Chapter 1668

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The sky changed color.

A terrifying pressure rumbled from all directions as it charged towards him.

The void was constantly distorted, and there was a loud bang of steel plates being pried open.

Caspian hovered in mid-air and swept his gaze toward the newcomer.

In the black smoke, a tall cultivator with a horn mask was looming.

“Shape-shifting demon, Tao Ancestor of the West Sea,” said Caspian.

In the sharp lightning, an old man with a white beard stood against the wind.

In the time it took to breathe, there were crackling sounds of electricity around his body.

Anyone who looked at him would feel a chill in their hearts.

In particular, there seemed to be thunder in the depths of his eyes, constantly swallowing and exhaling, as if he was going to destroy the world in the next moment.

“Shape-shifting demon, Fairy Master of the West Sea…”

The pale green light was like a river that suddenly rushed out of the sky.

In the river, countless corpses were floating and struggling, exuding the smell of death.

On the river, a thin cultivator in armor was staring at Caspian with black flames burning in his eyes.

He was holding a huge sword the size of a door plank, which was also burning with black flames.

“Skeleton King, one of the West Sea evil cultivators…”

In the end, Caspian’s eyes fell on Sage of the Distinct Sea Sea in the blue light.

“Very good.

The four people I’m looking for are all here…” Caspian nodded.

“You’re talking big.” The evil cultivator Skeleton King spoke.

His voice was like the armor on his body, full of the smell of metal friction.

The sound was sonorous, and every word was transmitted dozens of miles away, enough to shatter the clouds.

With a whoosh, he suddenly raised his sword.

In the black flames, countless skeletons were moving.

The flame covered the door-like giant sword and instantly turned into a larger black flame sword, pointing at Caspian.

“Even if you are a Crape Myrtle Sect disciple, you can’t leave here alive today!”

“Don’t waste time talking to him.

Perhaps there are ambushes in other places.

Let’s first finish him off and interrogate him.

Let’s see where this fellow comes from and who’s behind him.” In the surging black smoke, Tao Ancestor of the West Sea’s voice sounded.

Every word he said was from different directions.

It was as if his shadow could be seen from all directions, making people unable to figure it out and suspect.

“Leave the interrogation to me!” Sage of the Distinct Sea gritted his teeth and roared, “My fourth son and seventh son are all killed by him.

I will grind his bones and turn him into ashes!”

“You talk too much nonsense…” Caspian turned around and glanced at Sage of the Distinct Sea.

“Let’s start with you, the God of Thunder!”

Before he could finish his words, Caspian suddenly opened his mouth and spat out. The rolling thunder poured out like a bang, engulfing Sage of the Distinct Sea in an instant.

Among the four present, Tao Ancestor of the West Sea, Fairy Master of the West Sea, Skeleton King, and Sage of the Distinct Sea were all at the third Stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm.

Caspian lured them out and confirmed that they were all on the island.

Then he would kill one person first to relieve the pressure.

Although he had a trump card to fight with them alone.

However, that trump card was still too risky.

If he could not use it, he would not use it.

Moreover, Caspian also wanted to know how much progress he had made in dealing with the third level cultivator of Heavenly Spirit Realm after the incident in the Ghost-killing Pavilion.

These four Heavenly Spirit Realm monsters and cultivators were obviously the best test stones!


In an instant, Sage of the Distinct Sea was caught by lightning. Caspian did not give him a chance to fight back at all.

He took a step forward.

“The Great Leisure Court!”

In the lightning, a figure was covered in blood and kept retreating.

Staring at the figure, Caspian slashed out with his sword.

“Purgatory-breaking Sword of the White Emperor, Soul-Extermination Cut of Ten Thousand Realms!”

The sword light seemed to cut open a Heavenly River in the sky.

It was mighty and poured down on Sage of the Distinct Sea.


The Milky Way exploded.

Sage of the Distinct Sea spat out blood.

His robe was almost torn into two, and his body fell to the ground like a meteor.

On the way down, his breath was in disorder.

Obviously, he was seriously injured.

“How dare you!” Fairy Master of the West Sea ‘s eyes narrowed, and a dazzling light shone around him.

The void around him became extremely bleak, as if a cold winter had suddenly come.

The chilling air almost condensed the void into ice.

Caspian immediately exhaled white Qi.

It was extremely difficult for him to move his body in mid-air, and his hair was even covered with a layer of frost.

The next moment, a sharp sword radiance appeared at the back of Caspian’s head without warning.

This sword cut through the night and illuminated the endless night.

It seemed that it was going to cut off Caspian’s head at once.

“Frost Snow Killing Skill!”

In a flash, Caspian turned into a snowman in the air.

It seemed that he could not move, and the next moment, he would be beheaded by the sword light.

But, no one saw that his lips, which were about to be covered by ice and snow, revealed an imperceptible smile.


Just as Fairy Master of the West Sea was about to sneer and announce that he would kill Caspian, a figure suddenly appeared.

This figure was dressed in a black robe as he violently waved his hand.

Immediately, two streaks of black lightning-like light shot out and shattered the sword radiance that was aimed at Caspian. Then he flicked his sleeve, and immediately, huge waves rolled.

A fierce essence of the world shot through the air.

Under his control, spiritual Qi rubbed and collided with each other.

As spiritual Qi burst out, the smell of iron and blood arose spontaneously.


The entire world seemed to appear in front of him!

This world was filled with iron and blood.

In the depths of the interweaving iron and blood, countless people were shaking violently, as if the supreme souls of ancient times had been summoned.

Prince Krueger, who was in control of this horrible supernatural power, took action under the order of Caspian and launched a fierce attack on Fairy Master of the West Sea.

Immediately, the dazzling light around Fairy Master of the West Sea’s body was smashed into pieces.

As for himself, he was suppressed in an instant and kept retreating, as if he was about to be smashed into the void.

“This guy… Be careful! He’s also at the third stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm! The third stage of mid level of Heavenly Spirit Realm!”

It was not easy for him to find an opportunity, so Fairy Master of the West Sea roared angrily.

He had just spun a circle of sword radiance around his body when he was smashed by Prince Krueger’s fist.

Meanwhile, Prince Krueger immediately rushed in front of him, his hands quickly brandishing about.

Black lightning condensed into a lightning sphere the size of a house.

With a bang sound, Fairy Master of the West Sea was trapped within, triggering an intense explosion.

“Ah!” Fairy Master of the West Sea released a great roar of grief and indignation.

His entire body was covered in light, all of it blasted to pieces.

The light was completely crushed in an instant. Black lightning filled the air.

It was impossible to tell just how many of them.

They had broken through his magic robe, burrowed into his body, and then exploded.

Now, Fairy Master of the West Sea was blasted into a bloody man.

“The real body!” The sharp pain made his eyes turn red and his body expand rapidly.

It looked like a 300-meter-long, pitch-black sea eel.

The black lightning prison was immediately pushed open, as if it was going to explode.

At this time, Caspian’s body trembled.

The ice and snow around him suddenly melted and disappeared.

He took a step forward and instantly caught up with the falling Sage of the Distinct Sea.

He raised his White Emperor Prison-breaking Sword and chopped down angrily.

With a click, the other side’s head was immediately cut off.

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