Chapter 1775

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“The top of the mountain…”

“Is this really the top of the mountain?”

At this time, everyone muttered.

Before they stepped on the lotus and flew up, they already had all kinds of guesses in their minds.

For instance, there would be a palace on the top of the mountain. On top of the mountain, there would be a space crack. On the top of the mountain, there would be a huge Transmitting formation and so on. However, no one expected that what appeared in front of them at this time would be a world.

The top of the mountain was an independent universe.

There were mountains and rivers, cities, ice plains, desert, Gobi Desert, and seas. All the things that people could see in continent, at this time, all seemed to exist.

What was unbelievable was that the world on the top of the mountain seemed to have a border, but when they focused their eyes on it, it seemed that they couldn’t see the end at all. It was so mysterious that it was beyond everyone’s imagination. However, everyone present was disciples of a large sect after all. Although they had never seen it before, they soon realized what was going on.

“Absorbing the universe! It is a real big magical power.” Shane’s eyes focused. “This world is real. It’s not an illusion!”

Deep in his eyes, excitement could be seen.

Only absorbing the universe would be worthy of this mysterious blessed land of the immortal mansion. However, being able to absorb the universe shows even more clearly that the original owner of this

blessed land of the immortal mansion is extremely powerful. The treasures hidden here must also be unimaginable treasures!

The people of the Sun Moon Sect in front of them obviously had the same thoughts as those of Heaven’s Edge Sect after they came to their senses.

Maradih turned around and cupped his hands to Shane. There was an uncontrollable smile on the corner of his mouth.

He then said, “It seems that I have to congratulate you for coming back with full work this time…”

When he realized that there would be a huge harvest that was beyond his imagination, the previous unhappiness completely disappeared.

“When the time comes, the harvest of your Sun Moon Sect will definitely not be less than ours.” Shane also smiled and said, “But I don’t know if there will be any danger in the world of universe.”

“If you want to know this, it’s not difficult.” Maradih rolled up his long sleeves.

The next moment, he held jade scales in his palm.

“It’s scales of a blessing to avoid disaster,” Shane’s eyes lit up when he saw this treasure.

Maradih nodded with a smile, clenched his two fingers, and raised them to the void in front of him.

A strand of fresh Dao aura seemed to have been extracted from that universe at this moment, as if it were on the weighing plate.

“If the scales of a blessing to avoid disaster don’t move at all, it’s a good fortune. If it moves up and down, it’s a little dangerous, but it can seek good fortune and avoid evil. If it lower down and we can’t

get it back no matter how hard we try, you should avoid it as soon as possible. Don’t look back.” A beautiful female disciple next to Maradih explained.

She was wearing a moon-like robe that belonged to the Sun Moon Sect. As the mighty wind blew past, the hem of her robe was slightly lifted, making her look ethereal and otherworldly.

After her explanation, everyone’s eyes were immediately focused on the jade scales.

Maradih’s fingers moved, and after the scales of a blessing to avoid disaster shook in his hands a little, it kept its balance and didn’t move at all.

Everyone’s heart was suddenly filled with joy. They were still worried that there would be some powerful restrictive spells in this blessed land of the immortal mansion, which they could not resist. But now it seemed that there was no danger here at all!

However, Maradih didn’t seem to be at ease. He used the scales of blessing to avoid disasters several times in a row. The following results were exactly the same as before. There was no disaster or danger here.

Seeing him nod with a smile, all the people present could not help but cheer in a low voice.

However, Maradih still reminded everyone, “The scales of a blessing to avoid disaster only shows that there’s no danger at this time. After entering this small world of universe, you should be careful, in case there is any restriction formation that has not been triggered at this time, so they are not discovered.”

“Thank you for your reminder,” Shane replied.

Since the two sects were going to enter the small world of universe, and it was clear that there was no disaster or danger, there was no need for them to enter together and take the treasures as promised. The reason why they had made such an agreement before was to prevent the situation from happening

that they could not get the treasures because a sect’s power was limited. But now, according to reality, this agreement had to be changed.

After communicating for a while, the two sides quickly made a new plan.

There were many different environments in this small world of universe. Each of the two sects chose some of them, and they did not enter each other’s range at will. In this way, the treasures obtained in their respective environments would belong to the various sects. However, if they encountered any danger or treasures that they could not get by themselves, they could ask each other for help.

Both sects could accept this decision.

While Shane and Maradih were discussing, Jagoan was listening quietly. At the same time, he was observing the small world of universe in front of him.

With his current realm and strength, he naturally could not do that. However, during this process, he did not get a warning from the one behind the Gates of Hell, which meant that there should be no big problem with this trip. What’s more, the one behind the Gates of Hell had hinted that it was not too dangerous here.

The way to take the treasure seemed to be as smooth as expected.

Next, each sect chose the places. The various environments in the small world of universe were quickly split up.

As for the Imperial Universe Sect and the tribe that hadn’t appeared yet, they didn’t think about it for the time being.

What was the point of considering the Imperial Universe Sect now that they had completely fallen out with the Imperial Universe Sect?

When the time came, whether the Imperial Universe Sect would be able to enter or not was still a question. If they came in, which group they would enter would be another problem. As for that tribe, even now, there was still no news. It was very likely that they couldn’t catch up, so there was even less of a need to think about it.

“Since we’ve already discussed it, let’s not waste any more time.” Maradih waved his hand with a smile.

The wings of magic weapon, which he had put away before, were taken out by him again. Because there was still a long way to go from where everyone was at the moment to enter the small world of the universe. This distance seemed calm, but when they entered, they had to pass through a rapidly concentrated void.

With their current realm and cultivation, it was quite unwise for them to fly through with their physical bodies. Therefore, both sides chose the safest way at the same time.

The Sun Moon Sect used its pair of steel-like wings. Heaven’s Edge Sect used Shane’s treasure boat.

Both sides stepped into their magic weapons and flew toward the area they had chosen.

On the deck of the vessel, Molaine smiled and said, “It seems that in addition to the little accident at the foot of the mountain, the overall situation is quite smooth. If I had known earlier, I would have asked Senior Brother Valberg to come in and have a look.”

When Molaine said these words, on the other side, everyone from the Sun Moon Sect also released similar sighs.

Maradih listened to the words of his fellow disciples, still holding the scales of the blessing to avoid disaster. It was just a subconscious act just in case.

After a while, the two wings and the treasure boat broke into the void above the small world of the universe.

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