Chapter 1786

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That position was at the back of a stone pillar. As long as she stood there, it was not easy to notice her from any angle. Hiding there, she could always pay attention to who was in front of the palace.

Molaine flew to the back of the stone pillar and took out a copper coin and a feather from her Storage Ring.

After thinking for a while, she took out another formation map.

She injected her spiritual Qi into the copper coin and the feather. Suddenly, her figure became transparent in the same place, and her aura disappeared. Then, she activated the formation map again. Immediately, the smell of a drop of water falling into the sea arose spontaneously.

When one looked over, there was nothing unusual about Molaine’s location. Even if one used his divine sense to investigate, he wouldn’t find anything wrong with it.

With the protection of the three fantasy arrays, Molaine heaved a sigh of relief.

I hope Junior Brother Montgomery won’t encounter any danger…

She muttered to herself.

Not long after she waited, Molaine suddenly felt a jolt in her heart. A sense of vigilance instantly filled her mind. She hurriedly looked into the distance.

After a while, she saw more figures flying toward the palace, wrapped in a bloody light.

When they got closer, Molaine realized that she had never seen the group of more than a dozen people. But soon, from the corners of these people’s heads or some other characteristics, she confirmed that these people were all shape-shifting demons.

What surprised her the most was that seven of them, who were wearing black dress, looked exactly the same.

Not only that, but the seven black-dressed women had strong momentum. Even though they were very far away, they made Molaine feel a sense of fear and wanted to turn around and run away immediately.

Nine level of shape-shifting stage!

Furthermore, the seven of them are all nine level of shape-shifting stage!

Molaine felt her heart pounding wildly. If it weren’t for her hard work in cultivation and determination, she would have been scared out of her wits by now.

She retracted her Divine Sense and did not stare straight at the other party in case the other party would notice her. She took a deep breath and calmed her mind.

She guessed in her heart.

Are they multiple births, or are they incarnations?

Even if they are multiple births, there’s no way for them to be so uniform, right?

But if they are incarnations, doesn’t that mean that the demon’s real body has surpassed the ninth level of transformation, at least at the ancestor level?

Thinking of this, Molaine almost cried out in surprise. Fortunately, she covered her mouth in time. However, just because she raised her head again, she found that there were several human cultivators among these demons. And she had seen these human cultivators before!

It’s the disciples of the Sun Moon Sect!

Molaine’s breathing stopped. She swept her gaze around and immediately discovered that four of the disciples wearing the robes of the Sun Moon Sect were in a coma.

Several great demons had caught them under their arms. However, Maradih was nowhere to be found among the disciples of the Sun Moon Sect.

The scene in front of her had greatly exceeded her expectations.

Molaine had completely retracted her Divine Sense to prevent the great demons in front of the palace from discovering her.

How did the disciples of the Sun Moon Sect get caught?

However, they seemed to have just fainted and not been killed…

Yes, these shapeshifting demons should be the tribe that Senior Brother Walker mentioned before, which is going to join hands with us. But now they actually did something like this.

Demonic beasts really can’t be trusted…

Molaine observed carefully. However, neither the disciples of the Sun Moon Sect nor the shapeshifting demons present showed any signs of fighting. Therefore, for a while, she couldn’t figure out how these people were captured.

These shape-shifting demons did not stay in front of the palace for long. When they saw that there was no one around, they directly passed through the palace gate and flew in. For some unknown reason, the disciples of the Sun Moon Sect were brought in as well.

Molaine looked at the rolling Demon Aura and flew into the palace with these big demons.

She was stunned for a moment and suddenly came to her senses.

Oh no, after they enter, they will meet Junior Brother Montgomery first, won’t they?

But the problem now is that I still have no way to tell Junior Brother Montgomery about this!

Molaine’s face immediately turned pale with anxiety and worry.

By this time, Jagoan had flown far away from the palace. The magnificent palace was full of rare treasures.

Jagoan owned the tomb of the 12 countries, and the treasures of heaven and earth were all over 10,000 years old. However, because of the national strength of the 12 countries at that time, the quality of the treasures could not be considered high-class. They only had a long history. All the treasures and wealth in the palace were of excellent quality.

If there’s a chance, it’s better that I can tear down this palace bit by bit…

While he was thinking about it, all of a sudden, there was a loud bang in front of him. Judging from the sound, someone was fighting.

Jagoan narrowed his eyes and sped up.

The pavilion next to him flashed and disappeared. A moment later, he saw a giant in front of him. The giant’s whole body exploded, and the other party staggered a few steps before falling down.

The giant was a stone man, about five or six stories tall and wearing armor. But now, the armor was torn into pieces.

The stone man’s entire body was covered in cracks. It fell to the ground with its back facing the ground, making a muffled sound. Its body was directly broken into three pieces, and it could no longer move.

Jagoan looked around and saw that there was another stone man about four or five hundred meters away from the stone man. It also fell to the ground, and the stone man was also broken into pieces.

Among the two stone men, a few disciples of the Imperial Universe Sect were looking up at Jagoan. Both sides looked at each other, and suddenly, sparks appeared in the air.

“It’s you!” Seeing his enemy, Harry’s eyes were filled with anger.

The stone man that had just fallen was knocked down by him. His aura had not yet been withdrawn. He stood where he was, and his thick Luck was rolling, giving people a sense of overwhelming power.

At the sight of Jagoan, fear, anger, shame, and coldness also appeared in the eyes of the other members of the Imperial Universe Sect.

“It’s really you…” Jagoan was not surprised because he had seen the people from the Imperial Universe Sect before. “I thought you had retreated, but I didn’t expect you to be one step ahead of us.”

“Humph, don’t think that just because I suffered a little loss in your hands, you can defeat us in everything,” Harry said proudly.

“I’ve never thought so. Don’t think too highly of yourself,” Jagoan said.

Harry was speechless.

“Well, stop talking.” Bruce interrupted the debate between Harry and Jagoan.

The leading disciple of the Imperial Universe Sect cast a deep look at Jagoan and said, “Junior Brother Montgomery, we will naturally find an opportunity to settle the previous grievances in the future, but this time, I’m sorry to not accompany you.”

“Wait and see!” Harry pointed at Jagoan.

“You still dare to point at me?” Jagoan directly sent a Divine sense attack over.

There was a loud explosion in the void.

Harry immediately let out a blood-curdling scream. Blood spurted from his mouth and nose as he fell backward.

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