Chapter 1344

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“In the future, if someone deliberately uses some methods to learn your past, then this person is your enemy,” The woman said.

Caspian listened carefully.

Just as he was about to hear her say something more, the woman smiled and said, “I Just want to tell you this…”

“Oh? No more?” Caspian blinked in confusion.

“Yes, that’s all,” The woman smiled and said, ”Now can you tell me what you’ve experienced over the years?”

The woman touched Caspian’s hair, and her tone was full of tenderness.

“Because I think my little Caspian has really grown up.”

‘Little Caspian’, it had been a long time since Caspian had heard this name.

He took a deep breath, pondered for a moment, and began to tell the story from the moment he entered the Lawrence family of Evergreen Town.


The wind was still blowing gently, rolling up peach blossoms in the forest from time to time, dancing and falling in the air.

Outside the arched door, a figure with the same appearance as Caspian showed a thoughtful look on his face.

From Evergreen Town to Dark Moon Sect Trial Test, to entering Heavenly Stars Sect, to the nation’s official religion election, to today’s trip to Three Sages Mountain.

Caspian explained to his mother in detail.

The woman also listened carefully.

She looked at Caspian as if she wanted to engrave every word Caspian said in her heart.

During this period, Caspian wanted to stop several times to ask why the other party left at that time.

But in the end, he held back.

After that, Caspian took a long breath and said, “Then, I am here…”

“Three Life Mountain, Three Life Mountain…” The woman winked at Caspian. “Do you still remember what I just said to you?”

“That old b*stard… No, that’s not right!” Caspian’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

What his mother had just said to him was that someone had deliberately used some means to understand his past. Although the old man knew his past through the old man’s strange ability, the other party did not do it on purpose.

It was a coincidence that the two sides met in the Three Sages Mountain.

If it was really intentional, then the Crape Myrtle Sect, which proposed the trial test of the Three Sages Mountain and stirred up the wind and rain, was the most suspicious.

With this in mind, a lot of information in Caspian’s mind began to connect.

“Because I heard that the emperor destroyed the 12 countries and got all the exotic minerals and produce from the 12 countries, I think that the Crape Myrtle Sect wants the treasures from the 12 countries first… But if it weren’t for this…”

A bright light flashed across Caspian’s eyes.

But, the ground under his feet suddenly shook.

“What’s wrong?” Caspian asked hurriedly.

The woman didn’t seem surprised at all.

She smiled and reached out her hand in front of Caspian, touching his cheek. His mother’s hands were delicate and warm.

“This is the sign that it is the time,” the woman said softly.

“What time… What the hell is going on?” Caspian grabbed the woman’s hand.

The ground under his feet shook more and more violently.

“I’m very satisfied that the power of three lives can send you here and I can see the future you walk forward step by step…” The woman smiled, and tears flowed out.

“Mother! What the hell is going on?” An unprecedented fear rose in Caspian’s heart.

He was not afraid of death, but he was afraid of losing it again.

“The previous life, the present life, and the future life… The memory of the present life has ended.

You are going to go to the previous life,” The woman took Caspian’s hand.

“My previous life…” Caspian took a deep breath, and a touch of firmness appeared in his eyes.

“Mom, where am I going so that I can see you again? We will meet again, right? You are still alive! Edgar said that you were taken away, and you are not dead!”

“Carson had also said that Grand Pure Emperor of Crape Myrtle Sect knew about the Glory City! You’re in Glory City, aren’t you? Then Grand Pure Emperor…”


There was a sudden clap of thunder in the sky.

Suddenly, Caspian found that the surrounding world began to collapse.

The woman let go of Caspian’s hand with a smile and took a step back.

“Mother, wait for me.

I will see you again!” Caspian shouted.

The woman’s tears flowed freely and she nodded hard, “I’ll wait for you.

My child, I believe you…”

Caspian opened his mouth, wanting to say something more.

However, another boom rang out, and the entire world exploded into a huge black hole.

He fell into the black hole.

This fall didn’t last long.

He soon felt a dazzling light coming from his back.

After a while, he suddenly saw something.

It was still the blue sky and white clouds.

But, there were all kinds of bleak feelings in the sky.

And his body was still falling.

After another period of time, Caspian fell into a big river.

The river was very deep.

But for him, Caspian was just a bystander, so falling and river water would have no impact on him.

After a few strokes in the river, he was about to float to the surface of the water when he suddenly saw that the upper stream of the river was as black as ink, like a big net rushing toward the downstream where he was.

In the river, a large number of fish were fleeing downstream in panic.

“What’s that?” Caspian narrowed his eyes and looked over.



The sound of footsteps came from the empty and quiet palace.

Star Nelson narrowed her eyes slightly, clenched the long sword in her hand, and continued to walk forward.

Before long, when she saw a dozen figures standing in front of her, she subconsciously pulled out her sword.

But soon, she found that the dozen figures did not seem to notice her arrival at all.

Everyone stood there with their backs to her, motionless.

However, she could confirm that they were all alive.

Because she could feel the temperature of these people, as well as the breathing and heartbeat of living people.

“These must be the people I saw at the bottom of the stairs,” Star thought.

Although she didn’t know the reason why the other party didn’t move, she still held the hilt carefully and walked forward.

After getting closer, she found that these cultivators who came in here before her seemed to be standing and sleeping at this moment.

Everyone closed their eyes and breathed slowly.

Not only cultivators, but also the three demons were sleeping soundly.

If they were not in such a creepy palace, then this scene could indeed be described as quiet and peaceful.

Star glanced around.

She then saw a familiar face.

‘It’s that guy…'” She narrowed her eyes and walked up to Caspian.

Caspian also closed his eyes and breathed slowly.

Obviously, he had fallen into a deep sleep.

‘So… This guy is here…’ Star sneered and pulled out her long sword.

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