Chapter 1401

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Riding the chessboard of heaven and earth, Caspian flew all the way forward.

He was not randomly flying in a random direction.

The continent was vast.

If one was unlucky to fly around randomly, it was possible that one would not see a town for several months.

Caspian had seen groups of businessmen passing by when he was in Stone Drake Village.

There must be a town in the direction of the caravan.

Therefore, there was absolutely nothing wrong with flying in that direction.

Just as Caspian had expected, he arrived at a small town two days later.

In the town, cultivators with the highest realm were just Pulse Control Realm cultivators.

When Caspian went to ask about the location, cultivators in the town naturally told him everything.

Soon, he knew that he was in the territory of Efrax of Golden Mountain.

If the Three Sages Mountain was compared to the three Efraxs, then Ucror, Earlington of Efrax, and Efrax of the Golden Mountain were almost connected with each other.

There was a city about four or five days transportation away from the town.

The Transmitting Array could be used in the city.

The four or five days mentioned by cultivators in the town took more than a day for Caspian to arrive.

After revealing his identity as a disciple of Lunia’s Heaven’s Edge Sect, he used the teleportation array in the city without any obstruction.

In fact, the city lord of a city in Efrax was only a cultivator who had just entered Holy Land Realm.

After learning that there was a disciple of Upper Kingdom’s Sect passing through this place and that his realm was higher, the City Lord decisively invited Caspian to use the transmission formation that was specially used by the City Lord.

After several teleportation, Caspian successfully arrived at the border of Lunia.

He had already known the location of Flame Gordon’s mansion through telepathic jade beforehand.

After another round of traveling, Caspian finally arrived at the mansion at the end of January and met everyone.

This trip to the Three Sages Mountain was a narrow escape.

It was a hundred times more dangerous than he had expected.

Nearly 90% of cultivators who had entered Black Soul City died and their bones could not even be found.

There was no shortage of people like Caspian’s team was a miracle.

There was even an increase on the basis of the original number of people.

In the courtyard that Flame Gordon had specially prepared for everyone, the eyes of Jessica, Yvonne, Lady Maisie, and others turned red the moment they saw Caspian.

Xander, Omar, and others hugged Caspian hard and patted each other on the back.

There was no need to say too much between brothers.

Little Candy threw itself into Caspian’s arms.

Its fluffy head rubbed against Caspian’s and kept acting like a spoiled child.

Handsome jumped onto Caspian’s shoulder and jumped up and down, shouting that in order to celebrate Caspian’s return tonight, it must eat more than ten roast Brute Bulls.

Ever since it displayed its ability to speak in Black Soul City, Handsome no longer hid anything. The main reason was that Handsome had recognized everyone in Black Soul City.

Standing outside the crowd, Bowen Pullman had wanted to say hello to Caspian. After all, he and Caspian were old friends and Caspian saved him this time, and strictly speaking, Caspian saved him twice.

But when he saw Caspian, his eyes widened and his lips trembled.

He couldn’t speak for a long time.

“Hmm? What’s wrong with this fellow?” Caspian turned to ask the crowd in confusion when he noticed that there was something wrong with Bowen.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

The expression on Bowen Pullman’s face was truly odd.

“Caspian! You’ve changed!” Just as the crowd was still in confusion, Bowen suddenly let out a sharp cry.

His round eyes were no longer filled with surprise, but with an indescribable light.

It was like a money fan seeing a treasure, a greedy man seeing delicious food, and a pervert seeing a beautiful woman.

The next moment, he rushed to Caspian with snot and tears.

Of course, Caspian didn’t allow Bowen to pounce on him.

He took a step to the side, leaving Bowen empty-handed.

“Caspian, you’re finally back! Don’t you know how much I’ve been missing you lately? I can’t eat or sleep and I can’t even focus on my training.

I’ve been thinking about where you are, how you’re doing, why I haven’t seen you, have you encountered any danger?”

“Why haven’t you come back yet? If you don’t come back, I’ll look for you.

But in fact, I also know that you are so powerful.

From the first time I saw you, I felt that you were the king of men and the strongest among immortals, so there would be no big danger.”

“Danger is just a piece of cake in front of you.

I admire you so much!”

“When I was cultivating in Dark Moon Sect, every time I met with difficulties and was depressed, I would take a bath and burn incense.

Then I took out a small note and wrote down the word “Caspian” on it! Your name is the motivation to encourage me to move forward, the pillar of my spirit, and the lamp to illuminate my life…”

Seeing that Bowen didn’t even breathe when he was saying this, everyone was stunned.

This guy was so concerned about Caspian?

This guy actually regarded Caspian as an example?

They really didn’t see it at all before.

It turned out that this guy, who made people feel a little frivolous, was more exaggerated in his heart!

Everyone’s mouths gradually opened, and even their little tongues could be seen.

Even Little Candy seemed to be frightened at this moment and crawled into Caspian’s arms.

At this moment, the only thing that could be heard in the entire courtyard was the passionate voice of Bowen.

When Caspian saw that the other party had said so much without pausing and did not seem to have any intention of stopping, he looked at Bowen and interrupted him mercilessly, “Speak human language…”

“Uh…” Bowen immediately paused.

He looked at Caspian again guiltily.

When he saw Caspian looking sideways at him, his neck shrank.

“This is the belief from my life…”

Before he could say the last word, Caspian said lightly, “Hmm?”

A sharp sense of coldness came to Bowen’s face. His head immediately shrank as he shrugged his shoulders and jumped back ten feet.

He said loudly, “The Death Qi that is surrounding you has gone! I can’t see it at all!”


This voice was extremely abrupt and everyone present was immediately stunned.

They did not know what Bowen meant by saying such a foolish sentence.

However, Caspian’s eyes suddenly lit up.

After being stunned for a while, Yvonne suddenly opened her eyes wide with joy.

The two of them were the only ones present when they had inadvertently rescued Bowen in Black Soul City.

As such, only Caspian and Yvonne could understand what Bowen meant.

Bowen had once said that the fate of Caspian had been entangled by a Death Qi.

If Caspian didn’t solve this problem, he probably wouldn’t be able to live much longer.

But now, Caspian proved with his performance that the Death Qi that cut off his fate was gone!

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