Chapter 1749

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The man in the purple shirt kindly advised, “Spiritualist Clinton, the other side is Master of Heavenly Spirit Realm.

Since our Ghost Kill Pavilion has promised you about this, we will naturally do it well.

You don’t have to put yourself in danger.”

“I absolutely don’t have any doubts about the Ghost Kill Pavilion.” Vic shook his head repeatedly.

“It’s just that the man may know something, so I hope I can ask a few more questions.”

“Are you saying that you want him to be alive?” the man in purple asked.

“Make him seriously injured and have no ability to resist.

Let me ask a few questions,” Vic said.

“The price increases by thirty percent,” the purple-robed man said.

Vic was speechless.

Feeling helpless, he gritted his teeth and nodded.


The man in purple clapped his hands and said with a smile, “Spiritualist Clinton, don’t think that I’m bidding on the ground.

After all, our Ghost Kill Pavilion does business as killers.

The killers hid in the dark and killed the target with one strike.

If he couldn’t, he would retreat and find another chance.

Your request just now is not to kill people, but to hurt people, so it takes more effort for the killers we send, so please understand.”

“No problem.” Vic calmed down.

Compared to raising the price by thirty percent, it was obvious that it was more important to find out the identity of this mysterious fellow.

Otherwise, this would be a thorn in his heart or a sword hanging above his head.

The other party might take his life at any time.

If that guy died, Vic would feel more at ease.

After thinking about it, Vic made up his mind and said, “Since the price has risen by 30 percent, I ask for one more killer.”

“Do you mean that the two killers will attack at the same time?” The purple-robed man frowned.

“Just to be safe, it’s too important for me.

I can’t make any mistakes,” Vic said seriously.

Although the task of the Ghost Kill Pavilion was to kill people, it was also a business, so it naturally would not refuse the reasonable requirements of guests.

What’s more, this could make the Ghostly Killing Pavilion make more income.

Why not do it?

“There is no problem at all.

We will definitely help you settle this properly, Spiritualist Clinton.” The purple clothed man nodded and smiled as he said, “Since this is the case, I will also go and observe.

I am also a little curious about just what kind of person Spiritualist Clinton cares so much about.”

Upon hearing this, Vic agreed immediately.

Although the man in purple was polite when he spoke to him, Vic knew that the man in purple was also a master. Even if the purple-robed man would not make a move at all, the deterrence brought by the three Heaven Spirit Realm Masters would be greater than that of the two.

One more Master would go, and he would take the initiative to go.

Even if he just watched from the side, it would be a great deterrent.

Only a fool would refuse.

After he agreed, Vic said, “By the way, there’s one more thing.

I’m more concerned about it.

Otherwise, if anything goes wrong, it will be bad, so I’ll remind you first…”

“What’s the matter?” The purple-robed man asked curiously.

“The person I am going to kill this time seems to have some kind of magic weapon that can allow him to quickly move about.

Even without this magic weapon, he should still have Escape Talismans and Transfer Talismans,” Vic said, “I deduced based on what he did.

After all, if it wasn’t because of this, he wouldn’t have appeared so far away in such a short time.”

Upon hearing this, the eyes of the man in purple lit up.

He immediately took out a jade scroll and carved it on it.

He murmured, “This is a very important piece of information.

Don’t worry.

At that time, we will work out a targeted plan.

At that time, Spiritualist Clinton, you can watch with me.”

“Thank you,” Vic said.

The man in purple waved his hand repeatedly.

“Take people’s money and help them get rid of disasters.

This is what we should do.”

Vic nodded and did not say anything else.

However, in his heart, he smiled grimly.

The fish has taken the bait.

After 18 days, he will fall into the trap!


In the folded void, Handsome, which was lying on Little Candy’s head, suddenly raised its head and looked at Caspian warily.

“Hmm?” Caspian barked at the pig face in front of him.

“Something’s wrong!” One of Handsome’s ears tilted.

“Who do you want to plot against?”

“Ha! You’ve seen through me,” Caspian said with a chuckle.

“Of course.” Handsome said proudly, “Tell me, I guess it has something to do with the messenger you just played.”

“Yes.” Caspian nodded.

“The fish took the bait.

It was a straight hook.

I bent it and he bit it.

Now he is probably very proud.”

“What do you mean?” Little stars appeared in Handsome’s eyes.

It stared at Caspian and said, “Tell me, how you plot against others this time?”

Caspian was speechless.

“Forget it, I won’t argue with a pig!”

But, after clearing his throat, Caspian said, “When I checked Leo’s soul before, I found that he had contact with the Fire Envoy under Valdis Goth.

What’s more, all his actions were also instructed by the Fire Envoy.

In addition to using a separate messenger to contact each other, there is also a set of secret words that only the two of them know.”

“So you lured the Fire Envoy here through messenger in the secret language?” Handsome waved its pig’s trotters excitedly.

“You’re so bad!”

“No!” Caspian shook his head. “Ah? No? Then what did you do?” Handsome’s eyes suddenly widened.

“I used the secret language, but I deliberately used the wrong language,” Caspian explained.

“Eh? Why did you do that?” Handsome was puzzled.

“In this case, doesn’t he know that you are a fake?”

“I just want him to know that I’m a fake.” Caspian smiled and said, “Such a big thing has happened to Kuros Gate.

I’m afraid that it will spread like wildfire in a few hours.

No matter how late the envoy got the news, he would know it within a day.

Therefore, if I pretended to be Leo, I would be exposed one day at the latest.

At that time, it would not be so easy to draw the Fire Envoy out again.

But now I let Fire Envoy think that he had seen through me, and I was still in the dark, so he naturally thought that he had succeeded in lying to me now.”

“Then did he fall for it?” Handsome hurriedly asked.

“Yes…” A bright light flashed in Caspian’s eyes.

“The time is 18 days later.

I think he wants to arrange for someone to deal with me during this period of time.

After all, the realm I showed was at the first stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm, but in terms of strength, I killed a cultivator at the second stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm.

As for Fire Envoy himself, he is only at Holy Land Realm now, so he will definitely arrange other people.”

At this point, Caspian couldn’t help but think of the 2 Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators that appeared in the Silver City that day.

“There should still be a subordinate of Heavenly Spirit Realm under Valdis Goth.

However, I guess it’s not bad for these people to guard the Treasure Vault, but it’s very difficult for Holy Land Realm’s Vic to order them.

In this way, who will Vic find to deal with me?”

While Caspian was thinking about this question, he stepped out of the void.

In front of him was a patch of green grass.

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