Chapter 1763

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On the ship heading for the blessed land of the immortal mansion, Caspian was meditating quietly at the stern of the ship.

In his mind, he was recalling what Mou said to him not long ago.

Grand Pure Emperor’s identity is mysterious. My injury was the backlash I suffered when I was deducing his origin.

My talent in cultivation is stronger than my inference, but this is the first time I’ve suffered a great loss from Grand Pure Emperor. Fortunately, I had made a prompt decision at that time and sacrificed part of my vital force in exchange for my life.

However, my body is no longer able to continue to fight with the Immortal magic…

Caspian knew that deduction was one of the innate abilities of certain cultivators.

This was of the same category as Bowen’s Qi-Looking Technique.

Under normal circumstances, for a cultivator who was stronger than him, at most, it was impossible for him to find out where the other party came from.

Or one could clearly feel that the other party was covered by some kind of treasure and thus could not be predicted.

However, for someone like Mou, who suffered from countercharge during the deduction process and suffered such serious injuries, Caspian had never seen or heard of it.

Caspian was sure that Mou was not lying.

Because when he checked the other party’s injury, the one behind the Gates of Hell gave him a positive answer.

But, when Caspian asked about what could cause such an injury.

The one behind the Gates of Hell began to act out of habit again.

He tried to pretend to be dead.

If he pretend to be dead, then pretend to be dead.

However, the injury on Mou’s body temporarily dispelled the doubts of Caspian.

Caspian and the others were on a treasure boat of Shane.

Compared to a spirit boat, the treasure boat was not only bigger, but also more complete and solid with all kinds of formations on it. The treasure boat carried Caspian and the others.

After flying for about five thousand miles in the distance, it suddenly began to rise into the air.

After breaking through the clouds, it continued to go up.

Above the clouds, after thousands of miles, the strong wind could be seen.

These Gang winds were not the kind that a cultivator could make with a wave of his hand.

Compared with the Gang Wind, Amethyst Palace Realm cultivator’s full blow was as weak as a dying person’s breath.

In the current knowledge of Caspian, no one could pass through the strong Gang Wind with their physical bodies.

After entering, in the blink of an eye, all the skin and flesh would be scattered.

In less than two blink of an eye, one’s bones would be smashed into ashes by the Gang Wind.

However, at this time, the treasure boat actually soared straight towards the Gang Wind.

It was likely that Shane had not told them where the destination was before.

Therefore, when he saw Saul and the others on the treasure boat hit the Gang Wind with their heads down, he immediately looked nervous and flustered.

Mou took this opportunity to look at Caspian who was meditating at the stern. Seeing that Caspian did not change his expression and did not move, he nodded in his heart.

In fact, after Caspian got on the treasure boat, his Divine Sense had already spread out.

He focused all his attention on the area within a five hundred kilometer radius.

His fingers, which he had kept in his sleeves, were also placed on Wave-like Void Bracelet at any time.

With the help of the spatial power generated by the slight shake of Wave-like Void Bracelet and the Divine Sense, he had long discovered that there was a distorted void less than 15 kilometers away from the Gang Wind.

“There’s a folded void there.”

At this time, Caspian had already guessed what Shane was going to do next, so he was not in a hurry.

The treasure boat kept approaching the Gang wind.

At this time, they could even see the thunder and fire produced when the Gang Wind collided and rubbed against each other, which made the faces of Saul and others pale.

When Yannick couldn’t help exclaiming, the treasure boat suddenly seemed to have crashed into a river.

The people on the deck shook their bodies.

Then, the light in front of them shot wildly, and the strange scene quickly passed by like a horse lamp.

Before everyone could react, they immediately arrived at a place surrounded by immortal mist.

Multicolored light shot out in all directions, precious light taking in and sending out.

It was a place full of divine and profound mysteries.

When the people in front of the deck looked into the distance, they all showed surprise, excitement, and joy on their faces.

Even if they had expected it, Shane and Mou’s eyes were full of brilliance at this time.

Caspian also stood up, stood at the stern, and narrowed his eyes to look forward.

At this moment, he didn’t know where he was either.

There were ethereal clouds all around, as if they were above the clouds, but also like fairyland.

The vast and boundless sea of clouds instantly filled one’s chest.

In front of the sea of clouds stood an immortal mountain.

The Immortal Mountain was covered in snow, and the colorful light behind it was like a huge chakram.

Looking from a distance, it made people feel that their hearts were clear, and they even wanted to kneel down and kowtow.

“That’s it…” Mou muttered.

At this time, Shane’s excited expression was also beyond words.

“Then let’s continue to move forward.”

After speaking, he controlled the treasure boat, directly heading towards that immortal mountain.

As the treasure boat broke through the waves of clouds, the strange scene that suddenly appeared once again caused one to be amazed.

The bottom of the sea of clouds was not empty, but filled with rainbows. Dazzling and blurred rainbows were stacked together, like a dream.

Upon closer inspection, the rainbow seemed to contain some mysterious Dao essence.

Although it was obscure, it was awe-inspiring.

If it’s an immortal mansion secret realm, I wonder which powerful figure used to live in that mansion…

Caspian thought to himself.

With a thought, he asked the one behind the Gates of Hell, “Do you know whose mansion this is?”


He had thought that the other party would either ignore him as usual or stammer to say he did not know.

But unexpectedly, Caspian got a positive answer.

“Do you know who it is?” Caspian blinked.

“Who… Is it? One… Trouble…” The one behind the Gates of Hell said.

That guy was always in the same tone, and it was intermittent, so it was impossible for people to judge his mood from his tone.

“Do you mean that it will be very troublesome in the secret realm?” After thinking for a while, Caspian asked again.

“Treasures… There’s some… Nothing you can go… Take a look… I’m going to… Sleep…”

He went to sleep again. Caspian rolled his eyes and didn’t want to talk to the other party anymore.

He raised his head again and looked at the Immortal Mountain under the glow of the treasure light.

A thoughtful expression flashed across his eyes.

It was a pity that he did not have the ability to look after Qi as Bowen.

Otherwise, he might be able to see some hidden things.

However, judging from the reaction of the person behind the Gates of Hell just now, although it was only two short sentences, there were only three words in total, “Um, a trouble”.

But it was enough to guess some information.

Although it was limited, it was useful.

Caspian closed his eyes and thought to himself as the treasure boat was still not close to the Immortal Mountain.

Soon, the limited clues spread out from his mind and slowly intertwined into a net.

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