Chapter 1377

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The village chief was stunned by Caspian’s words.

Because Caspian was right.

This was precisely the current situation of Stone Drake Village, including the nearby villages.

Seeing how interested Caspian was, Village Chief tentatively asked, “You seem to be very good at these things and have similar experiences?”

“I don’t think so,” Caspian shook his head.

“These are all obvious.

They should have nothing to do with whether I have similar experiences.”

“Obvious?” Village Chief was stunned again.

Was this person really losing his memory?

Was it the first time he came to Stone Drake Village, or had he come before?

For a moment, Village Chief, who boasted that he was well-informed and was the most intelligent elder in Stone Drake Village, realized that he didn’t understand Caspian.

In fact, at this time, Caspian felt as if something had revived in his mind.

A feeling that was about to emerge was constantly brewing in his mind. However, this feeling was a little like a thread that couldn’t be found at the end of the line at this time, which seemed to be a mess.

‘As long as I find the end of the line, then all of my memories should be restored…’ Caspian said firmly in his heart.

After greeting Village Chief, he walked towards the village entrance.

There were not many people near the village entrance at this time.

Caspian planned to find a place to sit quietly for a while to see if he could recover his memory faster.

Looking at Caspian’s back as he left, Village Chief couldn’t help but feel a little melancholic, “Sigh, it looks like what I said just now made him recall something.

In the end, he’s also a pitiful person… After such a long time, there was no news of his companions.

Perhaps all his companions had been killed by the bandits…”

“In this case, if I were him, I would rather not remember what happened in the past so that I would be sad.”

Shaking his head, Village Chief calmed down and temporarily put this emotion aside.

After all, managing all the affairs in the village was what he should do.

In particular, there had been a lot of caravans passing by the village recently.

Although Stone Drake Village was not a big village on the periphery of Dragon Spine Mountain, because of Village Chief ‘s existence as a warrior, some villagers who could fight with bandits had been trained by him over the years.

For example, at the back of the village, there were more than 20 children in their twenties, who were facing the wooden stake, waving their fists and making sounds.

Next to them was a strong middle-aged man who was introducing the difference between stages of True Martial Realm to them.

In Village Chief’s eyes, these people were all the future forces of Stone Drake Village.


Once a person was busy, time would pass very quickly.

Soon, the morning passed and it was noon.

Throughout the morning, Caspian was meditating on a stone outside the village.

The scene in his mind flashed faster and faster.

The scene in his mind flashed faster and faster.

Some faces that were unfamiliar and familiar also appeared in his mind many times.

There was a beautiful and proud girl, a thin but delicate girl like a porcelain doll, and a woman full of sisterly tenderness… It even included some embarrassing scenes.

‘These people should be very close to me.

Well, I can now remember their appearance… Their names… Yes, and my name… My origin… Huh?’

He was trying hard to organize all kinds of thoughts in his mind when Caspian suddenly felt something.

He also did not know how to do it.

At least from his current point of view, it was like this.

He flipped his wrist and a bell appeared in his palm.

As soon as the bell appeared in Caspian’s hand, he saw a yellow light on the surface of the bell.

He was wondering where the bell came from and why it shone. He suddenly realized that this was a warning, indicating that danger was approaching.

“Huh?” Caspian’s eyes widened and he muttered to himself, “Do I still have this ability?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a loud bang from a distance.

The sound caused the ground to shake.

Caspian stopped looking at the bell and stood up from the stone.

He then saw that not only him, but also the villagers nearby, including the businessmen who had just arrived not long ago and were resting, all stopped what they were doing and looked into the distance in surprise.

The entire Stone Drake Village was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard.


Another sound…

The sound was like thunder crashing into the ground.

The tremor on the ground was much more intense than before.

“Wow!” In the village, a child’s cry was heard.

The horses in charge of pulling the carriage neighed as if they had gone mad.

They broke free of the reins and ran away in a short time.

The carriages fell to the ground, and suddenly, it was in chaos.

Everyone’s faces were full of panic.

Caspian turned around and saw Village Chief rushing towards the village entrance, surrounded by a few strong youths.

Village Chief only took a glance at Caspian that was standing in a conspicuous position, and then immediately looked in the direction where the voice came from.

That was in the direction of Dragon Spine Mountain.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the mountain had collapsed.

However, when Village Chief arrived, the roar suddenly stopped.

Everyone held their breath and waited for the voice to ring again, but after waiting for a long time, there was no movement.

They looked at each other in dismay. They couldn’t help but laugh when they thought of the panic on their faces and the chaos on the scene.

But, with another earth-shaking bang, the smile that had just been revealed froze on everyone’s face. The roar this time was not only loud, but also much closer to the previous two sounds.

Caspian could even see the ups and downs of the ground.

Meanwhile, in the village, waves of exclamations could be heard.

Everyone hurriedly turned around and saw that the village seemed to have just collapsed.

If it was an earthquake, it would never be so rhythmic.

Because of this, everyone was confused and frightened.

“What the hell is going on?”

Just as everyone was puzzled, the tip of a mountain in the distance suddenly broke with a bang and fell down.

At the same time, a deafening roar rang out again.

This mountain peak was extremely close to the village, less than thirty kilometers away.

Below the mountain peak was the only way to enter the Dragon Spine Mountain.

Under everyone’s gaze, the tip of the mountain was like a meteorite falling from the sky.

At the same time, a lot of trees were crushed like wheat.

In the crackling sound, broken woods flew in all directions and smoke and dust rolled.

They rushed to the air more than a hundred feet high, like thousands of troops and horses.

A large area of the woods was suddenly swallowed up by smoke and dust, which was shocking.

This scene immediately stunned all the mortals present, and they all stood there in a daze.

The next moment, an even more shocking scene appeared.

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