Chapter 1694

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In an instant, Caspian felt an unprecedented pressure.

The surrounding airflow seemed to have turned into tens of thousands of tons of steel.

Any random roll could make a deafening roar.

Fortunately, this underground limestone cave was protected by a large formation, which wrapped around this power.

Otherwise, not to mention the cave, the sea eye outside, the huge hole at the bottom of the sea, and the surrounding area within a hundred miles, would all collapse and cause a terrifying tsunami.

It’s just an illusory figure…

Could it be a soul?

Caspian’s gaze focused on the human figure.

He noticed that not only was the figure illusory, but the sword box was also illusory.

And just like the figure, the sword box stood there, giving people a terrible feeling that it went straight into one’s soul, as if it contained the power to destroy heaven and earth and crush the universe. This power was enough to kill and scare cultivators to death in the face of this.

Although Caspian felt it harder to breathe than before, his mind was not shocked or destroyed.

At this moment, he was thinking about another thing.

Even after death, it can still bring with it such terrifying power.

It is unknown which great power it is.

I really didn’t expect that the elder didn’t find anything when he set up the Eye of the Sea and the Formation.

It seemed that when he was alive, he must have been a very powerful person!

Otherwise, how could he make his place of return not discovered for so long?

Just as Caspian was deep in thought, the figure moved.

He only moved three fingers.

His three fingers turned the sword box, which was half the height of a man.

In an instant, the sword box began to burn like a torch.

The flames were also ice-cold deep blue.

These flames roared and expanded to the surroundings.

A fierce and murderous aura suddenly arose.

With a sweep of Caspian’s eyes, he saw that there were unexpectedly many fero-beasts gathering in the blue flames.

Among these fierce beasts, there were hungry wolves with single horns, pythons with wings on their backs, tigers with sharp teeth, Demonic Flood Dragons that coiled around the mountains, and centipedes with a length of 300 meters.

Caspian looked around and found that there were more than a thousand fierce beasts!

Each of them carried an extremely fierce aura.

As the auras merged together, they looked like ancient beasts that had broken through the portal of time and space, attempting to destroy the world.

The air in the cave also turned blue at this moment, and a thin layer of ice formed in the air.

Are these fierce beasts formed by the spirit sense of the dead demonic beasts around?

Caspian’s heart trembled.

This was because when his gaze swept over this place earlier, he saw some bones that looked strange.

These strange-looking bones could be related to the corresponding one on the bodies of these Evil Spirits formed by flames.

But, Caspian suddenly saw the shadow of an ice-blue giant sword suspended in the air behind all the demonic beasts in the deepest part of the flame.

The giant sword revealed the vicissitudes and mottledness of time.

Even though it hovered there, not moving at all, it didn’t seem like those fiery vicious beasts at all, brandishing their fangs and brandishing their claws, roaring angrily.

But it seemed to be an emperor who suppressed these fierce fire beasts and was the master of these fire murderers!

It was the real overlord!

Not only that, but the shadow of the giant sword was also more solid. Caspian could even clearly see the texture on the surface of the shadow of the giant sword, as well as the ancient characters formed by two flames on the sword.


Upon recognizing these two words, Caspian held his breath and was shocked.

He blurted out, “Immortal-killing Sage! Demonic beast Immortal-killing Sage is not a legend!”

In an instant, the legend that he had read when he was reading the ancient books appeared in Caspian’s mind.

It was said that 200,000 years ago, the Great Sage of the Demon Clan, the Great Immortal-killing Sage, was a demonic beast, but he had learned a lot about magical power and condensed a supreme Taoist body.

He had killed three cultivator of Real Immortal Realm in one battle, seriously injured two of them, and escaped unscathed.

The name of Immortal-killing also came from here.

However, demonic beasts were born to be unstable.

If they relied on their own bloodline magic spell, there would be no problem.

The problem was that the Great Immortal-killing Sage used the body of an evil beast and the soul of an evil beast to practice magical power and methods of the Human Tribe.

He also took the promotion route of cultivators.

Thus, while cultivating, he encountered a Inner Demon Tribulation that he was completely unable to resist.

Since then, he had died.

“So the legend is true,” murmured Caspian.

At this moment, after confirming the identity of the Immortal-killing Sage, many doubts about this place could be explained.

Place of return had been under the nose of Heaven’s Edge Sect for so many years, but it had not been detected.

That was because the Great Immortal-killing Sage was a Great Sage!

The status of the Great Sage of the Demon Clan was even higher than that of the ancestor.

His strength was thousands of times stronger, and his realm was equivalent to that of a Real Immortal Realm cultivator!

There were not many Real Immortal Realm cultivators in the entire Lunia.

There were so many demonic beasts’ bodies and souls, which were in line with the Great Immortal- killing Sage’s Slaughter Dao.

The Great Immortal-killing Sage had become a Saint through slaughter.

He had killed many cultivators and evil beasts!

Although the Great Immortal-killing Sage was a beast with a beast body and beast soul, his spiritual Qi returned to nature after his death because he practiced magical power.

It was called Return to Ruins.

As for why this place was so miserable, Caspian could also imagine it.

As a demonic beast, the Great Immortal-killing Sage took the path of cultivators.

From this, one could imagine that he would not be welcomed in the Demon Tribe.

But later, his cultivation became stronger, so he was respected with his power.

The demon clan must have submitted to him on the surface and hated him in their hearts.

Moreover, the Great Immortal-killing Sage had killed a lot of evil beasts in his life.

There was no way for him to calculate the number of evil beasts he killed.

The Demonic Beasts must have held their breath and wanted to kill him and take away his legacy.

After all, the innate power of evil beasts could not be taken away, but the cultivation methods and magical powers of the Great Immortal-killing Sage could be taken away.

Therefore, when the Great Immortal-killing Sage encountered the inner demon tribulation, these Fierce Beasts from antiquity times launched an attack together, intending to kill the Great Immortal-killing Sage.

Obviously, the Great Immortal-killing Sage was not only powerful, but also scheming.

He had long sensed the evil beasts’ evil intentions, so he had already made arrangements here.

No one could escape from his seal of heaven and earth.

After a bloody battle, the Great Immortal-killing Sage killed all the evil beasts and made them bury with him.

However, because he could not survive the inner demon tribulation, he died.

As such, this could also explain why right now, what appeared in the coffin was only an illusion, without a corpse.

Because the corpse of the Great Immortal-killing Sage must have disappeared from the world.

This thought flashed through Caspian’s mind, and he thought it through clearly.

However, although these problems were solved at the moment, he couldn’t help showing a helpless smile.

Regardless of whether there was any inheritance or treasure in this formation, even if there was, he had to deal with a wisp of the Great Immortal-killing Sage’s spirit soul first, as well as a long-lasting Fierce Beast’s hostility.

One had to know that since these ancient fierce beasts dared to attack the Great Sage back then, they must have been giants of the demon clan when they were alive.

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