Chapter 1605

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Dream Hans’s hair was in a mess, and her eyes were still brimming with tears of pain.

It was just because she had just rolled on the ground that she looked very embarrassed at this time.

She looked completely different from her previous dignified image.

Under everyone’s gaze, as master, it was not normal for her not to hate Caspian since she had made such a big fool of herself.

However, when Caspian glanced at her indifferently, she was so scared that she immediately lowered her head and avoided Caspian’s gaze.

The scene when Caspian blew Lill Kadas away with just one move was the closest to her, so she saw it clearly.

The moment the scorching Flame Severing brushed past her, Dream Hans felt as if the air around her had been completely incinerated.

She felt as if her soul was about to be burned to ashes.

Lill Kadas was still like this, and her realm was lower than Lill Kadas’s, which was equal to Caspian.

How could she be a match for Caspian?

Therefore, at this time, Dream Hans did not dare to provoke Caspian again, for fear that she would become the next Lill Kadas.

But, she had secretly made a vow in her heart that when she went back, she must find her immortal companion to vent her anger!

Her immortal companion was a fourth-grade disciple of Heaven’s Edge Sect, with a high position and great power.

Furthermore, a fourth level disciple meant that he was at the second level of Heavenly Spirit Realm!

With such a realm, wasn’t it enough to completely crush a cultivator who had just entered the Heavenly Spirit Realm?

Dream Hans’s heart was filled with joy when she thought of how her immortal companion would take revenge for her soon.

However, she did not dare to show it at all.

She was afraid that Caspian would see through what she was thinking and treat her like how he treated Lill Kadas.

It was a pity that Caspian had clearly seen the viciousness in Dream Hans’s eyes just now.

It was clear to him that if he wanted to hit a snake, he had to hit its seven inches, so he also knew that he had to kill the other party completely.

As the saying goes, the root cause must be eliminated, and then dug a hole.

That was the truth.

Moreover, Caspian had always carried out this goal extremely thoroughly.

In one step, Caspian walked up to Dream Hans.

When his shadow landed on Dream Hans’s body, it seemed to carry with it a tremendous amount of power.

Instantly, Dream Hans found it difficult to breathe.

Sweat instantly poured out from every pore of her body, soaking her hair.

It slid down her cheeks and formed a pool on the ground.

In just a few short breaths of time, it was as long as a century for Dream Hans.

She felt that her breath was about to stop, and her soul was about to be crushed.

Her mind was in a trance, as if the sky was spinning and the sun and the moon were falling.

Just as Dream Hans felt like she was about to collapse, Caspian asked, “Did you just say that I violated the sect rules?”

“I… I didn’t… Ah!”

Before Dream Hans could finish her words, she felt a sharp pain in her scalp and immediately screamed.

Caspian grabbed her hair, lifted her up with one hand, and raised her to the same height as him.

The sharp pain on her scalp made Dream Hans scream, her voice extremely shrill.

For a moment, even people in the Sky-sea Pavilion went out to check on what had happened.

When they saw the scene in front of them, the group of people who rushed over were all stunned.

When they realized what was going on, they turned around and ran back to the Sky-sea Pavilion to ask the elder for help.

After all, in Heaven’s Edge Sect, even if disciples were strictly prohibited from fighting in private, most of the time, it was inevitable.

However, it was the first time in history that someone had the guts to fight like this outside the Sky-sea Pavilion.

But, Caspian did not care about those things.

His gaze was cold as he looked at Dream Hans.

“Did you just say that I violated the sect rules?”

“Ah! Ah!” Dream Hans was still screaming.

On the one hand, it hurt, on the other hand, she was scared.

But the moment she and Caspian’s eyes met again, she felt as if her throat had been grabbed by an invisible hand and she could not make any sound.

Fear, despair, and all kinds of emotions filled her brain and heart in an instant.

“If I violate the sect rules, shouldn’t my merit points be deducted?” Caspian stared at Dream Hans, whose eyes were wide open and mouth was wide open, but couldn’t make a sound, and continued to ask.

“Answer me,” Caspian urged coldly.

Dream Hans’s body instantly trembled as if it had been struck by lightning.

Then, her eyes were filled with tears from fear as she hurriedly nodded.

Seeing this, Caspian smiled at her.

Although there was a smile on his face, in the eyes of Caspian, it was flying snow and cold frost.

“I can afford it…”


The next moment, Caspian pressed Dream Hans’s head into the ground.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The ground was instantly torn apart.

Even formations outside the Sky-sea Pavilion were shocked by the terrifying shock and power, and they burst out a blue light.

Caspian let go of Dream Hans and turned to walk toward the two Crape Myrtle Sect disciples.

The two disciples were almost scared out of their wits.

They were just Holy Land Realm cultivators. Why they dared to show off and even take the initiative to capture Caspian he was that they had the identity of the Crape Myrtle Sect.

But, when they found that others did not care about their identity, they found that their Holy Land Realm was really nothing in front of cultivators of Heavenly Spirit Realm!

“Don’t, don’t come over!”

“If you go one step further, Crape Myrtle Sect will never let you go!”

“Do you know what Crape Myrtle Sect is?”

“How dare you look down on our Crape Myrtle Sect! The whole Crape Myrtle Sect will definitely make you pay the price!”

The two of them were howling.

They were in a bad mood, and their facial features were distorted.

As Caspian walked in step by step, the frequency of the flames in his palm became more and more rapid.

A seemingly unrestrained figure waved an open folding fan and walked over.

As he walked, he said, “Let me say something fair… Although I don’t know what happened exactly, as the saying goes, don’t go too far.

If we offend the Crape Myrtle Sect in our Heaven’s Edge Sect, it will not be good for our future cultivation.

Don’t you think I’m right?”

“Why don’t you give me face today and apologize to each other.

Let’s forget about it…”

After saying that, the man waved his fan and looked at Caspian with a righteous look.

Caspian stopped, turned to look at the man, and spat out two words lightly, “Get out!”

“Ah? What did you say?” The man was stunned for a moment, and then he reacted.

He put away the folding fan with a snap, pointed at himself, and said to Caspian in surprise and anger, “Do you know who I am?”

“The God of Thunder!”

White light sprayed out of Caspian’s mouth.

With a bang, the folding fan in this guy’s hand exploded.

He flew out from the top of the crowd and disappeared.

All of a sudden, almost all the people present were as silent as cicadas in the winter, and they didn’t dare to breathe.

Seeing that Caspian was so unscrupulous, the two Crape Myrtle Sect disciples couldn’t even say a word of threat at this time. Two pairs of desperate and helpless eyes stared at Caspian, and their bodies kept shaking.

“What punishment will those who don’t respect their superiors get according to the sect rules.” Caspian looked at the two again.

Although his tone was light, it was full of unquestionable majesty.

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