Chapter 1600

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He knew his own realm very well.

Not long after the other cultivators entered the first level of Heavenly Spirit Realm, it would take them several years to upgrade to mid level, even if everything went well.

Caspian knew that he was only one step away from the mid level of the first level.

This time, after absorbing the Divine Soul of the Devil’s Infante, his strength did not seem to have increased significantly, but the improvement of his spirit and will could greatly help him break through the shackles of his realm.

Even Caspian felt that it was very likely that he could be promoted to the mid level of the first level of Heavenly Spirit Realm before the end of Spirit Severing Road.

He could naturally learn the inherited magical power of Heaven’s Edge Sect.

After all, the inherited magical power of Heaven’s Edge Sect was not something an ordinary magical power could compare with.

Each magical power was outstanding in magical powers of the same property.

Those who chose magical power compatible with his property would improve their strength by leaps and bounds once they succeeded.

As for Bright Moon Heart Technique, Caspian did not underestimate it.

This was also the unique cultivation method of Heaven’s Edge Sect.

After cultivation, it could help cultivators to improve the recovery speed of spiritual Qi, and at the same time, it could help cultivators to calm down and concentrate to assist the cultivation.

Caspian had received four rewards.

The following rewards were the most important.

He would receive an independent island for cultivation.

In the past, Caspian lived in houses one after another.

Although the house was maintained by formation and was independent of the void, its area was much larger than what it looked like on the surface.

However, in order to cultivate in this house, one had to abide by the many rules of Heaven’s Edge Sect. Now that he had become a Master and gained his own independent island, it was completely different.

The most significant change was that all things on this island could be used by him.

As long as he was strong enough, it would not be a problem for him to tear open a void crack on the island.

In short, Caspian was the owner of this island.

Even if he was unhappy, it didn’t matter if he blew up the whole island.

There would be elders in Heaven’s Edge Sect to restore the whole island for him.

As for the area of the island, there was no need to mention it.

In the original house, even if there was formation to expand the void, it could be three times bigger than before.

That was the limit.

Now, the island, which had no end at all, was more than a thousand times larger than a house.

As for how to build buildings on the island, there was no need for Caspian to worry about it.

After Caspian proposed the basic requirements, Heaven’s Edge Sect would send out Giant Spirit Beast to build a palace for him on the island in a few hours.

When Caspian lived in it, he could change the details by himself.

At this time, what Caspian needed to do was to choose his own island.

With a wave of the elder’s arm, the entire island map of Heaven’s Edge Sect appeared on the dome.

The elder waved his arm again, and one of the areas quickly expanded and appeared in front of Caspian.

In this area, there were many islands, at least nearly a thousand of them.

However, some of the islands were green and some were red.

The elder explained to Caspian, “The red islands have already been chosen by the disciples of Heavenly Spirit Realm, and the green islands are available… You can choose at will.

After you take a fancy to the island, I can show you the details of the island, and the size of the sea around the island belongs to you.”

“And the area of the sea?” Caspian was curious.

“That’s right…” Elder nodded.

“Normally, the Sea Area with a radius of at least a hundred miles belongs to you.

If you were lucky enough to have the spring of Spirit Spring in this Sea Area, then this spring would be yours.

No one else had the right to use it, let alone snatch it.

Anyone who tries to take it by force will violate the sect’s rules.

Not only will they be severely punished, but they will also be deducted merits!”

After listening to the Elder’s explanation, Caspian began to carefully check the island.

The shapes of these islands were very strange.

Some were square, some were like horses’ hooves, some were long, and some were like sea stars, all kinds of colors.

However, the overall area should not be much different.

In that case, the main difference is the island and the resources that occupy the Sea Area…

Caspian thought to himself.

At this moment, he remembered Bowen Pullman.

Bowen had once said that he knew how to look at people’s fate.

If he were here at this time, he might be able to see that which island was more abundant with spiritual Qi through the skill of looking at the fate.

Where there was abundant spiritual Qi, there must be more resources.

However, it was a pity that Bowen was on Spirit Severing Road with the others and could not help Caspian.

Just as Caspian was thinking about this, he glanced at the elder standing straight beside him.

Suddenly, Caspian thought of something and wondered why he himself suddenly became stupid.

Although Bowen is not here, Isn’t there a prepared Elder present?

The Elder was responsible for the selection of the islands.

Over time, he would naturally be more clear about the difference between the islands than himself.

After making up his mind, Caspian quietly observed the Elder.

Soon, Caspian made up his mind.

“Elder…” Caspian looked at the other party.

“Have you made your choice?” The elder asked with a smile.

“Excuse me, Elder, are you practicing the fire-property magical power?” After Caspian finished speaking, he immediately explained, “Because I see that although Elder’s aura is restrained, there seems to be a flame burning in your eyes.

It seems as if there is a blazing sun rotating in your body.

So I guess that Elder is practicing the fire-property of our sect…”

“Can you see that?” Elder’s eyes flashed and he said in surprise.

At the same time, he looked back and forth at Caspian.

“I’ve had a fortuitous encounter, so my Divine Sense is a little higher than those at the same level, so I’m a little more sensitive,” Caspian said.

This half-elder was actually the same as Caspian, and both of them were at the first level of Heavenly Spirit Realm.

He chose to become an Elder of Heaven’s Edge Sect and work for the sect after there was no hope of promotion.

In terms of realm, Caspian was equal to his.

In terms of status, Caspian would have a greater future, but the Half Elder’s Qi and blood had begun to dry up.

If he had not had a great opportunity in this life, he would have died when the oil was exhausted.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, even if the disciples who came here to choose the island were polite to him, they would only be polite on the surface.

Of course, the Elder could see that.

But today, he could feel that Caspian’s respect for him was from the bottom of his heart.

This touched him very much.

In addition, jade identification badge handed over by Caspian also indicated that the elder who examined Caspian was extraordinary.

It was very likely to be that elder.

To be recognized by that Elder meant that this disciple was not an ordinary person.

Therefore, at this time, this half-elder was also very interested in what Caspian wanted to say.

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