed by a giant whale at the Great Saint level from the ancient times after its failing in advancement. The giant whale’s breathing turned into auspicious clouds, the flesh and blood of the giant whale turned into mud, the giant whale’s muscles and bones turned into earth veins; and all the bones of the giant whale had turned into the mountains that Jagoan had seen today.

That was exactly the case. When Jagoan first saw these mountains, he would feel that they were neatly arranged from a certain angle, like ribs.

“Jagoan, where will my father be in the Giant Whale Ridge?” Jagoan raised its head and desperately looked into the distance.

However, Giant Whale Ridge it saw was very large. There were at least 100,000 mountains hidden in it. It wouldn’t be easy to find its father in such an area for a while.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already remembered the terrain there. Not long ago, they were still fighting, and even the fighting might continue at this time, so we should be able to find it soon.”

After saying, Jagoan was about to fly at full speed. He didn’t use the Wave-like Void Bracelet, because the biggest function of the Wave-like Void Bracelet was to fold the void and speed up his progress.

Now, what they had to do was to search carefully. If he used the Wave-like Void Bracelet, he might directly pass the destination.

As soon as his spiritual Qi ran, he suddenly felt a wild and boundless power falling from the sky. Not only him, but also Jagoan.

The man and the pig looked up at the sky.

Immediately, they saw a gap appear in the sky above their heads, as if a sharp blade had cut through it. The breach opened again and several figures flew out.

They seemed to have known that Jagoan would appear, and their target was Jagoan. They flew down and stopped in front of Jagoan. There were a total of ten people in this field.

One person was in front, and nine people were behind. The person in front looked like a teenager, but his eyes were full of pride and arrogance. He was wearing silver armor.

Jagoan knew that this armor was definitely a high-level spirit tool. Not only was the armor refined with fine materials, but the complicated inscriptions on the surface were also like the coiling of a flood dragon, with iron and silver hooks. It was so powerful that people could see through the back of the paper. It was as if a mountain had been pressed on the chest and it was almost out of breath.

The most conspicuous thing about this young man was his eyes.

His eyes were not as black as they usually were. Instead, they were transparent, fiery-red, as if they were made of colored glaze. They were neither upright nor evil. With a flash of his eyes, all kinds of killing intent were revealed; as if there was no one he could not kill in the world.

The nine people behind him were all Heavenly Spirit Realm. These cultivators were suspended in the air, only doing one thing, holding a huge axe at the same time.

The handle of the huge axe was wide like a millstone, surrounded by the souls of countless vicious beasts. They roared, and inside of it seemed to be a lava lake, burning and boiling.

Meanwhile, within the magma lake, one could even see vicious creatures brandishing their fangs and brandishing their claws, erupting with heaven overflowing anger, wishing to destroy everything they saw. This was a magic weapon full of killing intent, a high-level spirit tool, a half-step Dao tool!

The nine cultivators could be the real core, the Sect Masters and Elders. Even in the Heaven’s Edge Sect, they were still cultivators with a bright future. They had crossed the first threshold of the Path to Immortality!

But now, these nine people were just a magic weapon shelf. They were here just to hold the murderous axe. These people appeared without warning, but it seemed that they had been planning for a long time.

Jagoan looked at the other party and thought quickly.

After a while, his eyes gradually turned cold. “Crape Myrtle Sect, how do you know I’m here?”

Jagoan’s first reaction was to think that there was something wrong with Butterfly Zoila.

He would not think that Butterfly Zoila had framed him. Because if Butterfly Zoila wanted to kill him, there was no need to use the Star Sea Teleportation Formation to let him reach Giant Whale range.

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to send him directly into the trap of the Crape Myrtle Sect or directly to the outer space and never come back?

Jagoan was worried that the people from Crape Myrtle Sect would come to force her to tell his destination after he left. Moreover, even if Butterfly Zoila didn’t say it, the Elder guarding the formation would definitely be happy to tell them his destination.

But, the teenager standing in front of the nine people looked at him with a sneer and said, “Jagoan, I’ve been paying attention to you for a long time, but I didn’t expect that you would suddenly come so far away when I was looking for you today. If it weren’t for the powerful figures in Crape Myrtle Sect who could tear the void apart continuously, it wouldn’t be so easy to stop you at once.”

“So, it’s just a coincidence?” Jagoan carefully distinguished the other party’s words.

“I don’t know what coincidence you’re talking about. I came to you today for a serious matter.” The young man raised his hand and pointed at Jagoan.

There was arrogance on his young face. “My name is Kay Slash. I am here to defeat you today, but not to kill you.”

Slash? Kay Slash?

Upon hearing this name, Jagoan’s heart immediately moved.

The last time he met Star Nelson, she mentioned the future North Heaven Queen surnamed Slash.

Is he the young man in front of me?

Judging from his appearance, tone, and what he was going to do, it seemed to be exactly what Jagoan had expected. But there was one thing that he did not expect. That was that Kay would come to him.

If he had revealed that he had known the other party’s name, Kay would suspect him.

So Jagoan pretended to be confused. “Kay? I don’t know you. What do you want to do?”

“As I said, I’m here to defeat you today…” Kay looked at Jagoan.

His eyes were as red as glass, full of confidence, and he did not take Jagoan seriously at all. “Heaven’s Edge Sect now has a total of 1,263 Heavenly Spirit Realm Masters. Except the fist stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm, there are 512 masters. And out of the 512, I chose 50 Masters who have the chance to win the championship in Immortals’ Assembly a few years later…”

“Then, starting from you, I will challenge you one by one within three months and defeat you. To put it simply, I’m here today…”

Kay licked his lips, and an evil red light flashed in his eyes. “To destroy your confidence.”

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