Chapter 1657

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The octopus’s black figure suddenly appeared on the sea surface.

Hundreds of tentacles as thick as pythons were waving all over the sky, hitting the sea surface and causing huge waves.

For a moment, this horrible scene shocked the rest of cultivators on the island.

They were stunned and kept silent.

Caspian looked down at the broken formation and then at the octopus, which was coming through the waves, with a thoughtful look on his face.

“The weakened treasures and Zombie dog of the twelve kingdoms?” Caspian muttered.

Compared with Caspian’s thinking and fear of the disciples of Sky-view Gate, Handsome’s and Little Candy’s reactions were much more straightforward.

Handsome’s saliva gushed out like the surging sea water.

“Seafood! Big one, seafood!”

Little Candy jumped up happily, as if it was very interested in the constantly moving octopus tentacles.

The deputy Sect Master and Elders of Sky-view Gate, who had been stunned before, came to their senses and looked at the octopus, which was floating over like a hill.

They shouted, “Someone is pretending to be the master.

Come and kill him!”

“Noisy!” Caspian uttered a cold humph and rushed out using his Divine Sense.

With a bang, the deputy Sect Master, who had just shouted, suddenly fell down.

The remaining Elders opened their mouths and looked at each other.

They were glad that they had not shouted first.

The next moment, their heads exploded into fireworks.

Seeing this, Handsome cheered and flew up.

The fat pig’s body, which was as wide as a city wall, suddenly disappeared with a flash of white light.

The four or five steaming corpses on the ground disappeared without a trace.

Even the blood spilled out was not wasted.

The island shook even more violently at this time, as if there was an earthquake, and ordinary people couldn’t even stand.

However, the octopus stopped when it was twenty or thirty miles away from the island.

Caspian looked up and saw a human figure in the middle of the octopus’s head.

This human figure seemed to squeeze out of the octopus’s head.

Although his body outline, facial features, and limbs were all intact, he was stuck to the octopus’s body and could not break free.

With just a glance, Caspian understood.

This guy was only half-step shape-shifting.

Only when a demonic beast reached the stage of shape-shifting could it completely transform into a human.

Some demonic beasts felt that their shapes were more powerful and did not want to transform into human beings.

However, being unwilling to transform into a human and not being able to do so were two completely different concepts.

Compared to being unwilling to transform into a human being, it was much weaker to not transform into a human being.

The octopus in front of Caspian was such an existence.

It looked huge and intimidating.

The part floating on the surface of the sea was seven or eight stories high.

Hundreds of tentacles, like giant pythons in the sea, kept wriggling, giving people a feeling of great power and magical power.

Its casual movement caused the sea area within a radius of dozens of miles to shake continuously.

All the fish and shrimps in the sea were so scared that they ran away like mice with their heads in their hands and panicked.

However, half a step into shape-shifting meant half a step into shape-shifting.

Shape-shifting demon corresponded to Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators.

In other words, this octopus demonic beast had not even reached Heavenly Spirit Realm.

If its opponent was below Heavenly Spirit Realm, the cultivator might feel despair and fear.

After all, this guy was huge, and it was above the sea.

Under Heavenly Spirit Realm, Heavenly Spirit Realm could not exert all his strength.

Cultivator, who had just entered the Heavenly Spirit Realm, might frown when he saw it.

It was extremely difficult to deal with.

But at this time, it was Caspian facing it.

After the sea demon stopped at this time, seeing that it was “Mac” who was destroying Sky-view Gate, it couldn’t help showing a puzzled look on the human-shaped face in the middle of its head.

But soon, it remembered what the deputy Sect Master had said before he died.

“You’re a fake!” the human-shaped man roared.

In an instant, dozens of thick and long tentacles, with the momentum of thunder and lightning, slammed toward Caspian. The wind and thunder were rolling and the wind was blowing.

The terrifying might of these dozens of tentacles was enough to cause one to suspect that it was enough to cause the entire island to collapse and fall silent.

Caspian shook his head.

He did not want to waste any more time and struck out with his palm.

“Taiyi Fire Saber!”


The Flame Severing stretched hundreds of meters in the air.

Caspian narrowed his eyes.


The fire was blazing, as if it was pouring oil on a fire.

In an instant, the Flame Severing expanded by ten times and reached hundreds of feet.

In the air, it pulled out a sharp light and cut off the octopus tentacles.

Those octopus tentacles were cut open in an instant like candles, burning in the air.

They were burned to ashes within a few meters.

The Flame Severing did not slow down.

It burned the void all the way until it collapsed and.

It suddenly turned around and chopped straight into the octopus’s big head.

The man shape on The octopus’s head only had time to make a roar before he was cut in.

Chi la!

A fiery light flashed like a shooting star.

The octopus’s head, which was seven or eight floors high, was suddenly split in two from the middle.

Then, like two small hills, it poured into the sea.

With a bang, the waves were stirred up.

The rolling waves hit the edge of the island, shattering it into white foam all over the sky, giving people a feeling of covering the sky and covering the sun.

Their hearts were shaking wildly, and doomsday was coming.

Because of the octopus’s appearance, the disciples of Sky-view Gate, who had a glimmer of hope in their eyes, now completely fell into despair.

As the island shook, they all collapsed to the ground, no longer resisting.

After killing the octopus demonic beast, Caspian was not happy at all.

After all, for him, he could fight with shapeshifting demons head-on, not to mention that in his opinion, it was just a half-step Shapeshifting Demonic Beast that was strong but weak.

Killing this octopus was almost the same as killing a mosquito.

Which normal person would be ecstatic because he could kill a mosquito?

However, although the octopus demonic beast was weak, it still had its merits.

Caspian shot out like lightning, grabbed the huge corpse floating on the sea surface, and instantly, a demon core about the size of an adult’s two fingers flew into the hands of him.

All demonic beasts had demon cores.

Demon cores not only condensed the essence of their qi and blood, but also contained the innate magical powers of the demonic beasts. Once it could be refined or absorbed, it could give cultivators an additional trump card.

Caspian sized it up and nodded slightly.

Although this octopus demonic beast could not withstand a single blow, its demon core quality was not bad.

It contained two kinds of innate magical powers, and it had enough vigor.

Clearly, with such an enormous body, it was likely that during the sea region within a five hundred kilometer radius, it was an extremely large existence.

No one dared to provoke it.

Its vigor was exceptionally rich.

Caspian waved at Little Candy from afar.

After receiving his call, Little Candy immediately shook its head and flew over.

There was not a single intact corpse in the crowd.

However, there was not a drop of blood on the little White Tiger.

At this time, Little Candy shook its head and wagged its tail in front of Caspian, looking a little cute.

But for some reason, at this moment, Caspian faintly felt that there was something wrong with Little Candy, but he couldn’t tell the specifics.

When Little Candy flew closer, Caspian hugged its head and looked at it carefully.

Suddenly, he made a sound of surprise.

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