Chapter 1588

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As soon as he finished speaking, the wisp of Divine Sense of the Devil Prince directly drilled deeper into Caspian’s Divine Sense.

“Destroy your Divine Soul and occupy your body.

Don’t you have magic weapon to protect your body? Then I’d like to see who will take charge of this magic weapon when I become the owner of this body!”

Just as the Devil Prince was going deeper into Caspian’s sea of consciousness, the broken sword Moon in Mirror inside Earrings of Echo glowed with bright light.

It no longer looked like it was made of broken copper and broken iron.

The holy, bright, and clear light poured down like mercury, making the surroundings seem to be covered with a layer of silver.

Moon in Mirror hovered in the air above Tower of Life and shook slightly, as if it had responded to the words of the Devil Prince.

It’s… It’s indeed Moon in Mirror…

Although his body could not move, Caspian’s consciousness was clear at this moment.

Before the Gates of Hell recovered, he made a bet that Moon in Mirror would react at the critical moment.

The bet was right now.

Although until now, Caspian had not been able to exert the power of Moon in Mirror successfully.

However, when the body was controlled by the one behind the Gates of Hell, Caspian had seen it with his own eyes.

This seemingly tattered broken sword was a terrible magic weapon.

The power of this magic weapon was even beyond the current knowledge of Caspian. It had surpassed spirit tools and Dao tool!

When Moon in Mirror displayed its divine power, Caspian vaguely guessed that this broken sword could not only cut flesh and blood but also hurt the Divine Soul.

In addition, this was magic weapon left by his mother alone, so it was not placed in Tower of Life.

Therefore, Caspian bet that magic weapon, Moon in Mirror, could not only be used for his own use in the future, but also for his own protection talisman at this time.

Without the latter effect, Caspian could not think of any other reason why his mother could give this magic weapon to him before he reached a certain level.

From the current situation, at least until now, he had not taken the wrong step. However, the actual situation was still a little different from what Caspian had imagined in advance.

In the beginning, Caspian estimated that when the Grand Devil Prince tried to destroy his Devine Soul and occupy his body, Moon in Mirror would take the initiative to kill the other side’s Devine Soul.

But now, Moon in Mirror had only sealed the wisp of the Divine Soul of the Devil Prince in his body.

Although the connection between the divine soul and its real body was cut off, this big problem was not solved at the moment.

Just as Caspian was deep in thought and thinking about what to do next, the wisp of the Divine Soul of the Devil Prince had already reached the deepest part of his sea of consciousness as if it had broken into a state of no one else.

“I want to plant a demonic seed deep within your sea of consciousness, let it take root and sprout, grow into a demonic core, completely turn you into a chess piece and puppet in my hands!”

The Grand Devil Prince grinned hideously.

“In this process, you will suffer a fate worse than death.

You could clearly feel how your divine soul was being devoured bit by bit.

How did your body slowly fall into my hands and become a plaything?”

“If your Devine Soul is strong enough, you may be able to see how I use your body to kill your clansmen!”

Just as he was laughing proudly, the Devil Prince suddenly exclaimed as if he had discovered something amazing.

“Hey, what’s this? How could there be such a thing in your sea of consciousness?”

At this moment, what appeared in the sight of the Devil Prince was a simple and unadorned door full of vicissitudes of life.

The door was now mottled and cracked.

It was like ruins, which had been abandoned for a long time, stopping here.

A black Qi suddenly condensed in the depths of sea of consciousness of Caspian. The next moment, it turned into a burly man in black armor.

This man’s face seemed to be folded in the void, twisting and constantly shaking, making it hard for others to see his face. However, an evil and cold aura around him represented his identity.

This was the image formed by the Grand Devil Prince’s Divine Soul.

It was clear that the appearance of such a lofty gate in Caspian’s sea of consciousness made him a bit confused.

This feeling was like a man walking in a boundless desert.

Suddenly, he saw a big snowman full of festive atmosphere smiling at him.

But soon, as if he had figured out the whole story, the devil prince smiled grimly and said, “I know! This is your adventure.

I can feel that your Divine Soul is many times stronger than ordinary cultivators.

I can even make a bold guess.

No cultivators at the same level have a stronger Divine Soul than you!”

“And the power of your Divine Soul comes from this door.

You must have obtained the inheritance of a certain cultivator.

Now I want you to see how I destroy your immortal fate!”

“I advise you not to do this…” At this time, Caspian’s body rang.

Because it was in his sea of consciousness, Caspian could clearly see at this moment that since he found that the Gates of Hell showed signs of recovery in the Evil Mountain Range last time, it seemed that there was a gratifying change this time.

It should be known that the last time he saw the Gates of Hell, it gave people a feeling that it was on the verge of collapse and might collapse at any time.

But this time, it had regained its vitality.

Caspian could even see that in the crack of the door frame, there was a dark red color trembling slightly.

Out of responsibility for himself, Caspian still sincerely advised the devil prince.

“You really don’t have to do this.

It’s not good for you and me…”

At this moment, Caspian’s idea was very clear.

The Grand Devil Prince’s Divine Sense was sealed within his body.

If he could think of a way to refine it with the help of the power of Moon in Mirror, it would be good to strengthen and temper his Divine Soul.

In short, he had to make use of it.

Otherwise, it would be a pity. And if the Grand Devil Prince, wanted to die, go and provoke the one behind the Gates of Hell.

Although it was not clear whether the man behind Gates of Hell was dead or alive now.

“But if you really provoke him, he will kill you…”

Caspian’s goal of strengthening his Divine Soul would definitely not be realized.

“Because according to that man’s temper, if you dare to provoke him and he doesn’t beat you, there will be something wrong with that guy.

You really can’t touch it…” Thinking of this, Caspian kindly reminded the Devil Prince.

The Devil Prince obviously misunderstood the meaning of Caspian. He let out a sinister laugh and suddenly raised his hand.

In an instant, a demonic claw, as big as a mountain, smashed toward the Gates of Hell with a loud bang.


The next moment, the demonic claw seemed to have hit an invisible barrier.

It stopped a few inches away from the Gates of Hell and could no longer press forward.

“What… Are you doing?”

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