Chapter 1425

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‘Treasure House, Paradise…’

Caspian recalled all the information he had taken out from Valdis’ memory.

He was facing the sea with a little melancholy.

‘Before going to Evil Mountain Range, shall I take a walk along the way?’ Caspian was depressed about this issue.

There was not much information on the situation in Evil Mountain Range yet.

According to his character, he had to be more prepared for things that he didn’t understand, in case of accidents.

This was also the biggest reason why he was able to make it to the present state on the path of immortality.

Although it was necessary to be reckless at times, most of the time, it was better to be down-to-earth and keep the rhythm in his hands.

Especially now that he had lost the biggest reliance, the guy behind the Gates of Hell, Caspian had to be more cautious in his actions.

Sighing, Caspian was silent for a while.

Then he made a decision.

‘I’m not going to clean up all of the treasuries in Valdis Goth…’

According to the current information Caspian had received, there were a total of 32 treasure troves in Valdis Goth.

Some of them were guarded, but most of them were not guarded by special people.

On the way to Evil Mountain Range, if Caspian took a little detour, he could pass by several treasure houses without delay.

At present, he did not have too many resources.

For the sake of safety, Caspian decided to take some treasures along the way to protect himself.

Caspian naturally used the word “take” in his heart at this moment.

All the treasures were all surnamed Montgomery after all.

After making up his mind, Caspian estimated the time and distance in his heart and then took out a spirit boat again.

The spirit boat that Caspian had been driving before was destroyed by magical power of Valdis Goth.

It plunged into the sea like a big sieve.

But, he didn’t lack spirit boats at all, so he didn’t search that spirit boat.

What’s more, a spirit boat had been destroyed by Valdis, but Caspian had got more from it.

Furthermore, Caspian was carrying with him more than five spirit boats.

The spirit boat he had just taken out had the clan insignia on it.

After wiping it off, Caspian drove spirit boat towards the coordinates that Herd Norman and Sunshine Lydia had made before.

The original plan of Caspian was to arrive half a day earlier.

However, after being ambushed by Valdis, it could be said that Caspian was taught a lesson or inspired.

Caspian obviously sped up, and he did not consider the loss of his spirit boat.

So he arrived at the appointed location before noon on February 12th.

Looking around at the surging seawater and the star-like rocks, he looked around and soon made up his mind.

After putting away the spirit boat, Caspian began to get busy.


Time passed quickly.

A day and a half passed.

It was noon on the 13th of February.

Because it had rained in the morning, the sky was blue, as if it had been washed by water.

The sea and heaven seemed to be connected together, giving people a vast and refreshing feeling.

However, Solid Dragon, who was flying in the air, looked unhappy.

He disliked the fact that Herd Norman and Sunshine Lydia’s spirit boat were flying too slowly.

As a Master, the moment Solid Dragon was successfully promoted, he began to pay special attention to his image.

Master naturally should look like a Master.

Now that he was Heavenly Spirit Realm, he had to bid farewell to the nonentity he used to be in Holy Land Realm. Therefore, Solid Dragon did not ride on Herd Norman and Sunshine Lydia’s spirit boat.

In his eyes, their spirit boat was no longer worthy of his identity.

Moreover, if he was riding the same spirit boat as Herd Norman and Sunshine Lydia of Holy Land Realm.

Thinking of this, Solid Dragon felt that it was really harmful to his status.

Therefore, what he was riding now was the flying magic weapon awarded to him by the Grape Myrtle Sect after he was promoted to Heavenly Spirit Realm, a pair of wings that could reach 20 feet under his feet.

This was the benefit of joining the Grape Myrtle Sect.

According to the rules of the Grape Myrtle Sect, as long as the disciples were promoted by a realm, they would receive corresponding rewards.

The higher the realm, the more generous the reward would be.

When cultivators were promoted to Heavenly Spirit Realm, the Grape Myrtle Sect also offered several rewards, but the disciples who were promoted could only choose one of them.

After a comparison, Solid Dragon chose the wings.

It was not that the other treasures were not as good as the wings, but that the wings looked the brightest.

It was just like how the first thing the poor people did after they became rich in the secular world was to forge a golden chain and hang it around their necks.

The thicker the chain was, the better, as if they were afraid that others would not see it.

Solid Dragon’s mentality was similar to that of showing off.

‘Hah! Who knows what benefits you have got after you take elixirs?’

But if a group of cultivators stood there and he stepped on such holy and noble wings, everyone’s attention would naturally be focused on him.

Solid Dragon enjoyed the feeling of being the center of attention.

In front of Herd Norman and Sunshine Lydia, Solid Dragon was showing off his flying wings, but he seemed that he was dressed up as a beautiful woman for blind people to see.

Moreover, he felt that he had suffered a great loss.

If it hadn’t been for the sake of maintaining the dignity of a Master, who would show his noble flying wings in front of these two nonentities of Holy Land Realm?

Thinking of this, Solid Dragon became more and more dissatisfied.

“Can’t you let this spirit boat fly a little faster?” Solid Dragon frowned, took out the majesty of Master, and said to Herd Norman and Sunshine Lydia coyly.

Under the pressure, Herd Norman and Sunshine Lydia, who were standing on the deck, found it hard to breathe.

In the end, Sunshine Lydia braced herself and said, “Master Dragon, our spirit boat… Can’t be faster.”

They had addressed Solid Dragon as Senior Brother Kubang in the past, but now, anyone who didn’t call him master would be punished immediately.

“Tsk, what rubbish are you using?” Solid Dragon spat and squinted at spirit boat.

“You are so slow, and wasting my time.

If the Rainbow-Penetrating Eagle leaves because of your delay, you’ll be finished! If it weren’t for the Rainbow-piercing Eagle, I wouldn’t have followed you here today!”

“I don’t know whether you feel ashamed or not.

You are too slow!”

Listening to Solid Dragon’s constant curses, Herd Norman and Sunshine Lydia lowered their heads, as if they had done something wrong and admitted their mistakes.

However, there was a sharp light in their eyes.

After a while, when Solid Dragon stopped talking, Sunshine Lydia raised her head.

At this time, her face was already full of grievance and pity, and her voice was small and soft, “But, but Master Dragon, the Rainbow-piercing Eagle was discovered by us first.

We were hoping that your wings would improve even more, so we immediately sent this message to you…”

“We have good intentions…” Tears welled up in Sunshine Lydia’s eyes as she spoke.

She looked as if she was about to cry.

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