Chapter 1538

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When he walked past the crowd, Caspian seemed to ask casually, “Which sect did the cultivator who hurt you come from?”

Zoila immediately replied, “It’s the Limit Gate of more than 30,000 kilometers from Same Spirit City.”

“The Limit Gate?” Caspian suddenly stopped and turned around to ask in confusion.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the room suddenly became nervous.

They thought that Caspian had some scruples after hearing that the other party was a sect.

After a moment of hesitation, Que White asked, “Master Montgomery, is there anything wrong with the Limit Gate? Is it inconvenient?”

“When they come, call me.

Just in time, there’s an account to settle.” Caspian snorted softly.

Hearing what he said, everyone’s depressed mood was immediately restored.

Judging from Caspian’s tone, it seemed that there was a conflict between him and the Limit Gate.

It seemed that asking him for help was right.

With this idea, when Que White led Caspian to the front, he seemed as light as a swallow.

Caspian couldn’t help wondering if this person had eaten the wrong elixirs.

Originally, Caspian thought that Que White would lead him forward for a period of time.

But Que White didn’t leave the old house of the White family at all.

He led the way and stopped in a small courtyard next to the small building where the supreme elder lived.

The distance between the two sides was less than 300 meters.

“So close?” Caspian asked.

“Yes.” Que White nodded.

“This was arranged by our ancestors at that time, in order to prevent others from spying on us.

Your Highness, please…” Que White made a gesture.

As soon as he stepped into the yard, Caspian immediately felt the fluctuations of spiritual Qi around him.

“Formation…” Caspian kept a straight face and observed carefully.

Soon, he recognized the formation covering the courtyard.

This was a Chaos Formation that covered an area of more than ten acres!

Obviously, the White family member who set up this formation was also a formation expert.

Caspian asked about this person immediately.

Que White did not hide anything, indicating that there had indeed been two clansmen with extremely high attainments in formation in the White family Ancestor Realm.

The person who set up the formation here was a head of the family from hundreds of years ago in the White family.

This head of the family was extremely talented.

Not only was his talent for cultivation amazing, but he also had a talent far beyond ordinary people in formation and alchemy. Moreover, he was not only the one who set up formation here.

The secret place protected by these formations was also discovered by this head of the family.

In other words, it was at that time that the rise of the White family was officially opened from this head of the family.

Listening to Que White’s introduction of the White family secrets, the two of them kept walking.

As a head of the family, Que White naturally knew how to safely pass through the Chaos Formation.

Before long, they arrived at the center of the yard.

In the middle of the yard was a pond.

Of course, because of fantasy array, it could not be seen from the outside.

Caspian peeked into the courtyard from the outside and saw only a desolate courtyard.

As for the pond, he could not see it at all.

With Que White’s hint, he looked into the pond.

All of a sudden, his eyes narrowed.

The pond wasn’t that big, just like how the rich in the mundane world kept fish.

The overall area was only about two rooms.

However, at this moment, there was no water flowing in the pond.

Instead, it was a purplish-black color.

Looking at the purple-black color, Caspian did not speak for a long time.

After a long while, he said, “The void crack…”

What was stored in the pond was not a Heaven Treasure or Earth Treasure, but a crack in the void.

“Master Montgomery is indeed a well-known master.

You recognized it at once.” Que White praised sincerely.

“In this way, I don’t have to explain.”

Caspian nodded thoughtfully.

He guessed in advance that the secret place mentioned by the White family might be a treasure or a secret realm.

But he didn’t expect that it was such a thing.

The void would be torn apart under certain circumstances due to the collision, pressure, or other reasons.

If a cultivator could cross these cracks and reach the other end, they would often appear in another place.

This place might be next to this crack, or it could also be in an indescribable distance, or even further away.

It was possible to reach a place that had not been reached by the predecessors.

Amethyst Palace Realm cultivators to tear the void and reach 10,000 miles with one step was exactly this principle.

However, Amethyst Palace Realm cultivators tore the void for a purpose, so they could know their destination.

However, due to the space-time squeezing and tearing, this type of crack was created.

No one knew where the other end led to.

However, it was obvious that the White family ancestors were extremely lucky.

The place they could reach through the Void Crack they found must be at the level of a Treasure Vault.

After careful observation, Caspian asked, “Did you get those exotic minerals and produce that can improve the elemental properties of cultivator from here?”

“Yes,” Que White nodded.

“Where does this lead to?” Caspian was curious.

He had just reached out a little closer to the pond.

Obviously, with his current strength, it was difficult for him to even get close to the void crack, let alone cross it.

The closer his palm got to the pond, the more he felt a repulsive force.

When his palm was two feet away from the pond, the void had condensed into an iron plate, preventing him from moving forward.

Hearing Caspian’s question, Que White looked embarrassed.

He shook his head and said, “This, even I, head of the family of the White family, don’t know…”

After a pause, Que White explained in detail, “According to the rules of the White family, clansmen pass through the void crack regularly and bring back natural precious materials within the time limit.

However, they absolutely can’t reveal where the other end of the void crack is.

They can’t reveal it to the clansmen at all.”

A look of shame appeared on Que White’s face.

“Although I’m a head of the family now, my realm is low, so I can’t go through the void crack.

Therefore, I can’t bring back the Heaven Treasures and Earth Treasures for my tribesmen to use.

I don’t even know where the other end of the void crack is.”

“And… The supreme elder doesn’t know either?” Caspian asked.

“Yes, I’ve asked the supreme elder.

She said that it wasn’t that she didn’t want to tell me, but that she didn’t know either,” Que White replied and added, “The supreme elder said that if one wants to pass through the Void Crack, one has to be at least at the Third Stage of Heavenly Spirit Realm before one can do it… And it can only be done, and it can’t be guaranteed whether one can come back safely.”

“Huh?” Caspian looked at Que White for a while before asked, “That is to say, after some of your clansmen entered, they didn’t come out again?”

“Yes.” Que White nodded.

“But there are very few people.

There may not be one out of ten, but as long as they haven’t come back, there will be records in the clan.

Let me think about it, in my impression…”

Que White looked up at the sky, thought for a moment, and said, “There are only three people who haven’t come back yet.

Maybe something unexpected happened when they passed through this space crack…”

“Yes, I understand.” Caspian nodded.

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