Chapter 1675

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“Black-soul Yin Spiritual Sword, Minghe’s Crossing!”


The black sword radiance, like a flood, instantly pierced through all the layers of space in the future.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Instantly, countless sounds of glass shattering could be heard from the void.

The space was shattered, and the sea water poured in.

In an instant, it disappeared.

Behind the sea, Caspian saw two figures rapidly approaching.

Caspian narrowed his eyes.

He could see that his opponent’s speed was really amazing.

He had already crossed more than half of the two thousand and three thousand miles in a single step.

There was no such speed in Heavenly Spirit Realm.

If it was an Amethyst Palace Realm, there was no need to fly like this.

He could directly tear the void apart.

The next moment, Caspian understood.

There must be some mysterious magic treasures on the other party’s body.

The magic treasure was folded up like the hollow that he had just broken through.

The distance of three thousand miles was folded into five hundred a mile. It looked like one mile, but in fact, it was three thousand miles away.

By the time Caspian thought about it, the two figures were already very close.

Although the space was folded, the shadows were mottled and did not look real.

However, Caspian’s divine sense was astonishing.

As soon as it seeped in, his eyes began to shine brightly.

He had seen one of the other party half a year ago, but the other one had not been seen for a long time.

“General of Cloud, Star Nelson…”

The moment he uttered these two names, the light stopped about 50 miles away from him.

The General of Cloud and Star Nelson walked out of a folded void.

In an instant, the waves of air were rolling and surging.

Caspian’s expression did not change.

At this time, he was still wearing All Life Ghost Mask.

With this mask, even a cultivator at the peak of Heavenly Spirit Realm could not detect his identity with Divine Sense.

And, Caspian’s figure was completely different from before.

He looked like a short Mandra Malone.

When Caspian looked at General of Cloud and Star Nelson, Star Nelson was also looking at Caspian. As for General Cloud, he first looked around.

Feeling the chaotic spiritual Qi surging in the surrounding air, he frowned.

When his divine thoughts swept to the Ghost City that sank into the sea, he was stunned at first, and then he looked extremely surprised.

A fierce look appeared on his face.

He glared at Caspian and shouted, “What just happened here? Who is fighting here?”

Caspian looked at him and sneered.

“Did you sneak attack me just now?”

“Who do you think you are to deserve my sneak attack?” General Cloud sneered. “Even if I sneak attacked you, it’s a great honor for you to die in my hands.

It’s the merit you have accumulated! Answer me, where’s Ghost City? Where are Tao Ancestor of the West Sea, Fairy Master of the West Sea, Skeleton King, and Sage of the Distinct Sea? Where’s the West Sea Soul-revealing Bead?”

When he asked the last question, his voice was fierce.

His voice was like rolling thunder, and the sea surface exploded one after another, like a sudden storm on the sea.

Caspian felt vigor in his body move.

He knew that the other party was oppressing him with momentum.

If an ordinary First stage Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivator had been suppressed by General of Cloud’s imposing manner at this moment, the cultivator would have suffered internal injuries and spat out blood.

However, it was useless when it came to Caspian.

On the contrary, Caspian also noticed an extremely important piece of information from General of Cloud’s words just now.

General of Cloud also wanted to get the West Sea Soul-revealing Bead!

In his mind, the natural magic treasure formed by heaven and earth was even more important than the Ghost City and Tao Ancestor of the West Sea and the others.

He has long known that the West Sea Soul-revealing Bead is in the Ghost City.

He’s rushing here because of this treasure…

Caspian’s mind raced.


He came here with Star Nelson.

Coupled with the preciousness of the West Sea Soul-revealing Bead, it was very likely that this magic treasure was not what the General of Cloud needed, but Grand Pure Emperor needed it.

As for whether Grand Pure Emperor needed it or prepared it for Star Nelson, it was not clear.

However, judging from Star Nelson’s current realm, she could not exert the power of the West Sea Soul-revealing Bead. Therefore, the most likely thing was that Grand Pure Emperor needed it himself.

The General of Cloud was here to retrieve the treasure.

Humph, so that’s how it is.

General of Cloud really has a vicious idea…

He had planned it a long time ago.

First, he ordered the Crape Myrtle Sect to let me complete the task in the West Sea.

Then he asked Mardohar to ambush me halfway…

If Mardohar couldn’t kill me, then I would definitely follow his request to come to Ghost City.

For a First stage Heavenly Spirit Realm disciple, there was no need to mention the difficulties and obstacles along the way.

If I die halfway, it is part of the General of Cloud’s plan.

But if I can find Tao Ancestor of the West Sea and the others, I can replace General of Cloud and consume these four evil cultivators and sea demons.

Even if they could not be consumed, I could find out the background of these four guys for him.

In this way, whether I am dead or not, it is only good for him, and there is no harm…

In an instant, according to the current information, Caspian speculated that it was the closest to the truth.

After understanding General of Cloud’s thoughts and plans, Caspian sneered again and again.

The mockery in his eyes was undisguised.

The General of Cloud didn’t know what Caspian was thinking, but when he saw that Caspian was unmoved and didn’t answer him at all, a fierce light flashed across his face, and the killing intent in his heart was boiling.

In contrast, Star Nelson, who came together, was much quieter at this time.

In fact, she also had all kinds of thoughts at the moment.

With a trace of doubt in her eyes, she looked at Caspian.

I’ve never seen this guy before, and I have no impression of him at all.

But just as I appeared, I found that the way he looked at me seemed to indicate that he knew me.

Where did he see me?

Star Nelson thought to herself.

But, she hid her thoughts in the bottom of her heart and did not show them at all.

“Good! How dare you talk to the General of Cloud of Crape Myrtle Sect like this?” The General of Cloud shouted.

In that instant, a wave of terrifying might that could shake stars was released from his body.

“Half a year ago, there was a guy who was as bold as you, and his realm was similar to yours.

He dared to contradict me, but now he was doomed.

As for you, you have to take his old path now. You brought this upon yourself!”

Every word the General of Cloud said at this moment was like heavy steel, smashing down hard.

All of a sudden, the surrounding void seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

The sea under his feet seemed to be overturned, and the mountains and rivers under his feet changed color.

“The Ghost City in Thousands Ends has disappeared, and Tao Ancestor of the West Sea and others have disappeared.

And seeing the General of Cloud, you did not kneel or submit, so I will destroy your cultivation now and search your soul to see who you are and how dare you be so disrespectful to the Crape Myrtle Sect!”

“Where did you hide the missing West Sea Soul-revealing Bead?”

After a series of accusations, General of Cloud didn’t give Caspian any chance to refute at all

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