Chapter 1314

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This unexpected turn of events happened all of a sudden without any warning.

The rolling sword light, with infinite killing intent, smashed the void into mud in an instant and engulfed it in an instant.

In the distance, Yvonne’s breathing came to a halt while Jessica’s body stiffened.

Bowen widened his eyes and straightened his body.

The next moment, three people stepped out of chakram in mid-air.

One was dressed in yellow, the other in a serious look, and the other in a beard.

The three of them each stepped on a flying magic weapon.

Seeing Caspian being swallowed by the rolling sword light, the bearded Bob Whale smirked proudly.

With a raise of his arm, a Formation Flag embroidered with mysterious patterns was held in his hand.

He kept waving the formation flag in the air.

Immediately, the scene between heaven and earth in the distance seemed to be slowly pulled apart.

A vast number of figures rushed over from behind the scenes.

There were at least a few thousand figures rushing toward them.

Each of them was blazing with vigor.

Obviously, they had been the cultivators watching the battle and waiting for a long time!

“Fantasy array…” Jessica murmured, her heart trembling.

Seeing this scene, she understood.

These cultivators had been waiting outside the Corpse Tide.

Some of them had already sneaked in to observe the battle situation.

Seeing that the Nation Master was killed, they immediately wanted to attack Caspian to seize the Eight Divine Ruler.

Although it was very possible that they were not clear for the time being that the Eight Divine Ruler was a useful magic weapon, from the previous situation, they could guess that the Eight Divine Ruler was a key item to open the restriction formation and go to the upper palace.

Just as Jessica, Yvonne, and Bowen were in a daze because of this change, several figures silently revealed a shallow outline on the ground behind them.

For a moment, they did not notice anything.

In the next moment, one big net after another was thrown down.

They immediately bound the three people that were caught off guard.

Yvonne felt a sudden change.

Just as she was about to react, she suddenly felt all kinds of strange forces rushing towards her from all directions, making her unable to twist her body at will.

“This net is weird!”

Yvonne immediately changed her method, wanting to run her spiritual Qi.

However, spiritual Qi in her body seemed to have been cut off at this moment.

As soon as it rushed out of the Qi Sea in her Dantian, it disappeared silently.

A green light appeared on the surface of the net that bound her.

The light suddenly appeared and disappeared like smoke, forming a thin layer, seeping into the net and attaching itself to her.

Seeing this, as well as thinking back to the feeling she had just felt, Yvonne’s face instantly changed.

She couldn’t help but cry out in surprise, “Qi breaker Bro!”

Jessica and Bowen were also trapped by the same technique.

Their bodies couldn’t move, and their spiritual Qi couldn’t run.

At first, they could struggle and twist a few times on the ground.

But after a few breaths, only their eyes could turn and their breathing could move.

Several figures finally emerged from the ground behind them.

These figures were almost transparent at first, and they were lying on the ground like geckos.

When they saw that Jessica and the rest were tightly tied, they immediately appeared.

The leader, with a long braid, looked up at the dense sword light in the air, which was as bright as a river of stars.

Then, he looked down at Jessica and the others and said coldly, “The Seven Treasures Glazed Net can lock the bones, break spiritual Qi, and destroy the vitality.

You guys can’t get rid of it.”

“Senior Brother Dodol…” At this moment, a young man in a green shirt behind the cultivator took a step forward and kicked Bowen hard when he saw that Bowen was staring at him.

Then, he continued to say to the cultivator, “These people are all injured and extremely weak.

We can just kill them.

What’s the point of capturing them alive?”

“Of course it’s useful.” Senior Brother Dodol glanced at the young man and explained calmly, ”The guy in the air is very likely to be a disciple of the Heaven’s Edge Sect.”

“What?” The green-shirted young man was shocked when he heard this.

He was just a cultivator of Efrax family.

Lunia and the Heaven’s Edge Sect were still unparalleled and sacred in his eyes.

When the young man thought that the person he was going to deal with was actually a disciple of the Heaven’s Edge Sect, he was surprised, scared, and a little excited.

The young man in green and the others were so shocked that they stuck out their tongues, which satisfied Senior Brother Dodol.

With a cold laugh, Senior Brother Dodol stomped his foot on Bowen’s stomach and continued, “Dumb Fidas was worried that they would not be able to kill the disciple of the Heaven’s Edge Sect, so he hoped that we could capture his companions and threaten the other party so that he would be wary…”

Judging from the current situation, the disciple of the Heaven’s Edge Sect was indeed a person who valued friendship and loyalty.

“If Dumb Fidas can’t kill this person, as long as we have his companions in our hands, he will definitely be at our mercy.

“What if Dumb Fidas kills the disciple of the Heaven’s Edge Sect?” The young man in green looked up at the sky.

At this moment, the sword light all over the sky lit up the sky as bright as day.

The flashing light also made light spot on the ground dance wildly, and the light was strange.

The young man in the green shirt was extremely shocked and couldn’t help muttering to himself, “In this case, there is still a possibility that they can’t kill that guy… The disciple of the Heaven’s Edge Sect is really so powerful…”

“Don’t be emotional.

We’ll know when we enter the Heaven’s Edge Sect in the future!” Senior Brother Dodol snorted and ordered the crowd, “Check around again to see if there’s anyone else who has been missed.”

Everyone on the scene immediately began to check separately.

The place where Jessica and the others rested was empty.

It could be seen at a glance if there was anyone else.

After searching for a while, they found no trace of anyone else.

But, a voice of the young man in green came from not far away from the crowd.

“Senior Brother Dodol, I found a pig here…”

“Hey, what kind of pig demon is this? Its eyes are so big.

It not only looks at me, but also keeps drooling.”


The sword radiance danced wildly in the void.

The chilling aura swept through everything like the cold autumn wind.

All kinds of feelings of death and silence arose spontaneously, making people in the depths feel desperate.

Radio Kaye and Bob Whale looked in the direction of Caspian. They raised the corners of their mouths, smiled, and nodded repeatedly.

In their eyes, since their plan was so thorough, it was absolutely impossible for the other party to survive.

Of the three, only Dumb Fidas’ eyes were grim.

After a while, his eyes suddenly lit up.

In the dazzling sword radiance, he seemed to see a figure flashing in it.

Although it was just a fleeting scene, his heart suddenly sank.

“Oh no!”

Almost subconsciously, he roared in a low voice.

Stepping on the flying sword, he retreated rapidly.

He waved his hands repeatedly and made a series of magic weapons to block in front of him.

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