Chapter 1737

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The whole thing was not as complicated as Caspian had imagined.

When the famous “individual cultivator” Leo was sorting out the relics of the head of the family, he accidentally found a treasure house hidden by his ancestors.

However, because his strength was not enough, Leo told the local well-known sect Kuros Gate the information about the treasure house and took the initiative to take it with Kuros Gate.

The treasures in the Treasure Vault were divided into ten parts.

Leo had two parts, and Kuros Gate had eight parts.

In addition, Leo joined the Kuros Gate and took the position of the elder.

This was the beginning and end of the matter.

The elder’s relic was Leo’s definition of this treasure house.

After learning the ins and outs, Caspian lowered his head and pondered.

It had to be said that Leo was very smart in this matter.

The 18 Blood Generals under Valdis Goth were all at the first level of Holy Land Realm.

Leo was no exception.

As a cultivator at the peak of the first level of Holy Land Realm, he was still a step away from the second level.

If Valdis Goth didn’t die, then if he received a reward in the future, he would work hard to cultivate.

Reaching the mid level of the second stage of Holy Land Realm in this life would be his limit.

Now that Valdis Goth was dead, let alone the second stage of Holy Land Realm, the possibility of crossing the gap between the 1st and 2nd stage of Holy Land Realm was very small.

As for this treasury, it had a restriction formation personally set up by Valdis Goth.

Leo was merely a guard and was unable to even enter it, much less possess the treasures within it.

Therefore, it was easy to imagine Leo’s depressed mood, as if he was guarding the mountains to beg for food.

So he changed his mind.

In the name of opening the ancestor’s treasure house, he asked the Kuros Gate to help him.

As a sect, Kuros Gate had Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators.

Even if Valdis Goth was a Master of an Efrax sect, there was the power of one person.

No matter what, his foundation couldn’t be compared with that of a sect.

Leo successfully opened the treasure house with the help of the power of Kuros Gate.

In this way, not only could he get part of the treasures, but he also joined Kuros Gate.

If he entered a sect and cultivated a cultivation technique, not only would he be protected by a sect, but he would also be able to break through to the second level of Holy Land Realm with the aid of the treasury and the sect’s resources.

He might even be a little greedy and have a chance of fighting to the third level of Holy Land Realm.

In fact, it was not wrong for Leo to do so.

It could be said that he killed two birds with one stone.

Since then, the road to immortality had widened a lot.

“This treasure house was surnamed Montgomery.

You, Leo, joined forces with the Kuros Gate and took my things.”

Moreover, from the interrogation just now, Caspian already knew that although Leo was an “individual cultivator”, his reputation in this area was not very good.

Although he claimed that it was his ancestors’ Treasure Vault, his ancestors were not locals, nor were they from a famous family.

People had never heard that there was a powerful cultivator in his family, so where did the Treasure Vault come from?

Moreover, judging from the seal on the treasury, it was impossible that it was left behind by an ancestral grandfather.

There were tens of thousands of people in Kuros Gate, so it was impossible that no one had thought of this.

However, under the temptation of the treasures hidden in the treasury, everyone pretended to be blind and ignored this lie that could be seen through easily.

After all, Kuros Gate only provided the position of the elder.

They didn’t even need to pay for such a position.

In exchange, they got 80% of the treasures in the Treasure Vault, which was enough to make cultivators jealous.

It was not an exaggeration to say that, given how picky Valdis Goth was, the various magic treasures hidden in the treasure house were probably comparable to the accumulation of the whole Kuros Gate for nearly a thousand years.

After all, Kuros Gate was just a small sect.

Although there were Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators, there were only a few people left. Since the establishment of the sect, the whole sect gave people a feeling that they were going to die.

With the harvest of the treasure, they were confident that in the next fifty years, they would be able to cultivate a new Heavenly Spirit Realm that would allow the sect’s legacy to continue!

One-tenth of the profit was enough to make people take the risk, not to mention that this was a profitless business!

So in the eyes of Kuros Gate, they must get this ownerless treasure.

Even Leo, who was at second level of Holy Land Realm, dared to steal the treasure house.

With several Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators guarding it, there was naturally no need for Kuros Gate to be afraid.

According to the narration of several Kuros Gate disciples present, coupled with Caspian’s speculation, the whole thing was presented in front of Caspian.

You swallowed my treasure.

No matter what, you should spit it out.

Otherwise, it will be too unreasonable…

Caspian took a deep breath and said in his heart.

First of all, given his character, since the treasure house belonged to him, then it was impossible for the things inside to be taken away so easily.

In addition, there was another very important thing, which was that some natural precious materials for forging the Death Word were also in this treasury.

After thinking for a while, Caspian made up his mind.

He raised his hand and pointed to the Kuros Gate disciple with the best attitude just now.

“Call your Sect Leader here…”

The disciple’s face suddenly became bitter, and he said sadly, “M-Master, I’m just a small disciple of Kuros Gate.

How can I ask the head of the sect to come? But the elder of the sect should arrive soon…”

“Hmm?” Caspian’s eyes moved, and he suddenly understood that he must have broken the big formation and triggered a certain restriction formation, so Kuros Gate noticed it.

Caspian immediately spread out his Divine Sense and enveloped the surroundings.

A moment later, his Divine Sense caught sight of a spirit boat in the distant sky, carrying twenty or thirty people, flying over quickly.

On the deck of spirit boat, the leader was a cultivator at the third stage of Holy Land Realm.

At this moment, the man looked up proudly, like a rooster showing off its five-colored feathers.

Glancing around the spirit boat, Caspian found that the cultivator with the highest realm in the spirit boat was the rooster of Holy Land Realm.

There was not even a single Heavenly Spirit Realm.

In the treasure vault, Caspian suddenly burst out laughing, and then his face darkened.

“You look down on me?”

The four Kuros Gate disciples of Pulse Control Realm in front of him didn’t know what had happened at all.

Hearing his words, they were so scared that they knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing.

The one whose abdomen was pierced through by Caspian did not dare to care about the pain of the wound at this time.

He begged for mercy repeatedly.

It was more important to save his life.

Caspian squinted at them and told Handsome not to eat them.

Then he stepped on Little Candy’s back.

The man and the tiger turned into a white light and flew out of the treasure house.

The four people in the Treasure Vault suddenly felt very complicated.

The four of them were all cultivators.

Although one of them was seriously injured, the other three were not in a bad situation.

And the opponent in front of them was only a small white pig that was only the size of an adult’s fist and looked very simple.

The little white pig seemed not to be smart at all.

It was drooling and looking at the four people with a silly smile.

The four looked at each other and then shook their heads. This pig demon looked strange.

They had better not provoke it.

In fact, what they didn’t know at the moment was that the cute little white pig in their eyes, which was not very smart, was shouting in its heart.

Beat me! Come up and hit me!

I’m so delicate.

Come and hit me and then run away!

If you don’t fight and run out, how can I stop you?

How can I accidentally eat one or two of you?

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